Why Are My Messages Sending Green To Another iPhone?

Your messages are sending green to another iPhone because the text was sent using MMS/SMS rather than iMessage.Opens in a new tab.

Another factor can be that the recipient of your message doesn’t own an Apple device. A bad internet connection and a lack of iMessage functionality can also contribute to this problem.

iPhones have a dedicated fan following for their privacy features. They have features like end-to-end encryption for communication.

Users occasionally question this popular device’s distinctive characteristics and functioning methods. They may have observed that although some of their texts are blue, others are green. But that’s not something to stress over too much!

What Does The Green Message Mean?

When you message somebody and a green rather than a blue bubble appears, you are likely utilizing SMS or MMS communications. The most common method to send and get text messages is through SMS.

It would help if you had a package with your mobile operator to text in this manner. Yet, such plans are inexpensive and quite effective.

Due to internet access usage for message delivery, iMessage varies from traditional SMS messaging. In this method, there are no message fees to pay. But only an Apple device will be able to use it.

If it appears in a blue bubble, your message was sent to another iPhone user over iMessage. In contrast, if it turns green, it means a non-Apple user received the notification.

What Does The Blue Message Mean?

You can send texts, images, or videos as blue messages over iMessage. These SMS are transmitted and received using mobile internet or Wi-Fi. As a result, if you’re on a texting subscription for your device, they won’t count towards it.

What Does The Blue Message Mean on iphone

Within the Apple ecosystemOpens in a new tab., blue messages, also known as iMessage messages, are interoperable. Apple stands behind each of these statements. If you use Apple products, texting iMessage is one method to ensure that your technological devices are linked.

It is highly convenient and efficient to check your iMessages from your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook simultaneously. Everything is connected in this place. As a result, you can engage with people and interact with other Apple device owners far more effectively and efficiently.

iMessages often won’t consume a lot of bandwidth. As a result, it nearly never presents a problem for data users.

Reasons For Messages Sending Green To Another iPhone

If you are a user of an apple device, you have undoubtedly heard of iMessage. It is a feature that helps you to send and get SMS across iPhones and iPads using your internet access.

Therefore, the message bubbles would be blue while these devices speak to one another. This method makes it easy to determine if someone owns an Apple product.

However, occasionally you can text other iPhones and see that the conversation bubbles are green. These are some potential root causes of this issue:

Internet Connection Issues

Internet access is necessary for iMessage to function and send messages. As a consequence, if transmitted as an SMS is activated on the iPhone, transmitting an iMessage to some other apple user over a poor internet connection would undoubtedly miss or be received as an SMS.

Internet Connection Issues on iphone

You require Wi-Fi or a mobile network to use iMessage. However, even if you use iMessage without an active internet connection, the receiver will get it as a regular text message.

Unavailable iMessage

The text will be transmitted as an SMS over the mobile network if iMessage is not supported on both the sender’s and the receiver’s iPhones.

Unavailable iMessage on iphone

It will be sent as an SMS if you have an active iMessage, but the receiver doesn’t. As a result, the message will appear green.

Solutions For Messages Sending Green To Another iPhone

You may stop your messages from sending in green using several strategies. It all relies on what is the leading cause.

Turn On iMessage

Texts will simply “send as” MMS/SMS if iMessage has been accidentally switched off on your iPhone. Fortunately, getting iMessage on is easy and doesn’t require more of your time.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 01: Open “Settings.”
Open Settings of iphone
  • Step 02: Select “Messages.”
Select Messages on iphone
  • Step 03: Check the “iMessage” icon beside it. It ought to have a circular on the right and be green. Hit it if it isn’t.
Check the iMessage icon of iphone

iMessage is now activated when the icon is green and has a circle to the right of it.

Disable “Send As SMS”

If the setting is enabled, your iPhone will continuously transmit messages as SMS whenever iMessage isn’t functioning. If you deactivate this setting, the phone will stop sending SMS messages.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Step 01: Navigate to “Settings.”
Navigate to Settings on iphone
  • Step 02: Select “Messages.”
then Select Messages option on iphone
  • Step 03: Locate the “Send as SMS” button by scrolling down.
  • Step 04: Hit the button to disable the SMS option.
Hit the button to disable the SMS option

If you disable this feature, your iPhone will no longer be capable of sending SMS if iMessage isn’t functioning. Maybe, this solves your green message issue. Or else, the recipient’s phone is most likely the issue.

Check Internet Connection

If blue bubbles are still not appearing, there could be an issue with your data connection. Internet access is necessary for using iMessages.

Therefore you won’t be capable of sending iMessages if you’re not using Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. Go to Settings > Cellular and confirm that mobile data is enabled to track the validity of your data connection.

If Wi-Fi is active, a Wi-Fi icon should be visible in the upper-left corner of the display.

Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is a possibility to solve this. This frequently corrects minor software flaws that might be the source of the issue.

Restart Your iPhone

Press the power button till the “Slide to Power Off” indicator displays to reboot your iPhone. When your iPhone is turned off, hit the power button once more until the Apple logo appears.

Look For Updates

If you’ve done all of these steps and still have problems, there may be a problem with the system on your iPhone.

Look For softwear Updates your iphone

Navigate to Settings to search for updates. You have to download any available updates and install them. Attempt sending your message once more when the update has been deployed.

Reach Out To Apple Support

For assistance, if you’re still having issues, get in touch with Apple SupportOpens in a new tab.. They can resolve the issue.

Once you’ve done all these solutions and still have the problem, there may be a problem with the iPhone of the other individual. They won’t be able to get iMessages if they are users of an Android device. You must use a conventional text or SMS message in this situation.


Messaging on an iPhone differs slightly from messaging on an Android phone. Depending on the iPhone message, blue or green bubbles may be sent. Someone unfamiliar with texting’s color features may find this bewildering. However, they become effortless to comprehend if you grasp the fundamentals.

We hope to have answered all your questions regarding why my messages are sending green to another iPhone. We also covered the solutions that will address your inquiry. Once you’ve found a fix that works, you can enjoy using iMessaging!

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