Where Can I Get My iPhone Battery Replaced? (RELIABLE!)

If your iPhone’s battery seems to drain quite quickly and slower than usual, you may want to replace the battery without delay. And because of how expensive and delicate iPhone is, it must be replaced at a good repair shop!

You can replace your iPhone’s battery at the official Apple help centers or third-party repair shops like iFixit. Another way is to use Apple’s DIY program. While the prices of each of these methods may vary, the quality of the repair is what you should be worried about!

So in this article, we’ll help give you a broader understanding and help you decide where to replace your iPhone battery. Let’s get right into it!

Where Can I Get My iPhone Battery Replaced?

You can replace your iPhone battery using the help of the flagship mechanics, third-party repair shops, or the DIY program. To help you understand better, here is a short discussion about all three methods.

1. Replacing your battery using Apple’s battery replacement service

The safest and most reliable method of replacing your iPhone’s battery is Apple’s own repair services! However, you need to be aware of a couple of conditions.

Firstly, your iPhone has to have battery health of under 80% for it to be repaired. Secondly, the prices are not bargainable. However, if you have AppleCare+ and your phone’s battery health is under 80%, the battery replacement will be free!

Replacing your battery using Apple’s battery replacement service

Here is how to replace your iPhone battery using the battery replacement service:

  • Schedule an appointment with Apple care for your iPhone’s battery replacement.
  • Send your iPhone for the repair to the address provided by Apple.
  • Or, go to your nearest Apple care store, and get face to face battery replacement service. (May take 3 hours – a few days)
  • Schedule an on-sight replacement service by calling in advisor support. (The service provider will come to your house or workplace to provide you with the battery replacement service)
Where Can I Get My iPhone Battery Replaced

The cost of Apple’s battery replacement services depends on your iPhone model. If your iPhone model is 8+ and above, the cost will be 69$; if your iPhone model is eight and under, the cost will be 49$!

2. Replacing your iPhone battery using third-party services

If you’re unsure about the Apple battery replacement services, you can get your iPhone battery replaced using a third-party service. In many cases, these services can be less expensive and reliable too. But, as these services are not Apple authorized, there are no warranties!

If the battery seems to die after a few days of replacement, the service provider won’t offer a refund or a re-service. However, Ifixit is a good and trustworthy third-party service provider for iPhones!

And ifixit is also one of the few third-party repair services that use many authorized Apple parts to repair iphones. Also, the prices may be a bit cheaper! Simply walk in to one of their retail shopsOpens in a new tab. and talk to the service provider to get your iPhone battery replaced using this method.

A regular iFixit customer, Giorgio Bonfiglio, shared his experienceOpens in a new tab. in Trustpilot saying, “I’ve been using the iFixit website for years to repair Apple products, and have always been impressed by the quality and detail of their guides. In 2022 I purchased my first kit of tools, followed by multiple parts orders.

The prices for these services may range from 30-80 bucks depending on the quality of the battery and service.

3. Replace your iPhone battery using the DIY repair program

If replacing your iPhone battery with the help of outside services feels doubtful, you can replace the battery yourself! You can do this by using a DIY battery replacement tool. But your iPhone must be 2nd generation SE or higher!

Replace your iPhone battery using the DIY repair program

This tool is authorized by Apple and gives customers a tool set that will allow them to replace parts such as the battery, screen, etc. You’ll have to pay for the battery and the repair kit. The only downside to this method is that DIY methods are often quite risky!

It’s pretty easy to mess up while replacing the battery, causing bigger damage to your phone and costing you much more money later on. So do it at your own risk!

To replace your iPhone battery by yourself, simply buy a self-repair tool kitOpens in a new tab. like this one from iFixit and follow the instruction manual.

Is It Safe to Replace Your iPhone Battery At a Local Repair Shop?

No! It is unsafe to replace your iPhone battery with the help of a local repair shop. The number one reason is it’s not Apple authorized. This means no warranty and no guarantee. You won’t get your money back if the service does not work!

Moreover, local shops have a bad reputation regarding iPhone repairs. Several reasons why local repair shops are not a safe option for an iPhone battery replacement:

  • The battery used won’t be the original iPhone battery
  • The battery used may not be new and instead re-used
  • The battery may end up causing your phone to blow up or heat up
  • Your iPhone won’t give you optimal performance from third-party parts
  • The repair job may damage other parts of your phone, such as the camera
  • No refunds or re-services in case of bad service
  • Parts of your iphone may get stolen or replaced with old parts

So, while the prices may be much lower, and the service sometimes can be good, the risk is high! This is why, if you do get your iPhone battery replaced, be aware of the potential damages.

Will Replacing Your iPhone Battery Make It Good as New?

Replacing your iPhone battery will increase your phone’s performance, but it may not make drastic changes. At the end of the day, you have to understand the battery helps your phone run. But changing the battery won’t affect the phone’s age.

Depending on the repair job and your phone’s age, your iPhone may show an improvement in terms of performance. Your iPhone struggles to perform most tasks properly when the battery is aged. But sometimes, it’s not the battery but simply the phone.

Unlike watches, mobile-phones are not made to last you for a lifetime. They are made to provide you with a service for a few years. Unfortunately for iPhones, they may need servicing every two years. So, the phone may not be as good as new, but it will be much better!

Is Replacing Your iPhone Battery Worth It?

Yes, replacing your iPhone battery is worth it if you are satisfied with your current device. If you already plan to replace your phone or upgrade, selling your current device is much better.

But if you’re happy with your iPhone and want to keep using it, spend the money! Iphones usually last for a few years until the battery starts showing battery health problems. The battery health may come down under 80, depending on your usage.

Replacing your battery when the health is 80% or under is always better, as the phone’s performance depletes afterward. A battery replacement will give you another good 2-3 years with the device! So, it’s worth it in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, hopefully, you have a much better understanding of replacing your iPhone battery now. Still, to remove any further confusion, here are some common questions relating to today’s topic:

How to find iPhone battery health?

You can find your iPhone’s battery health in this order by going to settings-battery-battery health. The battery health will show as a percentage like ‘80%’.

Is it safe to replace the iPhone battery by yourself?

It’s safe to replace the battery of your iPhone by yourself as long as you’re careful. In most cases, it’s a risk, but it saves you energy, time, and money.

Are there any third-party on sight battery replacement services available for iphones?

No, there are no reliable on-sight third-party battery replacement services for iPhones. But Apple has their own trusty on-sight replacement program, which you can take help of!

When is it a good time to replace your iPhone battery?

The best time to replace your iPhone battery is when the battery health is under or is 80%. Once the battery health reaches 80%, the phone’s performance starts depleting.


So, you can replace your iPhone’s battery in a few places, including the self-service method. But we’ll advise you to use Apple’s authorized services as they are much more reliable and cost-efficient.

While Apple has always had controversy surrounding its repair services, the battery replacement program seems reliable. Using third-party services comes with a risk not worth taking!

But you can always end the debate by replacing the battery yourself. Whichever method you choose, do it wisely. Now that you understand better, that shouldn’t be an issue! Thank you for reading.

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