When Will The iPhone 8 Stop Updating iOS?

Typically, all iPhones get a minimum of five years of major security and software updates. So, in theory, the iPhone 8 may not receive software after 2022. Currently, iPhone 8 and all other variants are running on iOS 16 and it is unlikely for the model to support iOS 17. But some experts say that the update can continue till 2024 or 2025 because they discontinued the production after three years of the launch.

The iPhone 8 is still a pretty workable device for customers. It has a powerful bionic chip inside, competing with high-end Android phones. The model is one of the most popular iPhones among users.

Even in present times, many Apple lovers use iPhone 8 because it gets iOS updates now. But the question remains – when will the iPhone 8 stop updating?

How Long Will iPhone 8 Get Software Updates?

How Long Will iPhone 8 Get Software Updates

Getting major software and security updates long-term is one of the most significant advantages of owning an iPhone. In fact, they get more extended support than most Android smartphones in the market. Your iPhone 8 will get 5 to 6 years of major software updates.

iPhone 8 was launched in 2017. Generally, iPhones get at least five years of updates after release. The keyword here is at least, so the iPhone 8 may receive updates a couple of years more.

If you get lucky, the updates can also get longer terms, as the last iPhone 8 batch was continued even after three years of its release!

So, according to the hypothesis, you can get software updates for your iPhone 8 till 2024 or 2025. But there are no official statements on the matter from Apple. So, it’s clear that you can update to iOS 16, but iOS 17 is something in the dark.

However, there is a great deal of buzz surrounding the upcoming WWDC keynote coming on June 5th. One hypothesis suggests thatOpens in a new tab. Apple might cease iOS updates for iPhone X or older models, including the iPhone 8 series. Apple is well-known when it comes to keeping things secret. So, this speculation is still nothing but a rumor.

If the company wishes to continue its support of iPhone 8 customers, you can get an extra one or two years of major security and software updates.

Should You Install iOS 16 On iPhone 8?

Should You Install iOS 16 On iPhone 8

The new iOS 16 will be compatible with iPhone 8 and later models. Therefore, you will get the iOS 16 updates on your iPhone 8 and can download them. Now comes the question of whether to install it or not!

The bionic chip inside iPhone 8 will be compatible with iOS 16. But it can slow the performance of your iPhone.

As a result, you won’t get a smooth performance like before, as it can’t handle such higher software upgrades. However, the performance drop isn’t significant but noticeable.

Keeping that aside, you will get some latest iOS features like lock screen optimization, new privacy upgrades, live text copy-paste, photo edits, and many more.

If you wouldn’t want to miss so many of these features, you can install the new iOS 16 update. If not, stick with the previous iOS version and enjoy your iPhone 8 experience. There won’t be any harm if you don’t install the new updates.

Why Is The iPhone 8 Being Discontinued?

Why Is The iPhone 8 Being Discontinued?

iPhone 8 was launched in 2017 along with iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. They continued the sale for three years, and in 2022, they stopped it. According to the company policy, you will get updates on iPhone 8 in 2022 and even after that as they continue selling.

One of the core reasons is the new iPhone SE model. They are pretty similar to iPhone 8. On top of that, the new iPhones were pretty impressive, like iPhone 11, 12, and so on. As a result, the iPhone 8 demand becomes less admirable than the latest models.

And most people switch to the new iPhone models from iPhone 8 because of the latest feature, security, and software updates. With the new iOS versions, the operating system gets heavier. So, the iPhone 8’s processor won’t be able to handle such procession power for many years and work flawlessly.

Therefore, the company encourages users to move on to new generation iPhones rather than the older ones.

Is It Worth Buying iPhone 8 In 2022?

The decision to buy an iPhone 8 in 2022 is a bit tricky. That’s because technology is overcoming its peak day by day. Every year we see innovations in electronics, especially mobile phones, and iPhones are not behind.

Therefore, standing in 2022, getting an iPhone 8 is a tough decision. However, if you want to explore the iOS versions and want to use an iPhone, getting an iPhone 8 will be ideal. The battery backup is enough to use as a primary or secondary phone.

On top of that, you will get iOS updates till iOS 17 and maybe even more. But it won’t be wise to update the latest iOS if you want previous flawless performance on your iPhone 8.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Years Do iPhones Get Software Updates?

According to Apple’s reputation, they provide at least five years of software and security updates for iPhones. However, if they continue the production of a specific model, the company adds extra years of updates till the output stops. Therefore, you can use a particular model of iPhone for several more years compared to an Android model.

Is My iPhone 8 Backdated?

Well, it actually depends on your needs. If you are okay with a little less battery backup and a less capable camera, you can get and use the iPhone 8 in 2022.

On top of that, you will get the iOS 16 update and, if lucky enough, also the iOS 17. But if you need the latest technology with the latest features, iPhone 8 isn’t for you.

Do iPhones Phase out Faster than Android?

No, iPhones don’t phase out faster than any Android. In fact, it’s the opposite. Android phones phase out quicker than iPhones. That’s why iPhones have separate fan bases. You can use an iPhone for several years without a performance drop and get the latest software updates.

Can I Use iPhone 8 for The Next Eight Years?

It’s up to you, actually. That’s because you won’t get any security updates for eight years to any iPhones.

On top of that, no iPhone can support enough battery backup for eight years. You might have to change the battery as well. Therefore, keeping an iPhone for such a long period is not a good idea.

Final Words

iPhones are pretty reliable, especially regarding software updates. Your iPhone 8 will still get updates after five years of its launch. It may continue for a couple of years more. Therefore, you will get the latest iOS features with the 5-year-old iPhone 8.

Hopefully, the discussion on when the iPhone 8 will stop updating has answered your questions. Whether to enjoy the latest iOS or stick with the old nostalgia, it’s up to you. But the company won’t stop updates for a specific time according to their policy. Best of luck as an iPhone user!

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