How To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode Or Face ID [4 Easy Ways]

When it comes to iOS devices, they are built with maximum security and the same applies to iPhones. So, when you forget your iPhone Passcode or you cannot access the Face ID it might be challenging to unlock the phone.

You can use iCloud to unlock your iPhone using your iCloud password and ID. Log in to your iCloud account from any browser and select your device. Then click erase the iPhone and your iPhone will be reset to factory settings.

So if you have forgotten your iPhone passcode and cannot access Face ID either, keep on reading to know how you can unlock your iPhone easily.

Can You Unlock iPhone Without Passcode Or Face ID?

Apple devices have a very strong security systemOpens in a new tab. so it is extremely difficult to break into your iPhone without a passcode or face ID. But, still, it is possible to do it using a few different methods.

However, keep in mind that in most cases when you try to unlock your iPhone without a passcode it will erase all the stored data on your phone. 

If you are looking for a way to unlock your iPhone without erasing its data then sadly it isn’t possible. It is nearly impossible to bypass or hack into a locked iPhone. 

Apple’s security procedures are designed to secure user data while also protecting the device owner’s privacy. Thus, it is necessary to always have a backup of your data so you can restore it in case of emergencies like this.

In What Situations Do You Need to Unlock An iPhone Without Passcode Or Face ID?

There’s a high chance you will need to erase your iPhone and lose all the data in an attempt to unlock it without a passcode or face ID. Hence, this should only be done in case of emergencies.

You Have Forgotten Your Password

How To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

One of the main reasons for trying to unlock your iPhone without passcode or face ID is because you have forgotten your passwords. Additionally, the Face ID feature is available only from iPhone X, so older models don’t support face ID.

iPhone is Disabled

When you put on a wrong passcode too many times on your iPhone, your device can get disabledOpens in a new tab. and as a result you have no other option but unlocking it with a different method. 

Broken or Cracked iPhone Screen

If your iPhone screen is broken or cracked then it can become unresponsive so no matter how much you tap it, it won’t respond. In this scenario, you will need to find an alternative way to unlock your iPhone.

Damaged Face ID Sensor

Face ID may not work correctly in certain circumstances due to a broken or malfunctioning camera sensor. It uses sophisticated face recognition technology, which makes use of a number of cameras and sensors. 

Therefore, the accuracy and dependability of Face ID may be affected if any of these sensors, cameras, or components are broken. 

Additionally, it’s possible that you forget the passcode, leaving you with no choice except to look for an alternate unlocking technique. 

Someone Reset Your Passcode or Face ID

If you left your iPhone with your friends, kids, family members or anyone and they know your passcode, they could have reset your passcode or face id. 

Effective Ways To Unlock An iPhone Without Passcode Or Face ID

By now you already got an idea that it is possible to iPhone without a passcode or face id but how? 

Well there are few different methods you can use. Down below we will discuss a few of the most effective techniques and you can select the one that seems easier for you.

Method 1: Using iCloud

sign in apple Id Using iCloud

One of the easiest methods to unlock your iPhone is by using iCloud but for using this method, you must have a laptop or atleast a secondary smartphone.

Step 1: Visit iCloud website

Go to www.iCloud.comOpens in a new tab. using laptop or any other phone and sign in with your Apple ID.

Once you have signed in, go to devices and you will see all of your signed in devices there. However, you will only see your iPhone if the “Find My” option is turned on in your iPhone.

Visit iCloud website

Step 2: Select and erase your device

From there go to “Find My” and you will see all of your devices there; select your iPhone. 

Select and erase your device

After that you will see three options popping up, you will need to select “Erase iPhone” and everything from your phone will be erased including passcode and face id. 

Method 2: Using iFinder or iTunes

If you do not like the iCloud method, you can also use iFinder or iTunes to unlock your iPhone without any passcode or face ID. For this method, you will need to use either a Mac or Windows laptop.

Now if you are using a windows laptop, you will be using iTunes, and with Mac you will find iFinder pre-installed on your device.

Using iTunes

  • Previously Synced iPhone
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If you have previously synced your iPhone with the iTunes on your computer then you will just need to connect your iPhone to the computer. 

Now wait a few minutes and you will see your iPhone logo coming up; select restore and follow the on screen instruction to restore your iPhone to factory settings.

This will erase all passcodes and face id from your iPhone but you will also lose all your saved data. 

  • Not Previously Synced 

If your iPhone is not previously synced, you will need to take your iPhone into recovery mode and then connect itunes with it. The recovery mode varies between iPhone models. Read here Opens in a new know more on how to take your iPhone into recovery mode.

When you see this logo appearing on your screen connect your iPhone to your pc using USB cable. Wait till you see the same window popping up as the previous step. Select Restore iPhone and your phone will be reset completely. 

  • Using iFinder

If you have a Mac, the unlocking process becomes much easier as iFinder is pre-installed on all Mac devices. The process is the same as you did with iTunes. 

Take your iPhone into recovery mode and when the iFinder logo pops up, connect your iPhone to your Mac and select Restore from the iFinder software. 

Wait around 15 minutes until your iPhone restarts automatically completely factory resetting your phone.

Method 3: Erase iPhone from the lockscreen

If you have seriously forgotten your iPhone passcode and you can’t even access face ID, then you can unlock your iPhone by directly erasing it. 

  • Step 1: Keep trying the wrong passcode for few times

Keep trying passcodes for a few times and when you have put the wrong passcode for a few times, a notification will come at the bottom left “Erase iPhone”. 

  • Step 2: Erase and unlock the iPhone

Select this “Erase iPhone” and you will be redirected to enter your Apple ID and password; enter them and follow on screen instructions. You may need to wait fo9r few minutes, when your phone gets erased it will restart and you will need to set up your iPhone like a new one.

Method 4: Use Apple Watch

Use Apple Watch

If you own an apple watch, then you can use it to unlock your iPhone without any passcode. But, you must have enabled it previously on your iPhone. Also your iPhone must also be updated to at least iOS 14.0 and your watch must be running watchOS 7.4 or newer.

  • Step 1: Fix the settings.
Fix the settings, Face Id and Passcode

Go to the settings in your iPhone and turn on wrist detection, after that put on your Apple watch on your wrist and unlock it. 

Then again go to settings and enter Face ID and passcode; scroll down and tap turn on unlock with  Apple watch and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Step 2: Test and unlock the iPhone

When you are done, simply look at your Apple watch and raise your iPhone and it will get unlocked without any face id or passcode.

Tips And Tricks To Prevent An iPhone From Getting Locked Out

Getting locked out from your iPhone can lead you to many troubles a major one being losing your data and you definitely don’t want that. Thus, read our tips below to prevent your iPhone from getting locked out.

  • Try to set up an easy password that’s easy to remember
  • If your iPhone has both a face ID and a passcode, then set up both so you can unlock your phone with a face ID when you forget the password.
  • Note down your passcode somewhere safe so you can check the passcode when you forget it.
  • Always keep a regular backup of your iPhone to restore the backup in case of emergencies.
  • Avoid changing your password more frequently as you can forget the new password. Frequently using the same password helps to remember it more easily.,

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about how to unlock your iPhone when you have forgotten your passcode and can’t access face ID? Then our faqs below will help you clear out all these confusions. 

Can you unlock an iPhone Face ID with a photo?

Even though some phones’ facial ID recognition can be fooled with a photo, the case is different for an iPhone. You cannot unlock an iPhone with a photo as iOS uses 3D face mapping technology for unlocking your phone whereas photos are 2D.

Can someone unlock my iPhone with my face ID when I’m sleeping?

Apple is known for their security features so it uses sophisticated technology to unlock your iPhone with face ID. So, someone cannot unlock your iPhone with your face when you are sleeping. When using Face ID, you often need to pay attention and keep your eyes open and when you are sleeping your eyes will remain closed so your iPhone won’t unlock.

Can I unlock my iCloud locked iPhone?

It is possible to unlock your iCloud iPhone but you cannot unlock someone else’s iCloud locked phone. But, to unlock an iCloud locked iPhone you must know your Apple ID and password however it is not possible to remove an iCloud lock if you have forgotten your Apple ID and password.

Final Words

Not being able to access your iPhone can be seriously annoying especially during emergencies. Unfortunately when you forget your passcode and if your iPhone even doesn’t support face ID, then your phone can get locked. 

In this case if you try to unlock your iPhone with other methods, you will need to erase your phone. So, always make sure to back your iPhone on a regular basis and set up a password that’s easy to remember for you.

Also, avoid sharing your password with anyone as they can access your phone and change the passwords causing serious problems. 

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