iPhone Makes Weird Noise When Charging, Find Out What’s Going On?

iPhones make weird noises when charging because of technical issues. Nevertheless, accessory issues, faulty charging ports, adapter, power outlet, or a bug in an iPhone can cause it to make weird noises while charging.

An iPhone makes sounds to communicate information or issue to the users due to smart features. For instance, 3 chimes or buzz after plugged in (at about 3 seconds) means Fast Charging mode is enabled, while consistent chiming or buzzing signifies a bad charger or Lightning Port.

But there’s nothing more disturbing than hearing weird noises from a charging iPhone. So, you must understand where the weird noise when charging comes from and take precautions.

I have outlined some precautions to prevent and resolve the problem. But if it continues, replacing the iPhone might be the last option. Let’s jump in.

Why iPhone Makes Weird Noise When Charging?

iPhone with an accessory issue can make weird noises while charging. A slight issue can compromise how your iPhone behaves when plugged in from the charging port to the motherboard. On the other hand, faults in cables or adapters can cause the iPhone to vibrate occasionally.

If your iPhone is under heavy operation, you’re likely to hear a weird noise from it. For instance, running an iCloud backup while charging the phone can cause that whirring sound.

Alternatively, if your iPhone has a bug, it could be one of the reasons it makes weird noises whenever it’s charging. You can troubleshoot this problem with a reset or restart.

Keep in mind; if you’re resetting your iPhone, you’re ready to erase all stored data. You cannot undo this action. So, to avoid losing important data, you may back up your files on iCloud.

You can watch this video on YouTube for more details.

How to Prevent iPhone from Making Weird Noise When Charging

1. Maintenance

If your electronic devices fall, they tend to develop accessory issues. Although iPhones can survive moisture (to an extent), always keep your devices in a cool, dry place.

Handle the iPhone with care. You can clean the charging port with a toothbrush or cotton wool so that particles won’t clot inside.

2. Install an Antivirus Scanner

Antivirus scanners can detect viruses and bugs in your iPhone. Keep your iPhone bug-free with the best antivirus scanners for iOS devices.

Install an Antivirus Scanner

3. Use High-Quality Charger

Locate any trusted Apple device vendor near you. You can find some online. Prolong your iPhone’s life with high-quality built chargers.

Sounds iPhone Make When Plugged in and What they Signify

Your iPhone tells you something whenever it makes a sound. Let’s see what sound they make and what they mean.

A Chime or Buzz Signifies Plugged in And Charging

All mobile phones come with a default charging tone. While some phones don’t make sounds when plugged in, iPhone leaves a chime. I always call it the “I’m charging” announcement.

If you get a buzz, your iPhone is charging in “Silent Mode.” You can push the Mute button up to disable Silent Mode. You may leave it if you wish.

The Second Chime or Buzz After 3 Seconds Means Fast Charging Enabled

Your iPhone is in fast charge mode if you hear another chime or buzz shortly after the first one. This works mostly on iPhones or higher iPhones. You just need a USB-C adapter with a minimum output of 15W and a USB-C-to-Lightning cord.

3 Chimes or Buzzes Show USB Restricted Mode

Once you hear up to 3 chimes or buzzes, your iPhone has automatically enabled USB Restricted Mode. This feature disables data connections for USB accessories plugged into the port. This privacy feature automatically activates if your Apple device is locked for about one or more hours.

It won’t stop your device from charging, except for data transfer. So, if you hear any of these sounds when charging your iPhone, don’t panic.

Meanwhile, you should unplug your iPhone if you hear a sound like a possessor working on something.

Watch this YouTube video and learn how to fix it.

What to Do When iPhone makes Weird Noise When Charging?

Test your electrical installation, your charger, and the lighting port. If they’re malfunctioning, then they are the cause of the weird noise you’re hearing.

Here are some other things to do if iPhone makes weird noise when charging:

What to Do When iPhone makes Weird Noise When Charging

Try Different Chargers

A charger comprises several electrical components and, particularly, a transformer. The transformer converts the flowing currents from alternating to direct. During this conversion, you may hear some vibrations or noises.

If this is the case, there’s no need to worry. But if you think your charger has some bad components affecting your phone, you may try another charger. If the weird sound stops, you can continue using the new charger.

However, if the sound didn’t stop, check the next option.

Try Different Chargers

Try Another Wall Socket

Old or improperly fixed wall plugs may experience voltage issues or bad contact. If iPhone makes weird noise when charging via that wall plug, you may need to replace the plug.

On the other hand, some socket extensions may resolve this issue. The best socket extensions come with circuit breakers and surge protector that stabilizes flowing current before converting it. Some come with USB ports as well.

If you get one, you may get rid of that weird noise coming from your phone (that’s if your wall plug is the culprit).

Still hearing the weird sound from iPhone, I suggest you try with another iPhone.

Try Another Wall Socket

Try Different iPhones With Your Charger (The Suspect)

I tried my iPhone charger on an iPhone 12, and there was no weird sound. I tried again on my iPhone 8, and the annoying sound came back. That means my iPhone is at fault.

If you try this and, unfortunately, your iPhone is at fault, then you should back up and transfer to a new iPhone.

To be safe, don’t plug your iPhone unless you contact a professional Apple Repair Store near you. Alternatively, you can contact Apple Support for professional advice.

How Do I Contact Apple Live Support?

Visit getsupport.apple.com and start a live chat with any agent online. Follow the steps below to chat with the Apple customer support crew.

  • Navigate to getsupport.apple.com
  • In the “Tell us what’s happening” space, enter your issue and hit enter.
How Do I Contact Apple Live Support
  • You’ll see a wide range of Articles related to your problem.
Youll see a wide range of Articles related to your problem
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the “Chat” button
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the Chat button
  • Enter your first name, last name, and email address, and hit “Continue.”
Enter your first name last name and email address and hit Continue
  • An agent will connect with you shortly (at least 2 minutes)

This way, you can ask questions about your iOS and get immediate answers to resolve your iPhone’s issue.

Can I Turn Off the Charging Sound on My iPhone?

Can I Turn Off the Charging Sound on My iPhone

Once you mute your iPhone, it won’t make any sound when you plug it in. However, you’ll always feel a buzz when plugged in to confirm that it’s charging.

To turn off the charging chime alert on your iPhone, push down the “Mute” button directly on top of the “Volume Up” button. You can find the Volume Control Buttons beside the iPhone’s frame.

Watch how to turn off the charging sound on iPhone 13 in this video.


If your iPhone won’t stop making weird noises after replacing your wall plugs and charger, then it’s high time you ran a hardware checkup on it.

Visit any verified Apple Repair Shop near you. Share your experience with them and let them overhaul the iPhone. Not only will they find out the culprit, but they will also provide you with a reliable solution for your iPhone.

On the contrary, you may need to back up your data on iCloud and replace your iPhone. But if you’re comfortable with the weird whirring sound your iPhone emits while charging, there’s no need to replace it.

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