iPhone Call Canceled Immediately? Here’s What To Do!

One of the most common reasons for the failed call problem on iPhones is poor signal strength. While signal interruptions, distance between your device and the base signal, and foul weather is primarily blamed, a densely populated place, out-of-date iOS versions, or a broken SIM card can lead to canceled calls too.

To fix this, you can try restarting your device, updating software, and more to resolve this issue.

The iPhone is incredibly well-known for its handy feature. But the canceled call problem will likely happen to many iPhone owners at a certain point. This undoubtedly results in irritation and bewilderment if this main option fails.

This article will introduce you to the main reasons for this problem and ways you can fix it. So, let’s get to it.

Why is the iPhone Call Canceled Immediately?

Canceled calls refer to the cutting off of a phone conversation before the end of the conversation. Every phone call is susceptible to call dropping, no matter how premium your iPhone is. This occurs for several reasons.

Although it can occasionally be your iPhone’s issue, most of the time, your surroundings are the main culprit.

Here are some potential causes for an iPhone call to end abruptly.

iPhone Call Canceled Immediately

Network Issues

Like I mentioned earlier, phone calls are canceled abruptly mostly because of network issues. These issues include-

1. Bad Signal Strength

A poor signal in your calling area generally causes the iPhone to drop calls. Therefore, you should verify the iPhone’s coverage bar count if your call was unexpectedly cut off.

Walking just a few steps from the problem won’t fix it. You’ll likely need to wait till you reach a location with decent coverage from your carrier.

2. Natural And Man-Made Barriers

Cell signals will be blocked by local geographies such as mountains, rocks, valleys, bluffs, and similar features. Signal problems can occur in any scenario with elevated land across your iPhone and the mobile tower.

The majority of us have been on a call that was canceled while driving. Then saw a boost in call quality or internet speed as soon as we left the vehicle. This is because our cars’ metal and glass construction effectively blocks cell phone transmissions.

3. Far From A Base Station

Occasionally, you can be far away from the closest cellphone tower for obstructions to be a problem. Your chance of encountering dropped calls increases with the strength of the cell phone signal.

It would help if you were adjacent to a base station to get a good signal or try using a carrier with good network coverage.

4. Overpopulated Area

There is a maximum volume of traffic that mobile networks can handle at any particular time. Your call can be canceled if you’re phoning from a congested area.

As a result, your iPhone will miss calls. Applications with high bandwidth requirements may exacerbate network congestion.

5. Weather

In most cases, the climate won’t impact your phone service. Signal obstructive effects from the wind and sun are minimal.

However, rain can be problematic. It may interfere with the radio waves’ wavelength frequencies as they pass through your iPhone and a mobile tower.

Similarly, though often not as significantly as an intense rainstorm, snowfall and precipitation can also affect your signal. Another potential cause may be the wind’s high levels of water vapor.

Software or Hardware Issues

Apart from network or geographical factors, your call can drop immediately after dialing due to the device’s software or Hardware issues. Most common ones are-

  • Outdated iOS

An old OS can lead to system malfunctions, much like your iPhone’s features can. However, more current operating systems aim to eliminate flaws and enhance procedures possibly lacking in earlier releases.

Therefore, it is advised to maintain your phone’s OS up to date to ensure optimal performance.

  • Faulty SIM Card

When it concerns dropped calls, we do not consider SIM cards frequently. Usually, they are securely concealed within our iPhones. We don’t think twice about them.

If you notice a sudden rise in iPhone dropped calls, it may be worthwhile to check to see if the SIM card is to blame.

12 Ways to Fix the iPhone Call Canceled Immediately Issue

It isn’t very pleasant when an iPhone call is dropped in the middle of a conversation. Whenever you attempt to reach someone, it may occasionally disconnect and display the message “Call Failed.”

To stop your iPhone from hanging up whenever you contact anyone, adhere to the steps following:

1. Turn On And Off Airplane Mode

You can reset the network connectivity on your iPhone through the Airplane mode hack. Users of iPhones with a power button can slide up from the bottom section and access the switch.

After around ten seconds, put the iPhone on Airplane Mode and turn it off from the same menu. Calling should be successful if you try it.

2. Activate Wi-Fi Calling

It is a temporary fix that you can use while addressing the issue. As soon as Wi-Fi Calling is enabled, your connection will be connected directly to the Wi-Fi network.

So as long as your Wi-Fi network is available, iPhone calls will be functional.

3. Restart iPhone

Sometimes the problem occurs because of a software bug with your iPhone. Toggling Airplane mode doesn’t aid in troubleshooting this.

Instead, try switching your iPhone off in this circumstance. Then wait a moment before turning it back on. Or you can try a hard reset.

It will help to remove malfunctioning software. As a result, the iPhone will perform fully and fix the issue.

Restart iPhone

4. Check For Update

A Carrier Settings option may be available if your iPhone is experiencing this problem. The network carriers provide these upgrades to improve the functionality of the phone.

So, see if the update mentioned earlier is accessible for installation.

Software Update

5. Install SIM Card Again

A SIM card is a tiny gadget that tinkers with your mobile network. Once you attach your SIM card, your iPhone immediately establishes a connection with your providers and all contact information.

Therefore, if your iPhone has often rejected calls, re-establishing a powerful linkage with your mobile network is an emergency measure.

Use this technique to remove and restore the SIM card if you need to make urgent contacts or emergency management.

Install SIM Card Again

6. Clear Cache

There are several reasons to delete the cache. Doing so may allow your iPhone to resume regular call reception.

Anytime you aren’t using your iPhone, switch it off to clear the memory space of all unnecessary files. It might stop the phone from missing calls.

Background-running applications contribute to the cache memory filling up more quickly. Therefore, turning them off will allow you to take calls properly.

7. Check Subscription Package

For iPhone users with Prepaid subscriptions, this is pertinent. It’s possible that you neglected to extend your network package before it expired.

Contact your provider or visit the relevant website to get any call/data packages.

8. Try Moving to a Different Place

You might be in a place with subpar service. Good enough to fool your phone into believing it has a cell network but insufficient to prevent a successful connection.

Consequently, you’ll notice one or more signal bars at the top of the iPhone. Move outside or try another place before dialing again if you’re inside.

9. Close Background Apps

One of the many background apps you have open on your phone may be faulty. Once more, the problem is that the iPhone’s cache memory is packed.

It is more possible that your iPhone could handle calls without disconnecting them if you close as many unnecessary applications as possible.

Only the ones you do not require constantly running throughout the day must be shut down. See if that is any assistance.

10. Set The Date And Time Automatically

Your iPhone’s Date and Time are not directly linked to dropped calls. But strangely, there are situations when they are connected.

This might be a problem if you’ve made trips through several different time zones. For example, traveling from one side to another might have caused your device’s functionality to malfunction.

11. Reset The Network Settings

You might need to reset the network configuration if you’ve tried everything else and cannot initiate any calls.

This fixing step will remove all your network configurations, so only use it as a last option. It will therefore resemble having a brand-new iPhone in several ways.

Reset Network Settings

12. Getting Your iPhone Fixed

Your iPhone may be experiencing call drops due to a hardware issue. Make a reservation and bring your iPhone to your neighborhood Apple Store.

You could be allowed to have your iPhone fixed for nothing if it is protected by AppleCare. Alternatively, you might take it to a reputable Apple service provider. They can efficiently resolve the problem.


Call dropouts are a bothersome issue for which several causes are to blame. While specific iPhone problems may be out of your control, some steps can frequently be taken to overcome the problem.

To lower your dropped-call rate, it is vital to comprehend the nature of the issue.

We’ve given you all the information you need about the iPhone call canceled immediately. You should find the core of this pretty significant problem.

Therefore, select the most suitable option that works for you and fix the situation to make calling more fun!

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