How To Receive Text Messages on Two iPhones?

To receive text messages on two iPhones, you can auto-forward messages from one iPhone to another by adding the same Apple ID from the target iPhone to yours. You can also set up message forwarding manually to get only the desired messages.

A third-party SMS tracker can also be helpful to get the messages on two iPhones. Try iCloud sync on your iPhone with the target iPhone’s ID and password.

iPhones are known for seamless functionality and immaculate class. People also find the settings a bit difficult because of their sophisticated functions. Message forwarding is such a feature.

You can receive the same text on both iPhones if you know the syncing process. It’s not a tough job to do. But you must adhere to the correct process. Once you sync the devices, you will get seamlessly forwarded messages.

Can You Get Another iPhone’s Message?

Well, you can think it’s easy to send or forward the same message to another phone. What’s so much mumbling about it, right? But we are talking about syncing two iPhones so you can get the exact message without any delay or extra effort.

With the iOS recent software updates, you can sync Apple devices with each other and manage the connected services from a parent device. You can also continue and monitor your activities smoothly using Screen Time features.

Can You Get Another iPhone's Message?

There’s always the option to send messages manually. But with the built-in feature, you can now access messages from one iPhone to another or other Apple devices, just like an ecosystem.

How Can You Receive Text on Two iPhones?

You can always re-send or forward the same Message to another iPhone. But it won’t be the same to connect two iPhones and get every single Message from the other.

Here are a few methods for connecting two iPhones and receiving texts:

Auto Forward

You can forward messages from your iPhone to another of your chosen iPhones. You just have to create an alternate mobile number to your Apple ID.

What you ought to do is as follows:

Step 1: Open Settings

You have to access the settings menu for most of the phone changes. The iPhone is no different.

Step 2: Apple ID

Now tap on your Apple ID. It’s at the very top of your iPhone’s display. After that, select the option of “Name, Phone, Mail, Numbers”.

Now tap on your Apple ID

Step 3: Add New Mail

Then a single option, “Contactable at” will appear on the screen. You need to tap on the “edit” option. Find the “Add phone or Email” option. 

Tap it, then type your email address and a working phone number. The number should be the one you want to receive the iPhone’s text. And finally, click on “Done”.

Step 4: Go to Messages

Now, go to the settings homepage again and swipe down. Find the “Messages” option and click on it.

Go to Messages

Step 5: Enable Auto Forwarding

Select the “Text message forwarding” option. You have to toggle next to turn the forward option to your desired iPhone device.

And then every Message on this iPhone will automatically be forwarded to another iPhone number you just entered.

Step 6: Check by A Trial Number

If there is any confusion about this feature, you can give it a trial run. Try another number from an iPhone and check whether this feature works well with the iPhone or not.

Manual Forward

If you don’t want to know about every single Message from another iPhone, you can manually select the messages and send them to another one. 

Here’s how you should proceed:

Step 1: Open Message App

First, you need to go to the messaging app. And then, select the desired conversation from which you want to export the messages.

Remember that you can only choose one conversation at a time.

Step 2: Message Bubble

After entering the desired conversation, tap on the message bubble. Make sure you tap and hold it until the pop-up menu appears on the screen.

Step 3: Select Desired Messages

Then you need to tap on the more option. You will be given access to select messages you want from that conversation.

There’s no limit to choosing and sending messages, unlike big files with huge spaces.

Step 4: Share with Desired Number

Select and tap on the share icon. Enter your desired number to share the selected messages. Then, tap the “Send” option.

Step 5: Check

Now check on the other receiver’s iPhone if the messages have reached it successfully! If not, then try these steps again.

SMS Tracker

If you want to get other iPhone’s Messages, you need to take their phone and pair it with yours. However, most people don’t provide such opportunities.

But luckily, you can get other iPhone messages without touching the phone. SMS trackers are third-party apps that help to extract messages from one iPhone to another. Here’s how:

Step 1: Launch the App

There’s no need to install the apps on your target iPhone. Just their Apple ID and password.

After that, launch the app on your iPhone or computer. Register a new account with your Email.

Step 2: Enter Info

Enter the iCloud details of your target device. Then remove or disable the two-step verification option.

Step 3: Log in And Track

After that, log in to the app from any browser. Now you can track the messages from your target device. 

It’s also applicable to view all the received and sent messages. You can also see the deleted ones.

There’s also a chance to monitor the multimedia through all the social applications. Search for any violence or inappropriate messages.

iCloud Message Sync

iCloud sync is a pretty standard and common option to sync Apple devices. Therefore, you can sync two iPhones with the same iCloud account.

Here’s how you should do it:

Step 1: Settings

First, you must open the settings and then go to the device name. Turn off the current iCloud account if there are any.

Step 2: Set up iCloud

After that, you must enter the same Apple ID as the other iPhone. So, it’s mandatory to know the target iPhone’s Apple ID and password. Set up iCloud on your iPhone.

Step 3: Start a conversation 

Tell your friend to start a conversation to test if the sync is working correctly or not.

Step 4: Check

If you see that you are not getting any messages from the target iPhone, you need to recheck and sync the iCloud again.

You can also do it for iMessages. For that, you need to remove your email ID from your iPhone. And then learn the target iPhone’s mail and password.

Go to your iMessage and enter the Email to your phone. Now your iMessages are synced. Make sure the email ID is correct.

Ask for a friend to send some messages. You will get the same message from the target iPhone. In this way, you can set up all the Apple devices with each other.

Why Would You Need to Get Another iPhone’s Text Message?

There are multiple reasons behind syncing one iPhone to another to get its messages. However, it would help if you looked at the most common and significant reasons. Take a look:

Protect Your Kid

Nowadays, most kids use smartphones and get in contact with many people. Some people with bad intentions can message the kids with harmful images or inappropriate content. And your kids would easily fall into the traps.

But if you sync your iPhone to theirs, you can easily monitor their text messages and save them from unwanted incidents. On top of that, iPhones have become an addiction to kids and adults.

So, they spend most of their free time on their iPhones and distract from outdoor activities and homework. With the syncing feature on both iPhones, you can easily monitor them.

Employer’s Protection

Some employees in your company might waste their time chatting with their friends instead of using their time for the company. On top of that, some disloyal employees might sell crucial information about your company to other organizations because of a small profit.

You can prevent such information leakage to your rivals by monitoring their text messages. But apply this technique to those employees whom you suspect.

What If Your Text Is Not Forwarding to Another iPhone?

Several reasons can cause such problems when you try to forward messages from one iPhone to another. But the most common one is that the iPhones are not synced yet.

It would help if you synced the iPhones with Apple ID or iCloud. Otherwise, there is no way of forwarding the messages. For iMessage, you need to sync your Email with both iPhones.

Another cause can be locked forwarding options. You need to tap and hold the desired messages to unlock the forward option on your iPhone.

And the last reason can be a network problem. See if your SIM card is providing enough coverage or not.

Bottom Line

You can easily spy on someone if you know who they are texting and their messages. Even with the iPhone, you can track messages to yours. A few simple steps will get every message or your desired message on your iPhone.

Hopefully, the discussion has shown you how to receive text messages on two iPhones with less effort. If you sometimes fail, just follow the technique correctly. There are also multiple options to try on. But always refrain from using the feature for illicit purposes!

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