Is 128GB Enough for iPhone 13?

iPhone 13 has garnered quite a stir since its launch, especially with its upgraded 128GB storage variant. With so many applications and content available today and the ever-expanding uses of smartphones, you might wonder if 128GB will suffice for you. But is 128GB enough for iPhone 13?

Whether 128 GB is sufficient for the iPhone 13 or not very well depends on the user’s purpose. For calling, texting, browsing, or taking photos, 128GB should be enough. Then again, it can quickly fill up if you store many photos, videos, music, and movies or you’re pretty much into ProRes video shooting.

Evidently, many more can go into the storage considerations, resulting in confusion over the best choice. So, here’s our in-depth take on how the 128GB variant stacks up against others and the user’s needs.

What Storage Options Are Available for iPhone 13?

Apple offers various storage models for the iPhone 13, ranging from 128GB to 512 GB. While the 64GB model is no longer available, most would still find 128GB enough. The chart below shows the iPhone 13 variants’ respective storage options and prices.

iPhone 13 mini$699$799$999
iPhone 13$799$899$1099
iPhone 13 Pro$999$1099$1299$1499
iPhone 13 mini Pro Max$1099$1199$1399$1599

Prices are subjected to change

Clearly, with the iPhone 13 and the mini, you can have 512GB tops, but the Pro and Pro Max come with a maximum of 1TB of storage, equivalent to 1000GB. However, apart from the price, which goes up with the storage, that only tells part of the story about when to consider higher storage.

How Much Storage Do You Actually Get from the iPhone 13 128 GB?

How Much Storage Do You Actually Get from the iPhone 13 128 GB

The heading sounds funny, but it’s what most people don’t know. Apparently, the 128GB storage variant of the iPhone 13 comes with 119.7GB free spaceOpens in a new tab., leaving 8.3GB for system resources and other pre-installed apps. This is why some heavy users find the 128GB variant inadequate when it comes to storing apps and large files.

Besides, the app data eventually takes up a significant portion of the storage, leaving only a fraction for other purposes. This also applies to other iPhone 13 variants, androids too, but when you have more space, such as 512GB, the available storage will naturally be much higher.

Who Should Get the iPhone 13 128 GB Variant?

As you can see, the threshold of 128 GB storage for your iPhone 13 has its caveats regarding the use of storage space. So, it is important to consider what type of user you are before you pick this minimalist option. Here are a few pointers to help you decide:

You Use Your Phone for Texts, Calls, and Browsing Only

If you’re the type who uses their phone to text and call, 128 GB should be enough. These operations barely need 1 GB of free storage, so you don’t need to worry about running out.

You’re a Moderate App User and Not Much Into Content Consumption

If you often use apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but don’t store much media, 128GB should be enough. The app cache may take up to 10-15 more GBs of storage, but you should be good if you don’t go too wild with the games or other heavy apps.

You Stream Content and Don’t Store Too Much on Your Phone

If you rely heavily on streaming services like Netflix and Apple Music, 128GB should be enough. Since streaming has little to do with device storage, you can enjoy your favorite shows and songs without overflowing your phone’s memory.

You Don’t Plan to Shoot a Lot of 4K Video

iPhone 13 is more than capable of shooting amazing 4K videos. However, this will quickly fill up your storage if you’re into recording many 4K footage. So, if you don’t plan to shoot many videos in 4K resolution, 128GB is already more than enough.

You Plan to Store Your Media on iCloud or Your Computer

Even if you have the knack for taking many photos, videos, and music files, 128GB should be enough if you’re willing to free up space frequently by storing your data in iCloud or your computer. However, consider that iCloud storage is not free, and you must pay for it if you want extra space.

You Plan to Store Your Media on iCloud or Your Computer

You Are Tight on Your Budget

Finally, 128GB should be good enough for you if you have limited funds. Of course, higher storage models have more to offer, but if you can’t afford more, 128 GB should suffice. You can buy a lightning drive and keep it handy if you need more storage without worrying about running out.

Why You Shouldn’t Get the 128 GB iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max

If you meet the criteria mentioned above, you can get by with the 128 GB variant of the iPhone 13 without worries. However, if you’re planning to get Pro or Pro Max, the minimum storage we recommend is 256 GB. Here’s why.

Why You Shouldn’t Get the 128 GB iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max

ProRes Feature

Because of the inclusion of Apple’s ProRes feature, the Pro variant of the iPhone 13 can shoot videos in 4K resolution, whereas the Pro Max captures 8K with 45FPS. But if you pick the 128 GB storage variant, the video resolution is limited to 1080p at 30FPS.Opens in a new tab.

Hence, if you plan to use ProRes, these videos can take up to 1GB/min in 4K resolution and 2-4GB/min in 8K. That’s why having at least 256 GB of storage is essential if you’re into filmmaking with your iPhone 13.

Higher Resource Consumption

These two variants also use more system resources to run the various apps and games smoothly. This is because the larger display and higher resolution require more power to run applications, which also happens to consume more storage. Hence, having only 128 GB might make things considerably slower.

Higher Resource Consumption

Who Are the iPhone 13 256 GB, 512GB, and 1TB Storage Variants for?

Who Are the iPhone 13 256 GB, 512GB, and 1TB Storage Variants for

By now, you should know better whether the 128 GB iPhone 13 variant suits your needs. If it does, you can save some money and not go to the 256 GB variant. If not, you might consider upgrading to the higher storage variants.

256 GB Variant is a More Balanced Choice

The 256 GB iPhone 13 will be a good choice for moderate media users who don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking extra storage measures.

You’ll be able to store many videos, pictures, and music and enjoy some games with plenty of room to spare. And even if you run out of space, you can always delete the unwanted data and start over.

512GB Variant is for Utilitarians

If you’re a media enthusiast or someone who loves taking many videos and photos and getting back to them frequently, going with the 512 GB variant is a smart choice.

You’ll have more than enough space to store your media without worrying about running out of storage. This also applies to people who forget to regularly clean up their storage and like to play memory-sucking games like Asphalt, Fortnite, and PUBG.

1TB Variant is for Power Users

The highest storage variant of the iPhone 13 is the 1 TB model. If you’re a power user who uses your phone for media production and is willing to pay the hefty price tag for extra storage, this variant is the best choice.

You’d never have to worry about running out of storage, even if you use heavy pro apps like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro or you’re into heavy gaming that requires a lot of storage (like COD: MW takes 231GBOpens in a new tab.). In addition, it’s geared toward those who don’t find iCloud storage viable.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still unsure about which storage variant to get for your iPhone 13, here are some common questions and answers:

Should I Go for 128 GB or 256 GB, iPhone 13?

It depends on how you plan to use the device. If you’re a casual user who doesn’t take many videos and photos or keeps deleting stuff even when you do, the 128 GB variant should be enough. However, if you don’t want to hassle with additional storage measures, 256 GB may be better.

What if I Get a 128 GB iPhone 13 and Don’t Want to Run out Of Storage?

You can always buy an external storage device like a lightning drive if space is an issue. You can also use iCloud storage for certain data types like photos, music, and videos. However, you must not forget that the 128 GB variant may lack the features of higher storage variants.

Is 1 Tb Too Much for The iPhone 13?

No, it’s not too much storage for the iPhone 13 if you make full use of it. If you’re into media production, take lots of videos and photos, or never mind clearing up the storage, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage with the 1 TB variant.

How Many Photos and Videos Can I Store in A 128 Gb iPhone 13?

It depends on the size and quality of the files. For example, you can store around 18000 photos (at 10 MB/photo) if the format is JPEG and around 10 hours of 1080p videos (at 5.5GB/hour) in the 128 GB variant. But that number can drop quickly if a single high-resolution photo takes up 25 MB.

Final Verdict: Should You Get the 128 GB iPhone 13?

Storage space is just as important for iOS devices as for computers. That 128GB storage can go fast if you store media-heavy content. If yours is a family of gamers, movie buffs, and music lovers, then you shouldn’t cut corners with storage on your iPhone 13.

Relying on external storage and iCloud is a good approach. Still, it will never match the smooth experience of having enough internal memory. Yet, 128 GB is just enough to get by if you’re a moderate user.

If you want more media storage without breaking the bank, 256 GB is undoubtedly a more decent choice. And for a premium price, the 512 GB variant caters to most users, whereas the 1 TB variant is only for power users.

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