The 8 Best Quran Recitation App For iPhone Reviews That You Will Love

Quran is not only a holy book for Muslims but also a highly inspirational, motivational, and ethical book anyone from any belief can read. It showcases how a human should lead his daily and entire lifestyle. Also, the recitation of the Quran is so soothing that it will comfort our hearts. Thus, more and more people are finding it comfier, better, and happier to hear Quran recitation at home, work, offices, and journeys.

Following it, app developers have developed some excellent Quran recitation apps for iPhones. With it, we have figured out the best Quran recitation and reading apps for iPhone so that Apple users can hear Quran recitation everywhere.

Quran recitation apps on iPhones are highly optimized, versatile, and easy to use. Plus, we have carefully chosen the apps that best fit the user experience of all ages. So, our selected iPhone recitation apps for Quran will fulfill your requirements, whether you are an adult or a senior person. So, let’s dive into finding the genuine review of Quran recitation apps for iPhone.

Top 8 Best Quran Recitation App For iPhones In 2023

Are you an iPhone user and want to hear Quran recitation on it? Then, you must get an app for your smartphone that recites the Quran perfectly. First, however, you may look for a translation of the Quran in your language, an explanation of the lines, etc.

Following it, we have found the right Quran recitation app for iPhone, including iQuran Lite, Quran Reader HD, Noorani Qaida, etc. The list includes Muslim All in 1, Kids Dua Now, Quran Majeed, and MP3 Quran.

So, let’s check these top apps to read, hear and enjoy Quranic verses. It will soothe your ears, make you happier and help you lead an Islamic life.

1. iQuran Lite

iQuran Lite App For iPhone

With recitation coming from Sheikh Husary, one of the best Quran reciters, iQuran Lite tops our list for definite reasons. You will love the heart-touching and smooth recitation from the melodious voice of Sheikh Husary through this app.

The app provides the Arabic text of the Quran as the standard offering. There’s also the option of multiple translated versions for non-Arabic speakers. Once you launch the app, you get full access to Quran in Arabic and English. However, it doesn’t support other international and regional languages, which is a significant setback for the app.

Apart from this restriction, iQuran Lite appOpens in a new tab. is straightforward. The user interface is simple. If you enjoy hearing the Quranic verses, you can quickly shift to its audio mode. With your iPhone and iPod, this recitation will be exemplary.

Last but not least, its feature-filled reading and engaging hearing experience of the holy book will enchant you superbly.


  • Available in Arabic and English
  • Smooth and charming recitation
  • Fully functional reading mode
  • The melodious voice of the reciter


  • Not available in other languages
  • Slightly lagging experience

2. Quran pro-Muslim

Quran pro-Muslim App For iPhone

It doesn’t matter if you are an Arabic, English, Indian, Bangladeshi, or Indonesian. Quran ProOpens in a new tab. Muslim is suitable for everyone as it is available in 36 languages. What’s more, each language has brilliant recitation from well-known reciters. So, you will find the recitations soulful and joyous enchants you brilliantly.

This app provides you with the largest audio reciter collections. So, there’s ample opportunity to hear the holy verses from your favorite reciter. On top of it, iPhone users will get Carplay and Airplay options. So, it improves your listening experience on cars, buses, or anywhere else.

The digital version of the Quran on the app is also designed brilliantly. It is available in 16 languages, so almost everyone can read it in their native language. Moreover, the colored Tajweed options are super-convenient to read the verses perfectly.

On top of it, you can bookmark specific pages and Ayah within the app. So, you will know where you finished and where you should start reading or listening to the Quran again. It is a great relief since many might forget the exact position where they stopped listening to the verses.

Lastly, the app also features the right timing for Adhan for every location. All you need is to select your location or allow the app to access your location. Moreover, its user interface will allow you to set the alarm for prayer time. So, you will never miss the right time for your prayer. What’s more, it will also notify you about Iftar and Sahur times.

Long story short, Quran Pro Muslim is a complete app for Muslims. You can read and listen to Quran in nearly every language, set alarms for prayer, and get a notification for Adhan, iftar, and whatnot! Also, the app is straightforward and optimized for the best iPhone user experience.


  • Recitation is available in 36 languages
  • Digital version for readers in 16 languages
  • Notification for prayers, Adhans, Iftar, and Sahur.
  • Built-in compass for detecting Qibla
  • Counting features for Tasbeeh with accuracy


  • Recent updates showed a few bugs

3. Tarteel — voice search the Quran

Tarteel — voice search the Quran App For iPhone

Tarteel Opens in a new a popular app for Quran lovers on iOS and Android devices. Its recitation features are unique. Also, we found the reciter’s voice soothing, soulful, and welcoming, which superbly connects us with the meaning of the Quran.

The unique part of this app is the voice recognition facility. At first, you have to input your voice in the app and wait for a few minutes to help it recognize your voice. However, once the Tarteel app recognizes your voice, you can easily use voice commands to look for specific Ayah, Surah names, multiple sentences, etc., with ease.

It is helpful when you want to find a particular ayah within the least possible time. You may quickly find the English tarnation of your desired verse on it. The app comes free and without ads. So, your mind won’t get distracted while listening to or reading Quran in the app.

The developer team recently said that they are working on adding recitation corrections to the app. Once it comes, you may quickly correct your Quranic recitation. In addition, it will improve your pauses, pronunciation, and overall reading experience of the Quran.


  • Voice command and recognition are available
  • Quick and easy English translation facility
  • Easy user interface for all without age restrictions


  • Not available in many languages

4. Ayat Al Quran

Ayat Al Quran App For iPhone

Ayat Al QuranOpens in a new tab. offers all the best Quran recitation facilities with a crisp and engaging interface. The app includes Tafsir’s from size Tafsir viz. So, you will get the most accurate Tafsirs here, which is a great bonus to not only read the Quran but also enhance your knowledge of the Holy Book, hadith, and related topics. The Tafsir list includes:

  • Al- Saa’di
  • Al-Tabary
  • Ibn- khatherer
  • Al- Waseef
  • Al-Qurtuby
  • Al-Baghary

They are famous worldwide with great acceptance. So it will be a brilliant experience for you.

Moreover, the app supports 20 different languages. The developers plan on adding five more languages for a greater population. You will also find the transition between the pages classic and eye-catchy, keeping you glued to the app.

On top of you can look into different texts using page numbers, Juz and Suraju. It helps you quickly find specific verses or ayahs with an improved navigation experience. The listening experience to the recitation is also engaging in the app. The recited lines are highlighted with colors as the recitation goes on from the musical voices. You can also set the interval times and repetition numbers from its quick setting options. It is helpful if you plan to listen to surah Bakarah or Yeasin multiple times on a repeated mode.

The recitations come from famous Quran reciters worldwide. So, it is highly likely that Ayat Al Quran lets you hear your favorite ayahs from your favorite voice. You will, further, find the viewing experience of scanned Al Tajweed and Mosshaf appreciable.


  • User-friendly interface and settings
  • Reading mode is available in 20 languages
  • Highlights the part of the recitation
  • Ability to set intervals and repetition numbers


  • Scanned copies of the books aren’t great
Learn Quran Tajwid App For iPhone

5. Learn Quran Tajwid

Nothing beats the Learn Quran Tajwid appOpens in a new tab. if you want to learn the most accurate Tajweed and Arabic manner of reading the Quran. Its resourceful settings, easy interface, and multilingual availability make it a perfect choice for every Muslim iPhone user.

With multiple comprehensive lessons, the app helps you to learn A to Z of the Quran with profound knowledge of Tajweed. These lessons are divided into multiple parts. You can learn everything from the Arabic alphabet to Waqf and Ibtida within the app. Furthermore, theories, tests, and practices are at the end of each chapter.

So, it basically works as your virtual Quran teacher. From learning to practicing and testing your skills in reading and reciting Quran accurately, it offers you everything. In addition, multiple Arabic scripts with a voice help you perfect the pronunciation.

Furthermore, you can assess your development in learning the Quran using the “My Result” section. It will showcase your previous and current results. It enables you to judge your progress. Also, you may record your Quran recitation and hear to it. It is an excellent opportunity as it helps you rectify your mistakes.

On top of it, using the recorded voice of your recitation, you can assess it from experts. Thus, you should learn Quran within the least possible time with Learn Quran Tajwid.


  • Learning process from A to Z for all people
  • Multiple practices and tests are available
  • My Result rection for your quick assessment
  • Voice recording option for your recitation


  • Not available in other languages
  • The user interface is pretty complex

6. MP3 Quran

MP3 Quran App For iPhone

As the name suggests, you can quickly listen to Quran with this appOpens in a new tab.. The app records your recently played recitation history. It allows you to recite the verses or Surahs from where you left them. You will love this interface, as most Quran recitation apps don’t have it.

The app includes 230 reciters from worldwide. So, it is highly likely that you will find your favorite Quran recitation here. Moreover, you can save the name of your favorite Quran reciter from the app’s settings. It enables easy access to the reciter and his recited chapters. So, this simple yet effective feature will improve your listening experience superbly.

Another critical aspect of the app is its thoughtful preparation for every person. Yes, even blind and visually impaired people can use the app to listen to Quran. The design team deserves a big round of applause for it.

Lastly, the app supports 15 languages. Therefore, it is adequate to help you find your preferred language. Also, the page you listen to will have the Prophet’s Mosque along with Masjid al-Haram in its background. Therefore, it will improve the visual experience while you use MP3 Quran app.


  • Best Quran recitation app for visually disabled people
  • Includes 230 world-famous Quran reciter’s voices
  • You can create a list of your favorite reciter and chapters
  • It supports 15 languages for all people


  • It is a heavy app with slight lagging
  • Updates are not as regular as other apps

7. Quran by Quran

Quran by Quran App For iPhone

Quran by Quran.comOpens in a new tab. is one of the top-of-the-line Quran apps for iPhone users with multiple enhancements and features. It supports more than 20 languages presently. The developer team I working on adding more languages to it.

You will appreciate its design, simplicity, and valuable items. Many of its features depend on voice recognition and command facility. So, you will have complete control over the app without any unauthorized accessing issues. It is a great feature to assess your reciting ability.

You will also enjoy its English translation in quick succession. The app will therefore work all-in-all for better listening, reading, learning, and understanding of the Quran. Also, it indeed interacts brilliantly with your recitations to boost your confidence. Lastly, Quran by is a go-to iPhone app for Quran recitation with a better privacy policy and security.


  • Improved security and privacy for iPhone users
  • Quick voice command option for each search
  • Easy interface and control for all people
  • It comes free and contains no ads at all


  • It lacks multilingual support
  • Irregular updates

8. Quran Kareem

Quran Kareem App For iPhone

This app has no ads nor any premium upgrades. So, you don’t have to pay extra to unlock any features. Also, this appOpens in a new tab. runs even on older iPhones perfectly, which other apps don’t. We found its 40 languages support and engaging scrolling between the page audience friendly. You will love its simple yet meaningful background that improves user experience.

If you are interested in memorizing Quran through listening, its multiple repetitions of the verses will be useful. You may quickly use the advanced search option to look for your favorite Quranic verses. It is easy and fast. You may also use the bookmark option to resume the recitation promptly.

On top of it, it has reminders for Al-kahf and Al – Waqia. You may choose the daily or weekly reminder option. You may view the app in both landscape and portrait mode. In addition, you can adjust its translation mode and Arabic scripting to have the best listening and reading experience.


  • Reminder for Al-kahf and Al – Waqia
  • Supports up to 40 languages
  • Repetition of the verses for easy memorization


  • The listening experience isn’t genuinely superior


We have enlisted the top 8 Quran recitation apps for iPhones. Our selection criteria included user interface, multiple language support, number of reciters, and privacy assurance. Thus, you can read and listen to Quran, learn, memorize and understand it using these apps. Moreover, you may choose to listen to Quran from everywhere.

Some of these apps come with bookmark features so that you can easily find a verse for future references. Alternatively, you can try out any note-taking app from Apple app store. There are tons of it, and you can choose the one you like.

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