Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Reviews: The Best iPhone Case in 2024?

Supcase’s approach to iPhone cases strikes a balance between subtlety and style, ensuring an irresistible appeal. But it was the exceptional performance and durability of these protective cases that captured my attention from the outset.

With the Unicorn Beetle Pro series, Supcase introduced an extremely heavy-duty lineup of smartphone cases within an affordable budget range. For less than $40, Supcase offers some of the best protective cases for iPhones, Androids, and other daily accessories.

At least on paper. In this article, I will be taking an in-depth look at Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro and its performance after seven months of regular use. While it does have its flaws, considering the price, I believe there are very few alternatives to Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro in 2023. Let’s find out why.

What To Check Before Purchasing A Case For Your iPhone?

Smartphone cases have certainly evolved in the past decade. From cheap plastic back covers to gold-coated flashy iPhone cases, users now have a multitude of genres and styles to choose from.

What To Check Before Purchasing A Case For Your iPhone

Yet, as an average user, I’ve realized that the best smartphone case is the one with excellent shock-absorbing properties and strikes the perfect balance between functionality and visual appeal, all without breaking the bank.

Using the Supcase UB Pro for seven months doesn’t necessarily make me an expert on this particular case. But witnessing the ever-evolving landscape of iPhone cases has left its indelible mark on my experience.

In this section, I will share a few factors that anyone should consider before buying a protective case for their smartphone, especially an iPhone. Let’s find them out together.

Durability and Protection: What Defines the Best?

Regardless of the hours you spend selecting the perfect color and design, the ultimate factor that truly matters is a smartphone case’s level of protection and durability. This holds particularly true for iPhone cases, where shock absorption stands out as a key selling point among the most popular manufacturers.

Durability and Protection of Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

Take the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro, for example. With its double-layered design and a military-grade STD-810G rating, this case boasts extreme ruggedness, significantly reducing the risk of any damage if you ever drop the phone.

Supcase even took the challenge further by participating in a live drop test in 2018. During CNET’s live drop testOpens in a new tab. at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018), the Supcase UB Pro emerged as one of the three champions that survived 20-foot drops multiple times. Five years later, the robustness of these cases still remains intact.

Know the Value: Is it Worth the Price? 

An iPhone alone often costs over a thousand bucks. And when you throw in a pair of AirPods, the price escalates even further. So, it’s only natural for users to look for the best iPhone case to protect their investment.

Yet, in 2023, with the market flooded with a plethora of options boasting flashy spec sheets, it’s all too easy to get lost in current trends and choose a case for your iPhone that fails to deliver the promises.

Supcase UB Pro is among the few decent mobile cases within the 30-dollar budget range. Surely you can get better protection and durability with OtterBox or RhinoShield but at higher prices, but I believe the Beetle ensured a perfect balance between price and quality.

Screen Protection: TPU Case or Glass Protector?

Screen protection is another essential aspect to ponder. The case should feature raised edges or protective glass on the front to save the screen from scratches and cracks.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Screen Protection

Unlike most cases, Unicorn Beetle Pro actually comes in three parts- the case itself, a front case with a plastic screen protector, and a belt-clip holster. The screen protector in this pack may not be the best in the price range, but it certainly can withstand a front-facing hit from 15-20 feet drop.

The Defender Series from OtterboxOpens in a new tab. includes a screen protector and a polycarbonate holster. But it does come at an additional cost of at least $20 compared to the UB Pro.

However, the best solution is to remove the plastic from the front case and use a tempered glass screen protector instead. Fortunately, Supcase kind of picked up on this trend and recently launched a pack with a built-in tempered glass screen protector attached to the front. It’s definitely worth checking outOpens in a new tab..

Compatibility: How Compatible is the Case?

Compatibility is rarely a concern these days, as most smartphone case manufacturers design their products to be compatible with specific phone models. You just have to check the compatibility list to ensure your device is there.

Supcase goes above and beyond with an extensive collection of cases, catering to a wide range of smartphones and tablets. While they are yet to expand their products to mid-range phones, they’ve done an excellent job in offering compatible cases for almost all flagship devices with the Unicorn Beetle Pro lineup.

What I found most interesting is Supcase’s bold move to introduce protective cases for earbuds and smartwatches as well. A recent survey in the US revealed that over 30% of iPhone users own Apple WatchOpens in a new tab.. And let’s not forget about the immense popularity of wireless earbuds!

So, if you’re using smart accessories like AirPods or Apple Watch, maybe it’s time to consider a protective case for them as well.

Style and Usage Pattern: Minimalist or Heavy-duty?

Minimalist, flashy, or heavy-duty? The style and aesthetics you choose depend on so many factors. After all, your iPhone case is a reflection of your personal style and taste!

Style and Usage Pattern of Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

When considering usage patterns,

  • Heavy phone users should prioritize comfort, functionality, grip, and added features like kickstands or card holders.
  • Occasional users may prioritize ease of use, lightweight, and minimalist cases.
  • Specific users like gamers or photographers should choose a case with excellent grip, enhanced ergonomics, heat distribution, and compatibility with lens attachments.

For active and outdoor enthusiasts, prioritize durability and ruggedness. Look for cases with excellent shock absorption and a secure grip, like the Supcase UB Pro for iPhones.

Business professionals may prefer sleek and minimalist designs that exude sophistication. Also, a durable kickstand can be useful if you use your device for work. Consider premium material cases to add a touch of professionalism.

Those who prioritize fashion must go for bold and eye-catching designs that make a statement. Etsy is a common place for such products. You can also try customized phone cases to reflect your taste and show off on social media!

Wireless Charging: Is it Only a Marketing Strategy?

After introducing wireless charging on iPhones and flagship Android devices, it was only a matter of time before case manufacturers started catering to this feature.

Wireless Charging of unicorn beetle pro

So much debate sparked on whether wireless charging would work on a PC or TPU back cover. But smartphone cases have adapted quickly and effectively to this change.

But the question is, do manufacturers use this only as promotional means? Almost all phone cases are somewhat compatible with wirelessOpens in a new tab. charging. But it may affect the charging speed.

Speaking from my experience, the Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag does a fantastic job of connecting with a Magsafe charger. Its built-in kickstand is designed to latch onto the Magsafe charger or the Battery Pack, although the pack may wobble slightly from side to side.

Grip and Ergonomics: To Slip or Not to Slip?

Before I got the Supcase UB Pro for my iPhone 13 pro max, I had to use the device for around 2 weeks without any case. During that time, I lost count of how many times the phone slipped right into my face! 

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Grip and Ergonomics

A good ergonomic grip is a must-have for any smartphone case. Decent products like the UB Pro or Speck Presidio2Opens in a new tab. feature textured surfaces, rubberized coatings, or grooves that improve grip, making it easier to hold onto your iPhone securely. These design elements are extremely beneficial when taking selfies or scrolling social media.

Slim or Bulky: What Measure Specific User Case?

Thinner cases offer a minimalist look, but then you have to sacrifice decent drop protection. On the other hand, bulkier cases with higher levels of durability and shock absorption may survive a 15-foot drop, but they add extra weight to your pockets.

While Supcase offers a sleek design like the UB Edge and UB Clear, the Unicorn Beetle Pro lineup is on the heavier side. Ultimately, your choice depends on the risk you’re willing to take.

Water Resistance: Is it Really Necessary?

With most flagship phones currently adopting the water-resistance feature, buying a phone case that prevents water from entering may not seem like a priority. But what about the older models, like iPhone 10 or earlier?

Supcase UB Pro doesn’t come with any waterproof properties. However, the enclosed design does provide a primary layer of defense against accidental spills or light exposure to moisture. Still, I would not recommend submerging your iPhone 8 just to check whether the case is waterproof.

Bonus Point: What Additional Features Does it Offer?

These are optional choices. In addition to the core features, some cases may offer additional functionalities, such as-

  • Kickstands
  • Product warranty
  • Carabiner attachments
  • Card holder and wallet, etc.

For instance, Supcase provides a belt clip holster with all its UB Pro models. Although I never needed to use this piece, I can see how hikers and individuals with blue-collar jobs can benefit from this 360° rotatable belt clip.

This may feel like a lot to consider for such a small investment, but in the end, no one changes their phone case every week! So it’s best to evaluate these factors and choose the right case for your phone.

Supcase UB Pro: Evaluating the 4 Best Products to Help You Decide!

As I mentioned, the Unicorn Beetle Pro series comprises four product lineups catering to smartphones, tablets, earbuds, and smartwatches. This versatile range of options was one of the main reasons I was intrigued to buy the UB Pro Mag for my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

I wanted to know if this was merely a selling point or if Supcase truly manufactures some of the best protective cases in the industry. The search for this answer is still ongoing, and here, I would like to share some of the insights I’ve gathered so far.

1. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for iPhones

With the sleek design, aluminum frame, and glass back panel, there is one notable downside to recent iPhone models- they can be quite slippery. This means they are more prone to accidental drops, although their overall durability is designed to withstand falls.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for iPhones

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro excels at protecting your iPhone from such falls. Its dual-layer design, combining polycarbonate and TPU materials, along with a plastic screen protector, is built to withstand falls from heights exceeding 50 feet, as claimed by Supcase.

However, a drop test conducted nearly 7 years ago doesn’t validate the claim in today’s context. A lot has changed since then. iPhones have become larger and bulkier, increasing the risk of shattering if dropped from such heights.

Nevertheless, the UB Pro is well-equipped to handle impacts of up to 20 feet without causing any harm to the iPhone itself. And the raised bezels in front and around the camera housing also play their part well.

Another notable feature of the UB Pro case is the convenient kickstand at the back. This versatile kickstand allows you to securely position your phone both vertically and horizontally, and it can even double as a finger holder.

Supcase also offers a wide selection of UB Pro cases, ranging from iPhone 6 to the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max. If you’re in search of a reliable heavy-duty phone case without breaking the bank, it’s definitely worth exploring the options offered by Supcase.

Military-grade STD-810G rated drop-resistance. Comes with 3 separate parts- case, screen protector, holster.Durable kickstand that doubles as a holder.360° rotatable belt grip holster.Sleek design with 8 color variations.Not fully compatible with wireless charging.The screen protector is prone to scratches.

2. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag for iPhones

The Pro Mag is Supcase’s latest addition to the Unicorn Beetle lineup and seems to be extremely effective thus far. This model is specifically designed for Magsafe wireless charging, featuring a ring-shaped kickstand that serves as a strong anchor point for the chargers.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag for iPhones

Theoretically, wireless charging should work fine with any case. But in reality, the Supcase UB Pro Mag offers faster wireless charging compared to the UB Pro. The MagSafe compatible kickstand then may seem like a selling point, but Supcase has surely done some enhancements with these Pro Mag cases to deliver a better user experience.

However, the ring-shaped kickstand does come with a downside. You can not use it to hold your iPhone vertically. Plus, it is available in only three color options.

The UB Pro Mag stands out as a compelling option for users constantly on the road, offering efficient charging capabilities and an innovative ring-shaped kickstand. While it does come with a slightly higher price tag compared to the Pro edition, I believe it’s a worthwhile investment for a decent product.

MagSafe compatible kickstand that doubles as ring holder.Comes with 3 separate parts- case, screen protector, holster.360° rotatable belt grip holster.Grooved side panel offers excellent grip.The screen protector is prone to scratches.Available in only three color options.Kickstand doesn’t support vertical positioning.

3. Supcase UB Pro For Airpods & Buds

Supcase’s exploration of protective cases for earbuds appears to be in an experimental phase. Although they have launched dedicated cases for all the AirPods models and some Galaxy Buds, the UB Pro has yet to expand to other popular earbuds.

Supcase UB Pro For Airpods & Buds

Although these cases offer good grip and drop protection, there is still room for improvement. Notably, none of the cases are currently water-resistant.

However, Supcase has surely set some unique standards for their UB Pro AirPods lineup. And these cases are Magsafe Compatible too. So, it’s interesting to see Supcase expanding its territory focusing on specific user needs.

Magsafe compatible AirPods case.Comes with carabiner attachments.Grooved side panel offers excellent grip.Not entirely water-resistant.

4. Supcase UB Pro Case for Smartwatches

Most smartwatches you see online already come with some type of shock absorption feature. And manufacturers often have their own lineup of wristband cases and screen protectors.

Yet these shockproof watch cases from Supcase are one of the most popular and highly-rated cases you can find online. Partly due to the ergonomic design, but for the most part, it’s the longevity and protection that counts.

Supcase UB Pro Case for Smartwatches

The UB Pro is currently available for different models of Apple, Pixel, Fitbit, and Galaxy watches. The package comes with two tempered glass screen protectors that can be used individually or together.

However, similar to other Unicorn Beetle Pro products, these watch cases are not water-resistant. Supcase really needs to work on this feature really soon. But considering the affordable price, the UB  Pro for watches is definitely worth checking out.

Comes with 2 separate tempered glass screen protectors.MagSafe compatible watch case.Offers a double tongue buckle. Raised bezels to protect the watch screen.Available in only three color options.Case is not waterproof.

Final Words

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is a balance of protection, functionality, and style, making it an affordable option to safeguard your iPhone. While features like drop protection, kickstand, grip, and durability are of the highest standard, these cases are still lacking a decent screen protector and water-resistance features.

However, Supcase is already introducing tempered glass protectors for the newest iPhone models. The UB Pro is also compatible with phone mounts like tripods and such and can offer a decent lifespan of over two years. So, we can expect other missing features are not too far away.

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