Who Buys Broken iPhones In 2024? Turn Your Broken iPhone Into Cash!

A broken iPhone with a shattered screen may be worth more than you think! Buyback platforms like Gazelle, Swappa, Buyback Boss, GadgetGone, and Bank My Cell, etc. buy used smartphones for resale, including broken iPhones. Besides, you can sell your broken iPhone on eBay, Craigslist, and other online marketplaces for a handsome amount of cash. 

Getting to know who buys broken iPhones is the easiest part, but determining how much you should expect for your cracked device is the real deal. And there are safety issues you need to address before selling your old device too. 

In this guide, I will suggest the best platforms for selling old, faulty, or broken iPhones and walk you through the process of how you can get the most out of a deal. So, let’s begin.

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Broken iPhones?

We often have users coming to us with older iPhone models asking whether we could repair or replace parts of them. In most cases, it’s either a cracked screen or a dead battery that needs replacement. 

But the problem with older iPhones is the availability of parts, and with newer models coming into the market, repair shops are struggling to gather parts for older devices like iPhone 6s and more. 

Resold units like those with shattered screens, scratched outer surfaces, or dead batteries can actually come in quite handy in this case. Repair shops can easily use parts of these broken iPhones to repair working units that customers bring to them.  

At the same time, some retailers recycle or repair these damaged iPhones and put them up for sale at a lower price, a process known as “refurbishing”.

Depending on the model and the condition of your iPhone, you can sell a broken iPhone for a couple of hundred bucks or even more. So, you tell me, does throwing away your old iPhone sound like a good idea?  

Things To Do Before Selling Your iPhone

Your iPhone contains so much personal information and content you would not share with someone else. So, before you put your broken iPhone up for sale, I suggest doing the following.

If the phone is still functional enough to navigate the screen: 

  • Keep a backup of your personal data and information,
  • Remove the passcode to allow the new buyer access to the device (some buyers don’t accept locked cell phones),
  • Restore the iPhone to factory settings to erase all your data,
  • Log out of your iCloud account and remove paid subscriptions from the device,
  • Thoroughly clean the charging port and other creases of the device to retain a mint condition.
  • Turn off the Find My iPhone feature.

However, if the screen doesn’t function properly, use a computer to restore the iPhone back to factory settings and possibly keep a backup of the data. You may also have to remove it from any carrier service as well.

Where Can I Sell My Broken iPhone?

You can sell broken iPhones online or at retail stores near your home. Stores like AT&T, T-Mobile, Target, and Walmart may buy your broken iPhone, but the quotes and prices are often lower than online platforms. 

So, which online buyback programs should you consider then? I’ll add a list of available buyback platforms (in no particular order) that offer the best prices or at least a satisfying selling experience. 

Buyback platforms like Swopsmart, BankMyCell, or Buyback Boss may be your best choice as they give the best deals on your used and broken iPhones. But I suggest you research all the platforms and make up your own mind. 

Now let’s take a look at the top 6 buyback platforms that offer good deals and how you can sell your iPhones there.

1. Buybackboss


Buyback Boss is one of the best platforms to sell used and broken iPhones. You only need to have an active email account to get started and they’ll send you a mail with a detailed procedure when you list an item for sale.

To sell used, cracked, or faulty iPhones on Buyback Boss- 

  1. Visit the official Buyback Boss websiteOpens in a new tab..
  2. Click on Get Started
  3. Tap on Sell iPhone from the Choose Your Device list.
  4. Select your iPhone model.
  5. Choose your network carrier provider. If your device is not limited to any specific provider, choose Factory Unlocked.
  6. Select your storage capacity.
  7. From the Choose Your Condition list, select Faulty if there are visible cracks or damages to your iPhone. 

I suggest first reading the conditions manual before choosing any option from the list.

2. GadgetGone


GadgetGone is another popular platform for selling your used iPhones. You can sell your old iPhone and upgrade to a new model on the platform.

Here are the steps to sell your iPhone on GadgetGone.

  1. Go to the GadgetGone websiteOpens in a new tab..
  2. Click on Get Started.
  3. The “Choose a Device” option will pop up
  4. Click the green arrow and choose your device brand (Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc).
  5. When you select the device type, different phone models will appear.
  6. Choose your phone model, following with carrier, storage, and device condition information.
  7. You’ll see a projected price for your device. Click Add to Cart if you accept the quote.

Now provide your personal and shipping information, agree to GadgetGone terms and conditions, and tap Submit & Claim Offer. They will send you a prepaid shipping label, which you can use to ship your iPhone to them.

3. Swopsmart


Swopsmart is a reputable buyback specializing in buying tech gadgets like iPad, iPhones, Android phones, AirPods, tablets, and many more. 

The best thing about Swopsmart is that they offer a vast range of available carrier listings. To sell your used or broken iPhone on Swopsmart, do the following:

  1. Got to Swopsmart.comOpens in a new tab..
  2. Click on Get Started to choose the type of device you want to sell.
  3. Several iPhone models will appear when you click “iPhone” from the options.
  4. Select the model you want to sell.
  5. Select the carrier, whether T Mobile, Verizon, and so on.
  6. Select the storage capacity.
  7. Select the condition of the iPhone (broken, good, new, or flawless).
  8. Confirm your quote and click “Sell this device.”

Although Swopsmart offers a very handsome amount of cash for mint condition devices, their payouts for broken iPhone is quite poor compared to some other platforms. Still, you can give it a try if your broken iPhone comes with a pre-set carrier. 

4. BankMyCell


Bankmycell is a buyback marketplace that connects sellers to buyback companies. While selling on the Bankmycell platform, you’ll see a list of buyback companies with different deals for your choosing pleasure. In that case, you scroll down and look for the company offering the best price for your device. 

To sell your broken iPhone on BankMyCell, do the following

  • Go to the BankMyCellOpens in a new tab. website.
  • Choose the type of cell phone you wish to sell (Click on Sell iPhone)
  • Several iPhone models will pop up. Choose your phone model. 
  • Select the carrier, storage capacity, and phone condition.
  • Check and confirm prices from trade-in deals available. Don’t forget to take a look at the ratings before selecting a buyback store.
  • Click Get Paid and follow the next steps.
  •  Bankmycell will require your email to send you shipping details and progress updates. Follow the prompts and wait for further notice.

BankMyCell is recommended if you’re looking for the highest payouts available. And they offer super fast payments and free shipping services as well.

5. BuyBackWorld


BuyBackWorld is a buyback platform for good deals on used, broken, or new iPhone sales. To sell your broken or used iPhone on BuyBackWorld, follow these steps;

  • Go to the BuyBackWorldOpens in a new tab. website, scroll to the bottom, and select Sell iPhone.
  • You can either enter the serial number of your iPhone or select the model. 
  • Select the carrier and BuyBackWorld will show you a listing of projected prices for every variant within that model.
  • Select your variant (storage capacity).
  • Enter the condition of your iPhone.
  • Click Get Paid and follow subsequent instructions.

BuyBackWorld also offers competitive pricing for all iPhone models. However, they also ask additional questions such as whether you have the original charging brick and the box, or if the damaged iPhone can hold a charge or not, etc. 

Based on these questions, a final quote is determined. So, you have a better chance to get a higher price if your broken iPhone still has the accessories intact.

Sell Your Broken iPhone on eBay

You can sell your used or broken iPhones on eBay, the popular auction site. You can get good deals selling your iPhone and gadgets on this marketplace. 

Here’s a guide on how to sell your iPhone on eBay:

The first step in selling your iPhone on eBayOpens in a new tab. is to have an account and list the device description. You must describe the device you want to sell so the buyer can know if it has their desired features. For example, you can sell phones with service plans on eBay and charge extra money. 

So, when outlining the iPhone description, you can include the prepaid phone service. List the capabilities and accessories, if any. Accessories may be chargers, battery packs, headphones, or the original box. 

The iPhones with accessories or service plans may fetch you more money than just the device. However, selling with a service plan depends on the buyer’s location. 

If the service plan does not cover the buyer’s location, you may have to cancel it before selling the cell phone.

First, create an account on eBayOpens in a new tab., and then click “Sell” and use the “List an item” option to put your iPhone up for sale. You must choose a good listing title, item specification, and an original photo of the iPhone, including technical information and defects of the device. 

Use keywords correctly to attract buyers to your listing and ensure you choose catchy titles for your ad. The listing title helps eBay’s search engine to pull up ad listings during a search.

Also, include the pricing (a reasonable price) and the payment method. Most buyers pay with PayPal. So accepting PayPal payments may help boost buyer confidence and protect yourself from scams.

How to ship the cell phone to a buyer:

  1. Calculate the shipping costs according to size, weight, and buyer location.
  2. Select a service option. You can add shipping insurance to protect you and your buyer from loss or damage during shipping.
  3. Securely pack the device. You can wrap the cell phone with lots of paper or any lightweight item that can cushion it from damage. You may also box it and seal it with strong tape.

However, here are the limitations of selling your broken iPhone on eBay:

  • The eBay marketplace operates on the “customer is always right” philosophy. 
  • Most buyers on eBay prefer PayPal payments, which may pose a challenge if you do not have a PayPal account.
  • eBay runs on a no-return policy for up to 45 days. That means if your buyer complains about the item and wants to return it, you’ll have to take it back with a full refund. This duration can delay the time taken to sell the item and might cause mix-ups at some points.

Sell Your Used iPhone on Craigslist

Sell Your Used iPhone on Craigslist

Craigslist is an alternative to eBay. You can have multiple prospective buyers on the platform. It works like typical marketplaces where you post ads, and interested buyers come forth to strike a deal. 

Here are some tips to effectively sell your iPhone on Craigslist:

  1. Take good original photos of the phone you wish to advertise on Craigslist.
  2. Determine the price you want to sell and ask a price slightly higher than usual.
  3. Ready your phone by removing all personal information and backing it up on a memory card or computer.
  4. Ensure you add a detailed phone description and do not hide scratches, damage, or other issues. Buyers may feel scammed or duped if they discover these issues after buying the iPhone.
  5. Provide certification of authenticity, if any, as it assures buyers that it’s not a stolen item.
  6. Meet in public places if the buyer requests a physical meeting.

The major drawback with Craigslist is that you get multiple seemingly interested buyers that deceptively price you down. Also, scammers hide under Craigslist’s anonymity to dupe and harm sellers or buyers. 

If a prospective buyer requests a meet-up, you must choose public places like Starbucks as meeting spots. That is to avoid unforeseen occurrences.

How Much Is Your Broken iPhone Worth?

The value of your broken iPhone depends on the extent of damage and the model. Buyers will rate your iPhone based on the appearance, model, activation status, battery health, and severity of the damage. 

For example, you may get more money if the device is still functional even with a cracked screen. 

Also, the amount you receive for a higher model, like iPhone 12 Pro Max, differs from the amount for iPhone 8. 

Other factors that may affect your iPhone’s worth are the storage size and mobile carrier. Let’s take, for example, a 128 GB iPhone 13 with cracked screens may fetch you up to $150 to $300. But you can expect more for an iPhone 13 Pro Max due to its better built-in performance and storage capacity. 

Let’s have a look at the resale price range for different iPhone models. This list is only for cracked/broken devices with 128-256 GB storage capacity and no activation lock.

iPhone ModelPrice Range (in USD)
iPhone 14240-295
iPhone 14 Pro250-500
iPhone 14 Plus200-360
iPhone 14 Pro Max160-560
iPhone 810-30
iPhone 8 Plus10-45
iPhone 710-25
iPhone 7 Plus10-30
iPhone SE 3rd Gen45-80
iPhone SE 2nd Gen22-55
iPhone 6S8-25
iPhone 6S Plus4-15
iPhone 1150-150
iPhone 11 Pro Max70-216
iPhone XR40-75
iPhone X33-76
iPhone 1264-170
iPhone 12 Pro80-276
iPhone 13100-340

This range is compiled based on prices listed on various buyback platforms. However, you can get better rates if the iPhone storage capacity is higher than the ones listed. 

Keep in mind that buyback platforms offer higher prices if the device is in good or mint condition. Some platforms also have a “fair” condition, where battery health is also taken into account. 

Do Online Marketplaces Offer the Same Amount As Buyback Platforms?

Unfortunately, no. In online marketplaces, buyers will likely bargain for a lower price. And you can only try to sell the device to the highest bidder.

So the chances are you’ll get much lower prices from eBay or Craigslist since you’d deal with individual buyers directly. 

But depending on your advertising skills, phone description, and bargaining skills, you can land a better price for your old device. And don’t forget to use some appealing pictures of your iPhone while listing it for auction.

Why Should You Sell Your Broken iPhone Instead of Repairing It?

Repairing damaged and broken screens in an Apple Store comes at a very high price. For example, fixing an iPhone 12 Pro would cost around $279 if you’re not subscribed to the AppleCare+ plan. 

But you can buy a new iPhone 12 Pro for about $999. That’s not to say that some broken iPhones might have more than one thing requiring a fix.

The worst is that you may not have a 100% guarantee that your iPhone will be as good as new after the repair. Often, cell phones don’t function well as expected after a fix, especially if you take it to an inexperienced technician. 

So, if you asked me, I’d say you sell it, add money to get a newer model, and have peace of mind. Why risk it when you can get paid for your broken iPhone?

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I repair my broken iPhone?

Broken iPhones are fixable, depending on the extent of the damage. You can take your device to certified repair shops or Apple stores near you for a fix. 

However, you must know that fixing broken iPhones may not be cheap, and buying a new one might be our best bet.

Can I make money Selling my damaged and used iPhones?

Buyback shops often purchase used or broken phones from people, fix or recycle and resell them. Some popular buyback platforms include Gadgetone, Swopsmart, Bankmycell, BuyBackWorld, and more.

How Much Can I Make Selling My Broken iPhone?

The amount to sell your broken iPhone depends on the condition and extent of damage, model, storage capacity, and carrier. Faulty or broken iPhones of higher models can fetch you more money than lower ones.

Can I swap my broken iPhone for an upgraded model?

You can replace your accidentally broken iPhone if you have AppleCare+ at a specified AppleCare+ fee. Also, buyback companies can assess the worth of your faulty iPhone while you top up the amount for a newer model.


If you ask me, I think discarding your broken iPhone is a wasted opportunity since you can sell it for quick cash. More so, throwing your old or broken iPhone away is not the most eco-friendly solution either. 

As I discussed throughout this article, different buyback platforms offer handsome cash for broken iPhones. I would suggest opting for these platforms over online marketplaces like eBay for higher payouts and transparency.

one thing to note though- you can get higher payouts if your device is subscribed to a particular network carrier. Also, bidders on marketplaces are likely to pay more if you offer the original box and accessories with the device. 

But if you prefer repairing your broken iPhone, you can get the AppleCare+ plan. With this plan, your device will get a warranty, lower service fees for repairs, and easy tracking if stolen. 

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