Who Buys Locked iPhones? The Best Buyback Platforms Revealed!

Sites like BankMyCell or GadgetGone buy your carrier-locked iPhones. Alternatively, you can use SellLocked.com for your passcode-locked iPhones.

It’s just a start! There are many more platforms that buy locked iPhones with different types of locks, carrier or iCloud. But no matter how badly your phone is locked out, we’ve got you covered with the best places to sell it. Let’s explore all available options.

8 Best Places To Sell Your Locked iPhones

In the way of selling your locked iPhones, some online platforms provide you with the best offers with the best pricing.

Of course they are trustworthy enough! So what are those places or how do they work? Get to know it here!

Where to Sell Carrier-Locked iPhones?

When an iPhone is carrier locked, the phone can be used only on one network, like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon.

You know, carrier-locked iPhones are special software coded. It prevents the phone from operating on other carriers unlike what the original programming permitted.

Where to Sell Carrier-Locked iPhones?

In addition, it’s often referred to as SIMLOCK carrier-locked. Contract with a specific carrier or network and your device is locked for all other networks until your contract is over or you clear the payments of this specific carrier for the contract.

However,  selling is still legal even if you owe cash for the phone contract. Here are some platform you can checkout:

1. BankMyCell

To reiterate, if you want to sell your carrier-locked iPhones at home in an easy and fast way with more money, BankMyCellOpens in a new tab. is one of the best places.

BankMyCell has pleased its customers since 2009 with its vast experience, risk-free, independent, and easy-to-use facilities.

In selling locked iPhones, you’ll get paid the best price online and zero hassle of returns if you change your mind!

Now let’s come to ways to sell your carrier-locked iPhones.

  • Get an instant quote from BankMyCell prequalified buyback stores. Be assured, as all are real businesses with 4-5 star reviews!
  • Choose a buyer based on reviews, price, and payment options.
  • Follow up the steps of the prepaid shipping label and ship your phone for free after packing.

That’s it! Now you will be paid within 24-48 hours after shipping.

BankMyCell’s buyback stores will pay you cash via PayPal, Check, Zelle, or Cash App after inspecting your device.

2. GadgetGone

Here we come with another platform for selling your carrier-locked iPhone- GadgetGone.

GadgetGoneOpens in a new tab. is an easy and very profitable online platform for selling carrier-locked iPhones. You will get the best, highest offer from it, guaranteed!

Moreover, GadgetGone offers a streamlined process to turn your carrier-locked iPhones into cash, saving you time and extra effort.

So, how to take advantage of their service and sell your iPhone without hassle? Just follow the below steps.

  • Fill out their simple form by selecting your device type and model to get an obligation-free instant quote.

[Regarding personal information, it only requires your fast name, last name, shipping address, and email address.]

  • Print out your pre-paid shipping label and ship your device with the label.
  • All done. Get money in your pocket as soon as GadgetGone evaluates your product.

Where to Sell Passcode-Locked iPhones?


In case of a passcode-locked iPhone, if you forget the password and want to sell, the best deal is to unlock it before selling.

However, the passcode-locked iPhones can still be sold. But remember that you may have a limited pool of buyers for passcode-locked iPhones. Let’s see certain trusty online platforms.

1. SellLocked

SellLocked Opens in a new tab.is a platform that specializes in selling locked devices. Here passcode-locked iPhones can also be sold.

Other than that, you can also sell the other locked iPhones, including, financed, blacklisted, activation locked, or devices with lock.

SellLocked pays high rates for locked iPhones of any condition in 3 easy steps.

  • Get a payment quote just by clicking Get Started to begin.
  • Ship your locked iPhone with your prepaid shipping label.
  • Get paid within 1 to 5 business days via PayPal or by check.

But you can always restore your old iPhone without losing data, reset the passcode, and sell it as an unlocked device.

2. GadgetGone

Although GadgetGone does not buy blacklisted, locked, or iCloud-locked iPhones, they buy passcode-locked phones.

If you insist on selling a passcode-locked iPhone, sell it here [We already discuss the details above].

Simply assume that the iPhone will fetch less money than an iPhone that has been unlocked.

Where to Sell iCloud Locked iPhones?

iCloud Locked

The iCloud lock is also called the activation lock. It is the feature that prevents unauthorized people from using the device.

In the case of selling iCloud-locked iPhones, there are no restrictions. But, if possible, try to unlock the device.

It is because the selling price of the iCloud iPhone is significantly undervalued.

1. Flipsy

FlipsyOpens in a new tab. buys iCloud-locked iPhones, provided that you can find a buyer. You will discover many selling options here and a trusted buyer willing to buy your iPhone.

Here there are no obligation price locks. You will get it within 1 to 3 days after the store receives your device.

Here is how you can sell your locked iPhone.

  • Find your iPhone on Flipsy and click the “Locked or Blacklisted” link.
  • Compare the prices based on the condition of your phone and choose the best offer.
  • You will get paid viacheck store credit, PayPal, or Venmo.

Flipsy is worth checking out as you can also sell android devices, smart gadgets, video game consoles and some other stuff too.

2. Recell Cellular

Recell CellularOpens in a new tab. is a Better Business Bureau Accredited company with an A+ rating. The seller can feel confident selling their device on the platform. Here is how it works

  • Select your device and answer some questions to determine the value of your device.
  • Checkout
  • Print a free USPS label and package the device.
  • Mail the device.
  • After inspection, they will pay you within one business day after delivery via PayPal, mailed check, or Western Union.

3. SellLocked & BankMyCell

SellLocked and BankMyCell are the other best alternatives for selling iCloud-locked phones.

SellLocked started to sell iCloud-locked phones after allying with iBuyLocked, a company based in Arizona.

Where to Sell Financed & Blacklisted iPhones?

Where to Sell Financed & Blacklisted iPhones?

Blacklisted or bad IMEL is an iPhone that has been lost or stolen and has been entered in the national or global database as a stolen one.

On the other hand, an iPhone can also be entered into the database if the nonpayment forfeits the contract, which is called a “financed blacklisted iPhone.”

You can sell the financed-locked phone if you have an excellent carrier-financed payment.

1. SwiftTechBuy

To sell your locked iPhone for cash, SwiftTechBuyOpens in a new tab. is another excellent option for you.

You will get an immediate quote for your financed, blacklisted iPhone through it.

Surprisingly, you will get the payment within 24 hours after SwiftTechBuy inspects it.

Let’s see how it works.

  • Select your device, its condition, and the immediate quote.
  • Choose a payment method like Cash App, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Check, or Apple Pay.
  • Print a free UPS shipping label. Free shipping boxes for ordering can cost you more than $150.
  • But you should remember that if the iPhone doesn’t match your provided information or iCloud is locked, you will get a re-quote offering a new price according to the condition.

2. iCellGlobal

iCellGlobalOpens in a new tab. is an online store that buys blacklisted phones.

Shipping of the device is free, and once iCellGlobal receives the phone, you will get the payment between 1 and 3 days via Venmo, PayPal payment, Zelle, or Cash App.

You can also check their terms aOpens in a new tab.nOpens in a new tab.d policyOpens in a new tab. to get more information.

Other Platforms: Flipsy, Recell Cellular, and SellLocked are other online platforms that buy financed and blacklisted iPhones at impressive prices.

You should also check these places for selling your locked iPhones according to your choice & preference.

Where to Sell Remote Management Locked iPhone?

Remote Management Locked iPhone

Generally, businesses use remote management profiles for iPhones that they provide to their employees.

This profile allows employers to monitor internet traffic, track employee activity, automatically install apps, and much more.

So, in this case, the iPhone is considered “remote management locked” when the employee does not remove the profile before selling the phone.

Selling the remote management locked iPhone is a very tough task because if you try to sell the phone without removing the MDM profile, the business can always spy on it and the person using it.

That’s why most stores do not want to buy the remote management locked iPhone until it is for spare parts.

So, if you really want to sell the locked iPhone, ask the employee to remove the profile before selling it.

Otherwise, it is better to avoid trying, or you will end up selling your iPhone for parts.

Can I Trade In A Locked iPhone To Apple Instead Of Selling?

Yes, you may consider using an Apple trade-inOpens in a new tab. for your locked iPhone to trade in instead of selling. Its trade-in offers are also very impressive based on their terms and conditions. Let’s check that out.

Carrier-locked iPhones

If you want to trade in a carrier-locked iPhone, you have to purchase a new one and get the trade-in value for the locked one.

iCloud-Locked iPhones

If you want to trade in an iCloud-locked or activated-locked iPhone, you will get nothing for the iCloud or activation lock.

According to Apple’s terms, you have to disable the activation lock to make it eligible for any compensation for any used iPhone.

Blacklisted iPhones

You will not be able to trade in the blacklisted phone to Apple.

To make the blacklisted phone eligible for its terms, you should contact the carrier and remove the iPhone from the blacklist.

Then the Apple trade-in will be valid for you.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Hopefully, your doubt regarding who buys a locked iPhone is pretty clear by now. You may refer to the following questions for more ideas about the locked iPhones.

What can I do with a locked iPhone?

You can send a message, call, or even use Siri with a locked iPhone. The control center and the flashlight can also be used with a locked iPhone without waking it up. In addition, you may also check notifications and music controls or take a picture.

Is a trade-in better than selling an iPhone?

Selling an iPhone instead of a trade-in requires more legwork, but you will get more money, which pays for the legwork. But if you prefer the peace of mind and convenience of having the company handle things, getting less money is worth it. So, ultimately, the choice is yours as to what you want to do.

Can stolen iPhones be sold?

Selling a stolen iPhone is both illegal and unethical. The iPhone’s valid owner can track the device’s location and inform the police. Even so, stolen iPhones are still being sold on the black market.

Is it illegal to sell someone a locked iPhone?

There are no restrictions on selling someone an iCloud-locked iPhone. So you can sell iCloud-locked phones without any restrictions. While trading, it will be best if you remove the iCloud before selling it.

Final Thoughts

That’s all you have now! As you know, you can sell the locked iPhone at different buyback stores, where the price depends on its condition and the type of lock.

For instance, selling financed and blacklisted phones may be worth 55% to 98% more than the value of an unlocked iPhone. At the same time, for the activation lock, the value can range from 10% to 50% more than the value of the unlocked iPhone.

In some cases, it can be worth more. So, if feasible, it’s better to get the phone unlocked before selling it. Thus, you can increase the value of your iPhone and get more.

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