14 Best Karaoke App For iPhone You Should Try!

The best free karaoke apps for iPhone are KaraFun, Voloco, Starmaker, iSing by Smule, The Voice, and Yokee. Among this list, Yokee stands as the best for iPhone users because it is easy to use and it offers great quality.

Now you can be in your room and enjoy Karaoke night shows on your iPhone. Thanks to the latest technology upgrade, iPhones have karaoke apps with screen mirroring features. This feature allows you to explore different songs and lyrics on your television screen without hassles.

All you have to do is download and use the specific one you want. The app offers both a free and a premium version. With the premium features, you can access a larger library of songs, beats, functionalities, etc. Also, if you want to keep your draft songs safe, you can use iPhone app lockers to secure the Kareoke app. Find out more below.

The Best Free Karaoke App for iPhone

Free Karaoke App for iPhone

The best free karaoke app for iPhone will give you a sensational experience directly from your Apple device. Below are some of my best picks for you.

1. Yokee Music

YokeeOpens in a new tab. has the highest number of downloads on the App Store. With access to iTunes, you can enjoy all kinds of music and videos. You can connect and sing with millions of people from your home. 

Yokee for iphone

What’s more? It’s free with a limitless catalog of music, videos, and lyrics. On Yokee, you can find songs from various languages, categorized by themes, artist, genre, etc.

Features of Yokee:

  • Yokee has over one million songs
  • It offers 100% connectivity on social media
  • Its songs are in the genre, artist, language, and theme categories
  • Yokee offers special effects with an automatic recording tool
  • You can find your favorite songs and duet with singers all over the globe

This app often has upgrade options with quality playback and lip-syncs.


App nameYokee
Size45.77 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 13.0 or later
App version7.7.0

2. Sing! By Smule

This karaoke appOpens in a new tab. is top-rated with 10 million songs from various genres. You, your friends, and fans can perform live actions on this app. It has voice improvement tools that enhance your voice.

Smule for iphone

Your performance will be unique with filters and visual effects that look like bubbles and fireflies. Play Smule allows its users to play funny games and know who the karaoke kings and queens are.

Features of Sing! By Smule:

  • Has over 10 million songs
  • Offers live performance and social media connectivity
  • Provides unique features like voices improvement, visual and filter effects
  • Offers explore functions, messages, feed, and songbook.
  • Users can record a duet with real celebrity singers.


App nameSing! By Smule
Size133.4 MB
Compatible devicesIOS 13.0 or later
DeveloperSmule INC.
App version10.9.9

3. Voloco

Voloco Opens in a new tab.is one of the top iPhone karaoke apps with outstanding features. It has special voice processing with automatic harmony, vocoding, and tuning. The app allows users to create audio and videos with selfies for social media platforms.

Voloco for iphone

 If you pick a song from your music box or tracks, the karaoke app guesses the song or beat and automatically tunes your voice to match it. The Voloco app has a free version with great features. But you must upgrade to the premium version to access more, such as the “Smart Tuning Features ”

Features of Voloco:

  • This iPhone karaoke app will let you share your mix with other locations for further changes until it becomes perfect.
  • It consists of various pre-sets such as extended harmonies, sitar hero, auto-vocal tune, and thrilling high-pitch correction.
  • Voloco allows its users to share their mix or songs on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and other social media channels.
  • Rap or sing over so many free beats.
  • Ability to get featured on a song and build your fanbase.


App nameVoloco
Size64.6 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 13.0 or later
DeveloperResonant Cavity, LLC
App Version7.5.7

4. Starmaker

Starmaker cleans your voice to make you sound like a professional. It is user-friendly and consists of outstanding auto-tune features. You can sing and record and also video yourself with many popping filters. 

Starmaker for iphone

You can share your video on Starmaker as well as other social networks and get likes and comments. Starmaker comes free for iPhone users. But you can only access a limited number of songs. To get all the latest songs and artists available on the appOpens in a new tab., you will upgrade to the premium version.

Features of Starmaker:

  • Allows a user to record videos for their songs and enhances their voice with new technology
  • Top singing celebrities are available
  • Outstanding features with an auto-tune
  • Your videos can be shared on the app’s community and other platforms as well
  • Starmaker tracks high-pitch accuracy


App nameStarmaker 
Size396.7 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 12.0 or later
DeveloperStar Shine Entertainment PTE. LTD
App Version8.43.1

5. Karafun

This app offers thousands of songs on your devices. There are 28,000 hits in Karafun Opens in a new tab.for you to choose from. It has a link with Airplay with an offline mode feature. 

Karafun for iphone

You can use a compatible tool to connect to Airplay. Also, enjoy your experience with Karafun by putting it onto a TV.

Note, the free version of this app will allow you to listen to all the songs for 30 seconds only. But once you upgrade to the premium version, you can access all the songs in full.

Features of Karafun:

  • An editor helps create an exclusive and exciting performance.
  • Compatible with airplay devices
  • It consists of more than 35,000 songs, and it’s connected you to social media platforms.
  • An offline mode to help you sync songs without data.
  • You can invite other users and have fun.

Specifications of Karafun:

App nameKarafun 
Size66.6 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 14.0 or later
App Version5.14.2

6. The Voice

This app has something to offer to anyone that comes across it. Whether or not you’re an iPhone user, a beginner or a pro, young or old, you can opt for this app. With The Voice, you can take solo pieces and perform duets with friends. You will unlock more songs within the app as you continue to sing. 

The Voice for iphone

The voice upgrades with thousands of trendy songs every day. It allows users to share their content on other platforms and even send it privately through the mail to friends.

To download the voice, visit Opens in a new tab.

Features of The Voice:

  • Allows users to sing solos and duets 
  • Has both visual and voice effects
  • Allows you to share your song with friends
  • There are more songs to unlock in the voice
  • Enhances Rockstar experience


App nameThe Voice
Size176.9 MB
Compatible with iPhoneiOS 10.0 or later
DeveloperYokee Music LTD
App Version7.3.0

7. Appcompanist

This karaoke focuses on musical and classical theatre repertoire. People who love pop or rock may not like to use them as those types of songs aren’t on the app. Aside from that, Appcompanist is great. Its vocal exercises build up relatively good vocalists all around the globe.

Appcompanist for iphone

It doesn’t tell users the sound to pick on a given song. It starts from key C, which is a very comfortable key for everyone. Users could take one octave lower or higher. It also has a recorder that lets you replay your song and correct mistakes.

You can try this app for free. But to access thousands of amazing accompaniments, you need to upgrade to the premium version. Click here Opens in a new tab.to download Appcompanist’s free app.

Features of Appcompanist:

  • Offers musical and classical theatre to singers
  • Voices the full control of a teacher over piano accompaniment recordings
  • Amazing features include tempo, melody help, create extra fermata, etc.
  • Helps users transpose to different keys
  • Blend your melody guide in and out in many octaves as the piece play


App nameAccompanist 
Compatible devicesiOS 9.3 or later
DeveloperAppcompanist, LLC
App version2.1.3

8. Cizoo: Sing Out Loud

With CizooOpens in a new tab., you are 100% free to advertise your musical talent. The app provides users with an uncountable music collection, audio effects, and a broad online community. Also, you will meet other music geniuses.

Cizoo for iphone

Although Cizoo is free to use, you can upgrade to its premium version to get extra features like song recording, tweaking, video effects, etc.

 Features of Cizoo:

  • This app features millions of music.
  • You can utilize Cappella mode and form group jamming
  • Effects (echo, vocoder, reverb, etc.)  to boost voices
  • Access to vast music social community
  • Supports all styles of songs: rock, rap, pop, country music, K-pop, etc
  • Exclusive video filters for music videos


App nameCizoo
Size196.7 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 7.0 or later
DevelopersInsta ventures, WeLikeStartup, and two others
App Version1.22

9. Magicsing karaoke

Magicsing Opens in a new tab.surprises users with excellent auto-tuning results and melody adjustments. It consists of thousands of songs. Also, the app allows you to change the melody, tempo, and tone, enabling the tailoring of recorded songs to exceptional singers!

Magicsing karaoke for iphone

You can search for voice functions and musical genres (gospel and pop songs). This app is compatible with EnterMedia’s latest streaming.

You can also become a premium member and get to My stage karaoke, where you will sing any song you choose in any language (English, Hindi, Spanish, Tagalog, etc.)

 Features of Magicsing karaoke:

  • Music library of 200,000 songs and more in many languages
  • Magicsing support key alters tempo, tone, as well as melody
  • Musical accompaniment, control to match your taste, and volume
  • Provides expert musical notes and a touch drum function
  • Trendy songs are updated automatically in magicsing
  • Magicsing offers MIDI-based music.

 Specifications of Magicsing karaoke:

App nameMagicsing
Size119.8 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 11.0 or later
DevelopersEnterMedia Co., Ltd.,
App Version4.9.80

10. MyVoice karaoke

Whether an expert or an amateur singer, you need this app to tune your vocal range. Record with a friend, sing your favorite songs and achieve your dream of becoming a pro with the MyVoice app.Opens in a new tab.

MyVoice karaoke for iphone

You can also join the premium family and enjoy limitless music in the app library, organize group jamming, utilize Cappella mode, and more audio effects to boost your voice.

 Features of MyVoice karaoke:

  • MyVoice is easy to utilize
  • You will have limitless access to songs
  • You can delete and even add favorite tracks easily
  • MyVoice offers users lyrics to any song they select and make it easy to learn
  • Your recordings are limitless
  • You can share records with ease

  Specifications of MyVoice karaoke:

App nameMyVoice
Size11.5 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 5.1 or later
DevelopersCreative Technosoft Systems Pvt Ltd.
App Version1.0

11. Ising – Sing & Record Karaoke

If you are a song lover or want to learn how to form amazing songs, download the Ising iPhone appOpens in a new tab.. With its millions of songs and quality backing tracks, your journey to the musical world will be fun.

Ising for iphone

Although Ising is a free app, it has in-app purchases that enable you to enjoy new songs, transpose songs, record, and select keys!

Features of Ising:

  • You can publish covers on your profile after recording with Ising 
  • You can freely watch other music videos
  • Limitless access to all music
  • This app has high-quality backing tracks
  • While singing, you can easily alter tones and keys
  • Every song has 2 versions: for amateurs -with melody and for expert singers
  • You can search for any genre on the app
  • You can also create your profile and subscribe to talented artists


App nameIsing – sing & record karaoke
Compatible devicesiOS 12.0 or later
DevelopersIsing SP. Z.o.o
App Version10.0.5

12. Singa: sing karaoke & lyrics

This app offers users free access to quality songs in the music library. It allows you to party with friends and sing your songs with transposition keys to help the user adjust pitch, tones, and melody. It also has many Singa-powered karaoke venues; you can sing on stage if you find any close to you!

Singa for iphone

This app has a premium version that allows you to sing karaoke as much as you desire! You can download the Singa: Sing Karaoke & Lyrics free karaoke appOpens in a new tab. from here.

 Features of Singa:

  • You will find all the best music and top artists in this iPhone app 
  • This app consists of numerous singlists and high-quality music videos
  • It has transposition keys to help the user adjust pitch, tones, and melody
  • It guides your vocal to enable to sing even unfamiliar music
  • You will never be bored with Singa karaoke, whether pro or new timer.


App nameSinga: sing karaoke & lyrics
Size37.1 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 13.0 or later
DevelopersSinga oy
App Version4.5.10

13. Party Tyme Karaoke

With great sounds, thousands of music, and easy access, Party Tyme Opens in a new tab.ranks among the top 10 karaoke apps for iPhone. All hot trendy hits, genres, and songs, such as Rock, R&D, Oldies, Latin, standards, pops, etc., are on party Tyme.

Party Tyme Karaoke for iphone

Every month, new songs are added automatically. You can also subscribe to the premium version and enjoy the catalog containing the latest hottest hits, offline downloads, and upgraded audio effects!

 Features of Party Tyme Karaoke:

  • Consists of 15000 songs and automatically update new one monthly
  • You can freely select your favorite music from vast categories
  • This app enables a user to download music for offline karaoke
  • Its song library is well-categorized and utilized with ease 


App nameParty Tyme Karaoke
Size91.3 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 10.2 or later
DevelopersSybersound Record Inc.,
App Version14.850

14. Karaoke One

This app offersOpens in a new tab. the stage you desire! With lots of viewers, you can showcase your talent with Karaoke One. You will get followers, likes, and comments, and slowly you will accomplish your dreams of becoming a superstar!

Karaoke One for iphone

You can select the latest hits and classical songs, start singing, press Play, or take your CROWN buttons in the app!! Although the free version allows you to find your favorite songs, you can access the whole catalog without limits and more with the premium version.

Features of Karaoke One:

  • You can share your amazing video clip on karaoke one (for more visibility, tag us).
  • Get lots of fans, likes, comments, and followers easily 
  • You can freely interact with other singers
  • This app offers millions of music, including your favorites.


App nameKaraoke One
Size220.6 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 15.0 or later
DevelopersLisari s.r.l.
App Version4.1.0

Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Free Karaoke App for iPhone

Karaoke apps are simple, but it’s ideal to know what makes a good karaoke app before choosing one.

Practice Tools

All karaoke apps should allow users to practice using various practice control tools. Users should be able to ‘rewind,’ ‘forward,’ or ‘Pause’ their songs. Avoid installing karaoke apps without this function. This is because the mechanism enables users to put the app to test before making a usage decision.

Fun Generating

Sometimes, it’s hard to have fun. The karaoke app is essential for a fun mission. Any karaoke app that is less fun shouldn’t be considered. This boils down to the essence of creating the karaoke app in the first place, which is to have fun.

Transpose Songs

There’s more to the transposition tool than you know. It changes keys to match with original voices. However, this transposing tool is only available on the quality karaoke app. 

Not so many apps have these beautiful features. Any app with all or some of the features is considered the best.  

Should You Use A Free Kareoke App Or Premium App?

Most quality karaoke apps are free with cheap in-app purchases. The subscription bonuses eliminate ads and contain more songs, especially for karaoke apps like Yokee, Karafun, The Voice, Sing! By Smule, Starmaker etc. So, it’s a case of what you want from the app and how much you dislike ads.

Yokee, for example, offers seven free day trials and its premium version costs 19.99 dollars monthly. It is worth the amount regarding the countless music it contains. Generally, premium versions always provide users with a better experience.

Risks of Using Free Karaoke Apps

Free karaoke comes with lots of risks and issues like:

  • Users might experience problems with the stability of the app
  • The user interface lacks exclusive features and interest
  • Some free karaoke apps give the user only two instruments to explore
  • At times, it’s confusing to navigate and utilize


The number of karaoke apps on the Apple Store makes it puzzling to choose the best option. But through in-depth research, I’ve outlined the best free karaoke for iPhone to help you figure out your preferred option. They include Yokee, KaraFun, Starmaker, iSing, and sing! By Smule etc. Also, if you want to enjoy your content on big screen, iPhone mirror apps can come to rescue.

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