Supcase iPhone 14 Series Cases in 2023: Best Cases On a Budget?

Supcase stands out when it comes to crafting robust and durable cases. The brand has become a go-to choice for iPhone users especially those who are a bit picky on cases. From accidental drops to sudden impacts, Supcase builds their cases to withstand the test of time and keep your iPhone safe.

As the iPhone 14 series gains traction, Supcase continues to shine as a preferred choice for iPhone users worldwide. In the following chapters, we will navigate through what the brand offers as well as what it they don’t, presenting you with the most concise and insightful reviews. 

So, let’s get started and find out the nuts and bolts of all Supcase cases for the iPhone 14 series currently available.

Supcase for iPhone 14: Is It the Right Fit for You?

High performing and affordable- probably the most sought-after combination in the tech industry but the hardest to get. On paper, Supcase offers some of the best cases for the iPhone 14 series. But the burning question is, do they walk the talk?

Supcase iPhone 14 Series Cases

Supcase is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a robust iPhone 14 case on a budget. Though some of their product lineups may not be as tough as others, they can still perform well to protect your iPhone from at least 10-ft drops.

To understand whether Supcase is the best fit for your iPhone 14, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max, we’ll look into the following features in the reviews section- 

FeaturesWhat Supcase Offers?
Design and ConstructionAbove average durability. Mostly TPU and polycarbonate cases and some plastic builds. 
Device CompatibilityHigh. At least one case model is available for all iPhone 14 series devices.
MagSafe CompatibilityAvailable in some cases. But charging time may vary,
Screen ProtectionAverage. Typically crafted from hard plastic, the protector may not be offered for all case models.
Shock-absorbing EdgesHighly effective. Raised edges and shock-absorbing corners can take on impact from 15 feet or above. 
Other AccessoriesErgonomic kickstand, lens cover, belt clip, and more. 

Supcase offers diverse color options for iPhone 14 series cases, including a transparent variant for all models. However, transparent cases are known to be less protective than rugged ones. So the question remains, how good are these see-through cases for your iPhone?

In the upcoming sections, I will walk you through all the Supcase phone cases available for the iPhone 14 series. All the different models serve different purposes, so buckle up and read along to unbox the hidden truths!

Supcase Phone Cases for iPhone 14 Series: What Sets Them Apart?

When it comes to iPhone cases, quality, and aesthetics surely matter the most. Supcase surely does that quite resourcefully. And let’s not forget about the myriad of color variations they offer. Not too blunt, not too flashy- the safest bet for as far as phone cases can go!

As I said, Supcase did well to blend a decent combination of quality and aesthetics, but there’s still room for some improvements. Let’s find out how.

1. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style

Transparent cases are a clear winner in the case game (no puns intended). And with the Supcase UB Style lineup, you get remarkably durable transparent iPhone cases that come in tons of colors, hues, and matte finishing.

Supcase designed these to withstand 15-ft drops (MET Labs certified), and our research suggests the claim checks out. Its scratch-resistant polycarbonate and TPU bumpers also offer reliable protection against scratches and minor impacts.

While the 1mm raised bezels keep the screen and lens safe from damaging surfaces, they don’t add much bump to make you uncomfortable. Plus, the volume rockers and lock key makes a mild tick noise, which adds to this case’s overall aesthetics.

While UB Style supports wireless charging, it lacks Portable Magsafe compatibility. And this is the only Supcase product in this list that doesn’t include a screen protector or kickstand. Though, if a minimalist iPhone 14 case with decent protection is what you’re looking for, the UB Style is an excellent pick.

ColorsUp to 7 colors
CompatibilityAll iPhone 14 models
Screen ProtectionN/A
Magsafe CompatibleYes

2. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro & Pro Mag

Next on the list, is one of the most heavy-duty iPhone cases you will find under $30. Supcase UB Pro boasts a dual-layer design with polycarbonate and TPU materials, a combination that is proven to withstand 20 feet drops without leaving a scratch on the phone.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro & Pro Mag

The standout feature of this case is the kickstand at the back. This easily foldable kickstand gives you hands-free viewing in both portrait and landscape modes. And the package also includes a detachable swiveling belt clip, making it easy to carry while outdoors.

It’s worth mentioning that the UB Pro lineup comes with a Pro Mag variant specially designed for Magsafe charging. It also comes up with portable battery packs. However, unlike the Pro, the Pro Mag has a ring-shaped kickstand that makes for comfy watching and stability in operation; it is not effective while trying to use the device vertically though.

The other downside of both Pro and Pro Mag is the need for a decent front cover. Although the package includes a plastic protector, it’s not good enough for a 15-ft face-first drop. I recommend you ditch this one and use a tempered glass protector instead.

Still, Unicorn Beetle Pro is worth giving a try because it’s difficult to find an iPhone 14 case that offers such protection, shock resistance, color variation, grip, and accessories within this budget.

ColorsUp to 9 colors
CompatibilityAll iPhone 14 models
Screen ProtectionYes
Magsafe CompatibleYes
KickstandYes, 2 variants

3. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Mag

Wireless charging compatible case“- perhaps only a catchy selling point for any brand to promote their phone cases. And with all recent iPhone models featuring wireless charging, compatible cases have become a necessity rather than just a feature.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Mag

What if I told you any iPhone case is Qi-compatible as long as it doesn’t have a metal kickstand or ring holder on the back? In fact, any transparent case that uses “wireless charging” as a key selling point is a sham, and you ain’t actually getting anything extra special with it.

But then comes Unicorn Beetle Mag. Supcase surely recognized this issue, and they have the best answer for it.

The UB Mag is every bit as same as the UB Style, but what sets Mag apart is the unique and extremely effective Magsafe attraction. This strong magnetic absorption can firmly hold onto any Magsafe chargers, including portable battery packs. Pretty neat, huh?

Apart from this, you get up to 15-ft drop resistance, minimalist yet ergonomic design, raised bezels, and myriads of color options. If you value a slim and modern look while ensuring excellent Magsafe compatibility, the Supcase UB Mag is definitely worth considering.

ColorsUp to 6 colors
CompatibilityiPhone 14 Pro, Pro Max, and Plus
Screen ProtectionN/A
Magsafe CompatibleYes

4. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Mag XT

As I have said many times before, Supcase blends the best of heavy-duty iPhone cases within an affordable price range. But what they always lacked was a protective feature for iPhone cameras. The UB Mag XT may be just a start, but Supcase is clearly sending a strong message.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Mag XT

The Supcase UB Mag XT sets a new standard for phone cases, combining robust protection and clever design features. Crafted from shock-absorbing TPU and polycarbonate, the UB Mag XT ensures the best protection similar to UB Pro.

However, the standout feature is the zinc alloy camera cover, equipped with a protective doily to safeguard your lenses from scratches and damage. Plus, the built-in camera cover doubles as an adjustable kickstand up to 180 degrees, allowing you to enjoy hands-free viewing at your preferred angle.

The UB Mag XT also has MagSafe compatibility and a strong magnetic attach point. Its shock-absorbing materials, excellent grip, and three-part protective cases resemble UB Pro Mag in every essence. Still, Supcase has a long way to go with this design, but it’s an exceptional choice for professionals and active adventurers nevertheless.

ColorsUp to 6 colors
CompatibilityiPhone 14 Pro Max
Screen ProtectionYes
Magsafe CompatibleYes

All Other Supcase iPhone 14 Series Cases

Unicorn Beetle Edge XT

Similar to UB Style in design but with a screen protector included in the package. This case is currently only available for iPhone 14 Plus, and you’ll get three color variations. Though it lacks the unique aesthetic of UB Style, this case is a good pick if you prefer transparent cases with improved durability.

Unicorn Beetle Kick

Another “experimental product” from Supcase. The case features a camera bezel that doubles as a built-in kickstand. This transparent case currently comes with only one color variation, black, and is available for iPhone 14 Plus only.

Unicorn Beetle Pro & Pro Mag Glass Edition

Finally, a complete package! This iPhone case is every bit Supcase UB Pro or Pro Mag but with the exception of a tempered glass screen cover included in the box.

Tempered glass is currently the most effective screen protector for smartphones. So, with this edition, you have the perfect protective cage for iPhone 14 series… but with a catch.

The UB Pro & Pro Mag Glass is currently only available for iPhone 14 Pro Max. It’s also a bit pricier than other UB cases. But if you’re using an iPhone 14 Pro Max, I’ll definitely recommend you give it a try.

Supcase’s Obsession with Transparent Cases: How Far is Too Far?

Transparent cases are most certainly the trend in recent times, but Supcase may be taking it to the extreme. They are now offering a transparent variant for almost all the iPhone 14 case lineups, which can be seen as a setback to their original product design.

Take the UB Pro, for example. The robust design of this case always uplifted a sense of ruggedness and protection. But the recent transparent variant looks like a cheap knockoff of the original product at first glance.

Something else also caught my attention while searching through some of the user experience online. These transparent cases are prone to becoming yellowish faster than many other cases from other brands. I never used a transparent case from Supcase, but if the reviews are true, then this is something Supcase should work to improve.

Now, I’m pretty confident that none of this has anything to do with the protection UB Pro usually offers. And Supcase probably did their homework before launching the products. Still, it’s best to improve existing products’ quality rather than expand to new territories, right?

Final Words

In a world where our iPhones are our lifelines, safety is non-negotiable. Supcase’s protection ensures your device remains unscathed, even if you drop your iPhone from 20 feet or higher. And you also get a myriad of product lineups to choose from.

However, I would suggest giving UB Pro & Pro Mag Glass Edition a try, as it offers the best protection for the best price. But any product from Supcase is worth the penny, as you’re getting some of the best iPhone 14 series cases for a budget.

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