When is the Best Time to Buy iPhone in 2024? Get Your Timing Right!

With the iPhone 15 series hitting the markets in September this year, you may wonder when the best time is to buy a new iPhone. After all, choosing the right time enhances your iPhone experience and can save you a ton of money!

Although September is often believed to be the perfect time to purchase a new iPhone, many argue that an even more favorable window exists! Some retailers sell the latest iPhone for a discount during Black Friday sales. So, there are two ideal times you can buy an iPhone.

But how about July or August? Is that the right time to buy an iPhone if you’re going for an older model?

In this guide, we’ll discover the perfect time to buy an iPhone. I’ll help you navigate the seas of iPhone releases, deals, and trends. So, make the most of your investment!

Understanding iPhone Release Patterns: Make the Most Out of Your Purchase

The world of the iPhone is constantly evolving, with new features and innovations enticing with each new release. Therefore, the months leading up to September are rife with speculation, rumors, and leaks about the upcoming iPhone models.

When is the Best Time to Buy iPhone

Apple strategically times its releases to coincide with this timeframe. This release pattern ensures that enthusiasts and casual buyers can consider upgrading to the latest iPhones.

But there’s more. Delving deeper into Apple’s release strategy unveils a discernible cycle. Let’s have a deeper understanding of this pattern.

The September Reigns: Mega Launch of iPhones

Traditionally, the tech giant unveils its latest iPhone models in mid-September. This yearly ritual usually follows a pre-order period and subsequent availability in online and store purchases.

Apple never fails to surprise tech enthusiasts with new exciting features. And news about these anticipated features often gets leaked online, adding more thrust to the excitement. As a result, the fall season has now become the biggest window for iPhone acquisitions.

Holiday Delights: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The holiday season isn’t just about festive decorations and hot cocoa- it’s also a time of iPhone savings. Black Friday, typically the day after Thanksgiving, is when both online and brick-and-mortar stores offer jaw-dropping price cuts on iPhones and other Apple products.

Holiday Delights: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

For instance, last year, Verizon offered a free iPhone 14 Pro with a trade-in as well as a $200 credit if the users switched from a competitor carrier. Apple itself usually offers gift cards during Black Friday. Though, this window is often short-lived and you’re likely to get only up to $50 gift cards on previous iPhone models.

Another ideal time to buy iPhones comes right after the Black Friday sales. To be more specific, the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend. Cyber Monday is known as the online shopping extravaganza for smaller electronics and appliances.

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday tend to have almost similar overall deals. Besides, the duration of these two days has now extended beyond the usual time frame.

Summer Surprises: Back-to-School Sales

The beginning of a new school year calls for new devices- seemingly smartphones and laptops. It’s also a time when retailers roll out their back-to-school sales, recognizing the demand for devices that facilitate learning, communication, and productivity.

However, do not expect high discounts as back-to-school offers mostly run from June to August, and this is probably the worst time to buy an iPhone. Later I’ll explain why.

Apart from these limited periods, iPhone prices remain relatively consistent throughout the year for both the latest and older models. You may receive small discounts here and there, mostly on carrier offers, but I’d recommend waiting for the best time to buy iPhones if you’re going for a brand-new one.

The Two Best Times to Buy a New iPhone in 2023 and Beyond

There is no definitive answer for the best time, but September and late November are two ideal months to own a new iPhone. Whether you’re buying the latest iPhone 15 or looking for a slightly older model, Black Friday sales seem the right time for purchasing a new iPhone.

But there’s a catch! People don’t buy iPhones just because they offer outstanding performance and extremely long lifespan. It’s also the most sought-after, elegant, and flashy device that defines style and aesthetics.

The Two Best Times to Buy a New iPhone in 2023 and Beyond

So, most iPhone lovers don’t actually care about the price. The only thing they care about is to get their hands on the latest iPhone as soon as it drops. If you fall into this category, keep your eyes glued on Apple’s official store, as September is only a few weeks away.

However, wait until the Black Friday deals to make a cost-effective choice. Also, check out the official websites of network carriers, as they often offer trade-ins, discounts, and free credits when you switch.

These annual shopping bonanzas are ideal times to scout for deals on iPhones, potentially saving hundreds of dollars on your purchase. But competition can be fierce. So it’s best to plan ahead, keep your wishlist ready, and seize the moment a deal aligns with your needs.

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a New iPhone

Knowing the release trend isn’t enough; getting your priorities straight is of equal importance. So, what do you do when you have a thousand bucks to spend on your next iPhone? Should you go for the latest one or choose a model slightly older? Let’s put these questions into perspective.

Older iPhone Models ain’t a Bad Choice!

Usually, newer often triumphs over older, but this isn’t always the case. Apple’s software updates usually support devices for at least 5 years, making older iPhone models preferable. And with the iPhone’s extended battery life and excellent camera features, buying a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max in 2023 doesn’t seem like a bad choice at all.

How Good Are the New Features?

The allure of new features and design can be irresistible, but is it a necessity or just a luxury? Knowing what’s on the horizon can prevent buyer’s remorse, whether it’s 5G compatibility, augmented reality features, or improved camera capabilities.

How? Maybe you own an iPhone already. Considering your current iPhone’s performance can help you decide whether you need a new one. If the newest model genuinely addresses your needs then you should consider replacing the older one.

How Good Are the New Features?

Waiting until your current device shows signs of wear can be the smarter choice. It’s best to research the concurrent trends and upcoming features with the newer models when your old iPhone is no longer workable.

Why Not Buy a Refurbished or Pre-Owned iPhone?

For those looking for quality at a lower price, refurbished iPhones are a compelling choice. These used devices are restored to an almost new condition in terms of performance and aesthetics. And these refurbished iPhones are available in both online and offline stores for almost half the prices of the original device.

However, they come with a fair share of drawbacks too. These devices might have light scratches on the body, and the battery health might not be as pristine. So, it’s best to purchase used iPhones from reputable sources like Amazon, Swappa, Gazelle, etc. And you can always use a protective case if there’s a visible scratch.

Follow Expert Opinions and Community Insights

The tech world thrives on community and expertise-sharing. Tech influencers and reviewers like Marques Brownlee often get early access to Apple devices, offering insights before official releases. Keeping an eye on their analyses can provide you with an edge in what to expect from the latest iPhones.

Online forums like Macrumors, subreddits, and other social media communities also offer unique insights, especially rumors and news leaksOpens in a new tab. about upcoming releases. But you can find expert opinions on older iPhone models too.

Anticipating the Price Fluctuations

It’s no secret that new iPhone releases often come with price adjustments for all the previous models. The iPhone 13 and 14 series will likely experience a price drop when the iPhone 15 series comes out.

Rumors suggest iPhone 15 Pro could start at $1,099. That’s almost a hundred bucks over the iPhone 14 Pro. So if you’re eyeing the latest iPhone, the initial price tag might be a bit steep this year.

But the older iPhone series are expected to see a price reduction of around $120 to $150. So, if you’re keen on staying within budget, this price drop is worth waiting for.

These are pretty basic stuff, but they mark as the most influencing factors before buying a new iPhone. I strongly recommend you keep them in mind when deciding the right time to buy your next iPhone.

Apple Trade-in Feature: A Game Changer for iPhone Lovers

Apple recently updated its Trade-In programOpens in a new tab., where customers can trade in their current devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and receive credits. Users can use these credits to purchase new devices or an Apple Gift Card. You can access this program online and at Apple Stores.

Apple is claiming you can get up to $875 worth of credits. But this value will be determined based on the iPhone model and its condition, purchase year, and eligibility of the trade-in device.

With Apple readjusting the program now is the best time to trade your older devices for a new one directly. You can estimate the return credit from Apple’s official site.

What to Expect with the iPhone 15 Series: A Glimpse into the Future

Rumors and leaks have been circulating about the iPhone 15 series for quite some time now. While nothing is set in stone, some exciting possibilities are on the horizon.

A16 and A17 Chipsets: The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are rumored to feature a powerful A16 chipset, while the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max could feature the even mightier A17 chipset. This hardware update promises enhanced performance and efficiency. This is a compelling reason to wait till September 13, especially if you’re keen on buying a Pro or Pro Max model.

USB-C Port: In line with new EU regulations, Apple is rumored to adopt the USB-C port with their latest iPhone 15 series. Maybe it’s time to say the lightning cable goodbye?

Dynamic Island Notch: Get ready for a dynamic island notch in the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. Apple is throwing the hole punch notch completely off the table this time. We are also getting hints at a design refresh with thinner and more curved bezels.

Periscoping Zoom Lens: iPhone photographers may have something to celebrate this year. With the potential addition of a periscope zoom lens, the iPhone 15 series may take optical zoom capabilities to the next level.

Vibrant Color Variants: Rumor has it that two new color variants- pink and blue- could debut, adding flair to your iPhone aesthetics.

When is the Worst Time to Buy a New iPhone?

Amidst the price cuts and discounts of back-to-school sales, July and August marks the least ideal time to buy a brand-new iPhone. 

Older iPhones are destined to experience price cuts after the September new release. So buying an iPhone just before the release of the latest one can invite a twinge of regret.

As you avoid buying an outdated iPhone during July and August, you actually get two benefits. First, you’ll have the chance to buy an even better version of your preferred model within almost the same budget. Not to mention an additional year of software updates and Apple support.

Secondly, having the latest iPhone means settling on the newest trend and showing off to your friends and family. And with iPhone 15 series potentially coming with new color variants, you get a better chance to meet your aesthetics.

Give it a second thought before buying a brand new or used iPhone during the July-August window.

Final Words

From deciphering Apple’s release patterns to capitalizing on seasonal sales, this article covers it all. But the truth remains- considering personal needs is the key in deciding the best time to buy a new iPhone.

Another answer lies within the annual September release cycle. Apple’s unveiling of the latest iPhone ensures access to cutting-edge features, trade-in possibilities, and the promise of price reductions for earlier iterations. And if you wait a couple of months more, you get the yearly super sales season- Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So the choice is yours!

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