How To Record Incoming Call On iPhone Without App? [3 Easy Ways]

Imagine being on the verge of an exam or writing a game-changing business proposal when every word counts.  In these critical moments, call recording can be your savior.  Google Voice can be one of the most effective solutions for it, you can simply sign up for a free account on their website and start recording calls. 

There can be many more situations like these when call recording on an iPhone becomes a necessity and you will need to know the method more than ever.

You may think it is impossible to record an incoming call on an iPhone without an app. But luckily it is possible to do it without any third-party app and there are few different ways you can follow.

How To Record Incoming Calls On iPhone Without App?

Recording phone calls on iPhone without any app might seem like a difficult task but in reality, it is not and is quite easy only if you know how to do it.

Using another device

Recording incoming calls on an iPhone using another device is the easiest method among others. To use this method you will either need a recording device, laptop or another phone with recording capability.

So to begin call recording, when you get an incoming call, turn on the speaker mode in your iPhone.

After that, turn on the recording software on the device which you want to use for the recording and begin to record the whole call.

Make sure to place the phone and recorder as close as possible to help you record the audio clearly without much interference.

Use Google Voice

Use Google Voice

Another method to record calls without any app is by using google voice. It is pretty easy to set up and use, however do keep in mind it is only available in Canada and the US. Moreover, google voice allows you to make phone calls on both domestic and international numbers.

Once you sign up you are given a free phone number with voicemail and you will find options for call recording. Follow the steps below to learn how to sign up for google voice.

  • Step 1: Go to Main website
Go to Main website

At first you will need to visit and signup for google voice account using your details.

  • Step 2: Download the app
Download the app

Once you have signed up on the website, you will need to download the app from the app store and give your phone number and other information to complete the signup process.

  • Step 3: Enable call option
Enable call option

You will need to enable the call option before you can begin on the call recording option. Choose the ‘Calls’ option from the settings menu, which is located on the left side of your screen.

The ‘Incoming calls’ need to be enabled by simply tapping on the widget associated with the option.

  • Step 4: Start Recording

You are done setting up the google voice account and you can now record incoming calls on your iPhone. So, whenever there is an incoming call; receive the call and press 4 and the call will start to record.

These recordings will be kept in the google voice server and you can access them whenever you need to. However, do keep in mind the caller will be notified when you start to record the call.

Use Voicemail to Record Calls

This method might not be effective and useful for everyone as not every carrier allows calls to be recorded on voicemail. Hence, you will need to be sure if your carrier allows you to download voicemails on your iPhone.

To check this, open the “Phone” Application on your iPhone and then choose the Voicemail tab from your screen’s bottom right corner. If there’s already a list of messages there, then your carrier does allow you to record calls via voicemail.

  • Step 1: Add call
Add call

Make the call or receive an incoming call that you want to record. When you receive the call; click the “Add Call” option.

  • Step 2: Dial your own number

After pressing the add call, you will need to dial your own number.The system will automatically add your voicemail when you do this. A sound will signal that your voicemail has been added.

  • Step 3: Merge Call
Merge Call

Now you will need to merge the call, click the merge option to start the conference call. Disconnect the call after the talk is over. Your voicemail box will have a recording of the call and you can download it easily.

Can You Screen Record Calls On iPhone With Sound?

Generally speaking you can screen record calls but there won’t be any sound. Apple restricts you to screen record calls on iPhone with sound. If you try to screen record a call on an iPhone you won’t be able to hear what was spoken during the call.

This means It will record the screen’s images, but it won’t record the phone call’s sounds from the phone’s microphone. It is a security measurement taken by Apple to protect the privacy of both parties of the call.

Call Recording on iPhone-With or Without App: Does It Matter?

When it comes to call recording on an iphone there are two obvious choices; once via app and one without app. Both modes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

CriteriaAppWithout App
StorageRequires storage to downloadDoesn’t need to download anything
Ease of UseEasierDifficult
Call qualityBetterModerate
BackupCan have dedicated serverDoesn’t always have dedicated servers

Storage Space

If you decide to install apps to record calls on your iPhone you will need additional storage for the app. Even though these apps don’t take up much space it still can matter, especially when your phone is running out of space.

On the other hand if you decide to record calls without apps, you can save the extra storage space which would otherwise be needed to download apps.

Ease of Use

Without an app, you can be forced to use difficult alternatives or other devices, which might be less convenient. Whereas with apps, this whole work becomes much easier.

As these apps are specifically made for recording calls only, the user interface is much easier to work with. Thus this enables users to start and maintain recordings in an easy way.

Call Record Quality

One of the key determining factors between recording calls with app or without app is call recording quality. If you use apps to record audio via apps, you will have improved sound quality and recording settings to record crystal-clear, high-quality audio,

On the other hand, when you are recording without apps you rely on other devices to record the call. So, there can be too much noise and disturbance in the audio quality.


When you record any call on your iPhone without apps, the recordings will be kept on your phone or if you use Google Voice(Only works in Canada and US) it will be stored at their server. So, you will need to manage the backups and storage by yourself for these audio recordings.

However, the built-in backup and storage features that call recording apps often offer enable users to safely store, backup and access their recorded calls.

Are There Any Legal And Privacy Implications When Recording Calls?

The legal implications of call recording entirely depends on your state and country of residence as different countries have different rules on call recording.

In most of the states, it is legal to record calls and only one person needs to give consent when recording the calls. Eleven states in the US require consent from both parties of the call to record the conversation.

You can always record calls without the consent of the other party on the phone, however depending on your country it can be illegal. So, before doing this make sure to look for the laws associated with call recording in your country.

Best Practices And Tips For Call Recording On iPhone

Call recording can sometimes come handy in many ways like again listening to specific notes said by your employer or your teacher and many more. So, these tips below will help you to record the calls on your iPhone more effectively.

  • Get yourself familiar with local laws as different states have different implications on call recordings.
  • The best practice is to always ask for consent when recording calls to keep yourself out of trouble.
  • Make sure to test the recording devices before recording calls so the audio quality is clear.
  • If you are using an app to record calls make sure to read the privacy warnings carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Capturing important calls on your iPhone without an app may seem a bit confusing to you. Thus, we believe our FAQs below will help you to understand this more easily.

Do I need any additional tools or software if I record audio on a second device?

If you use another device with your iPhone to record calls, you will need a second device with audio recording capabilities. It must have audio recorder software and must have a built-in good-quality microphone to receive the audio inputs from your iPhone during calls.

Can I record calls using the built-in Voice Memos app on my iPhone?

It is not possible to record calls on an iPhone using the built-in Voice Memos app. It can only record audio using the microphone on the phone. So you can make a call with one iPhone and use another iPhone and its built in app to record the conversation.

Is it okay to record calls on an iPhone without consent?

This entirely depends on your country and state; different states have different laws regarding call recordings. The majority of states in the US follow the federal legislation which means only one-party consent is needed to legally record a call. However, there can be exceptions like California where both party consent is needed.

Can I record a call on my iPhone without the other party knowing?

You can record a call on an iPhone without the other party knowing by using a secondary device like another mobile, laptop to record the call. Additionally you can also use third party apps for recording incoming or outgoing calls. However, some apps do give out an alert to both parties when recording calls.


Recording incoming calls on iPhone can sometimes become really necessary however you might not want to use an app for this. Luckily you have a choice of different methods to do this.

While recording a call make sure you properly know the laws of your country as this can be illegal in some countries. Also, just to be safe it is always better to ask the consent of the person before recording their incoming call.

Also always check the recording quality before making the final record as recording without third party apps can significantly reduce audio quality.

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