15 Ways To Fix iPhone Audio Message Not Working!

If you find your iPhone audio messages are not sending, multiple factors are to be blamed. It might be older iOS versions, error settings, third-party apps without permission, iPhone storage, bugs, Bluetooth devices, etc.

You can solve the issues by upgrading to the latest iOS, checking the microphone for blockage, uninstalling third-party apps, resetting the settings, and checking permissions for the microphone.

This article will explore 15 troubleshoots you can try if the iPhone audio message is not working. Without further delay, let’s get going.

Why is Your iPhone Audio Message Not Working?

Most iPhone users prefer sending voice messages over texts. Because the default iPhone recorder produces clearer and louder audio compared to other OS like an android.

Why is Your iPhone Audio Message Not Working?

However, being an iPhone user, it’s really disappointing when you face issues with recording and sending voice messages. Knowing what causes the issue and its solution will make sending audio messages more convenient down the road.

Here are the most common reasons to look at:

Too Old Version

An old version of iOS can’t keep up with the new device and fails to protect it from bugs. Therefore, it can cause several problems on the device, and the audio problem is one of them.

Sometimes the apps we use for audio messages are updated but not your iOS. So, the incompatibility is pretty apparent.


The iPhone’s setting is a bit complex because it doesn’t permit other audio recording apps without your concern.

Therefore, if you want to use iPhone audio, you need to change the audio settings and acquire permission for apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

Mic Is Blocked

An unintentional touch might block the mic from recording audio. Therefore, don’t forget to check the microphone blockage whenever your iPhone audio is working, like harsh sound, not recording the entire speech, etc.

Network Problem

A reliable internet connection is required to send or hear the audio messages. But if the network connection is struggling, you might not be able to get the audio messages properly and even can’t listen to them.

Such a problem often occurs when you are in a place where the network isn’t that strong.

Audio Message Vanished

Your recorded messages might disappear if you don’t save them properly. Hence, make sure to save the audio when you record the message in a default audio recorder.

In addition, some specific apps set a time limit for voice messages. If your message exceeds the limit, it will have vanished automatically. Furthermore, if you accidentally remove your finger while pressing on the recorder in the middle of your record, the message will disappear as well.

Not Responding To Bluetooth Device

The iPhone can be connected to an apple watch, air pods, Bluetooth speakers, etc. But because of some errors, it fails to provide a smooth audio experience through those devices. It might be some problem with your iPhone settings or your Bluetooth devices.

Stops Recording After A Few Seconds

Sometimes the iPhone stops recording your voice message on WhatsApp after a few seconds. It’s a matter of concern, especially when you are in some official business, and suddenly your phone can’t send full audio.

The most common reason behind this is older iOS versions. However, it can also happen because of the bugs in third-party apps.

15 Solutions to Fix Problems with iPhone Audio Messaging

It’s the most annoying when you can’t hear or send audio messages properly in some crucial conditions.

So, you need to fix the audio issues on your iPhone as soon as possible. Let’s see how to fix the audio problem on your iPhone:

Fix-1: Stay Updated With The iOS

Apple tries to solve the bug issues with the new update. The latest update can quickly solve the problem if your iPhone struggles with audio messages. iOS-16 is the latest version to run on iPhones.

Step 01: Go to the settings first.

Step 02: Find the “general” option and tap on it.

Step 03: Then tap on the “software update” to check any recent updates.

 Stay Updated With The iOS

Step 04: Ensure you have a proper internet connection and enough charge on your iPhone.

Step 05: Install the new update and re-launch your iPhone. It can easily remove bugs and provide the latest security on your iPhone.

Fix-2: Check The Noise Cancelation

The iPhone’s noise cancellation is an unmatched feature that helps to improve the audio experience. If there’s a problem with the microphone, you can turn off the noise cancellation and check whether the issue remains or not. Here’s how to check noise cancellation:

Step 01: First, open the settings on your iPhone.

Step 02: Then scroll down to the “general” option and tap on it.

Step 03: Go to the accessibility option.

Step 04: Find the noise cancellation option on the menu and turn it off.

Check The Noise Cancelation

Check whether your audio message is still disturbing or not. If it’s okay, then enjoy the audio message on your iPhone.

Fix-3: Check The Microphone

Typically, an iPhone has three microphones to record or hear audio messages; these microphones should not have any blockages. And if you’re using a Bluetooth headset like AirPods, make sure the AirPods are connected properly.

To ensure a smooth path for the microphones, here’s what to do:

Step 01: First, remove the case from your iPhone and check the audio messages.

Step 02: Remove the screen protector if the audio message is still not working.

Check The Microphone

Step 03: Try sending audio messages again with your friend. Remove your fingers from those areas.

Step 04: It would be wise to check if there is dust on the microphones. It can easily affect the audio quality and block the sounds. So, clean the microphone correctly.

Fix-4: Use Facetime

If the app you want to record audio is not working, you can use Facetime or a camera app for temporary audio purposes. Here’s how:

Step 01: Launch the camera app and record your voice in the background.

Step 02: Then, send it to your desired audience.

Step 03: Now check the audio message for voice clarity.

Fix-5: Change The Expiry Settings

Sometimes the audio messages disappear after some time, and you won’t be able to hear them ever. That’s because of the expiry settings. So, change the settings.

Step 01: First, go to the settings and scroll to messages.

Step 02: Find the expiry option on the menu. It should be on the “one or two minutes” option.

Step 03: Select “never.”

Change The Expiry Settings

Step 04: Send some audio messages to your friends for the check.

 After that, your audio message won’t disappear again.

Fix-6: Restart iPhone

A standard solution for most of the problems is a phone restart. Well, it’s also applicable to iPhones. A restart can quickly fix some issues, like audio problems. To solve that:

Step 01: Simultaneously press and hold the power and volume down buttons. You will see the red slider.

Step 02: Just slide it to the right to turn off the iPhone.

Step 03: Do the same after one minute to turn on your iPhone.

Restart iPhone

Then, check whether your audio message is properly working or not! If not, repeat the same steps or try another technique to resolve the issue.

Fix-7: Remove The Bluetooth

If your iPhone is connected to Bluetooth devices and your audio messages are disrupted, it may be because of the connected devices. Therefore,

Step 01: Remove the Bluetooth from your iPhone for some moment.

Step 02: See if the phone’s microphone is working or not!

Step 03: Send some audio messages on another iPhone and check.

Fix-8: Close The Running Apps

If the apps like WhatsApp or Skype cause disturbance to the iPhone’s audio, you need to close all the apps and re-launch them.

Step 01: If you have an iPhone with the home button, click it twice to see the running apps and close them one by one.

Step 02: If you have an iPhone with a full screen and no home button (from iPhone X to 14), slide right from the bottom of the screen to see the running apps.

Step 03: Close the running apps. After that, you reopen the app and can resolve the audio disruption if the issue is not very serious.

Fix-9: Check Microphone Settings And Other Permissions

iOS doesn’t give auto permission to all apps to access audio from your iPhone. Therefore, if your audio message is facing troubles on WhatsApp, skype, or other third-party apps, you need to check the permission for those apps from the settings.

Step 01: Open the settings app on your iPhone.

Step 02: Scroll down to “privacy and security”.

Step 03: Find the “App privacy report” on the menu. It will show you the permissions to run apps on your iPhone. You can permit them or disable the existing permissions.

Check Microphone Settings And Other Permissions

Fix-10: Settings Reset

If you have done all the tricks and the voice messages are still not working, you can try resetting the settings. It will reset all the settings, including the microphone-related ones.

Step 01: Go to the general option from the settings.

Step 02: Choose reset iPhone.

Step 03: Tap on the pop-up window and get it done.

Fix-11: Check Storage

When your iPhone shows an error message while sending or playing the voice message, there might be problems with the iPhone’s storage. It would be best to check the iPhone’s storage from the settings.

Step 01: Open the settings app on your iPhone.

Step 02: Tap on the “general” option on the menu.

Step 03: Go to the “storage” option.

If the storage space is low, free up some space and then try to load the audio messages.

Fix-12: Check the Network Connection

Before making any significant changes to the audio problem, you should check your iPhone’s network connection. A proper speed on your network can smoothly send and receive audio messages.

Fix-13: Erase Settings

You can try erasing your phone if the issues haven’t been fixed by resetting the iPhone. It will reset all the apps and content from the inside. But make sure you back up all the data.

Step 01: Go to the general option from the settings.

Step 02: Select “erase all the contents and settings.”

Step 03: Enter the password and erase your iPhone.

Fix-14: Check The Screen Protector

A broken or faulty screen protector can disturb the audio messages. That’s because the proximity sensor helps with voice messages. So, changing the old and wrong screen protector can solve your audio problem.

Step 01: Buy a high-quality screen protector from a renowned brand.

Step 02: Remove the previous one and install the new one.

Check The Screen Protector

Step 03: Ask for professional help to install the protector if you are not an expert.

Fix-15: Uninstall Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps often carry bugs penetrating the user interface and hampering several features. If you have some third-party apps on your iPhone, you should uninstall them to check whether your audio issues have been fixed.

Step 01: Tap and hold on to the app you want to uninstall.

Step 02: Select the option “delete it from iPhone” or “delete app.”

 Uninstall Third-Party Apps

Step 03: Check the audio message on your iPhone.

Bottom Line

The iPhone’s audio is one of the notable features and is loved by its users. It’s primarily used in WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, and several other apps. Any problem with the audio message can hamper communication. You need to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

Hopefully, the iPhone audio message not working discussion has covered all the answers you need. Apply these techniques on your iPhone to resolve the audio problem and use the voice message smoothly. Best of luck to you as an Apple user.

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