How To Unlock A Straight Talk iPhone?

Straight Talk is a no-contract, prepaid cell phone plan and one of the cheapest prepaid carriers out there.

If you have been finding it difficult to unlock your straight talk iPhone or you don’t know how to do it, I got you covered.

But first, let me say this: the difficulty you’re facing currently may be due to the standard of your device, the policy of straight Talk, or you are not following the right procedures.

So, I will show you how to unlock your straight-talk iPhone in this article.

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What Is A Straight Talk iPhone

Straight Talk is a wireless cell phone service provider which provides wide coverage using Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint’s 4G LTE and 5G networks. Straight TalkOpens in a new tab. is a strong competitor among many prepaid cell phone service provider companies. With an affordable plan ranging from $30 – $70/Month.

You can make your purchase from the Straight Talk online storeOpens in a new tab., Tracfone WirelessOpens in a new tab., or you can shop at WalmartOpens in a new tab..

What Is A Straight Talk iPhone?

Straight Talk Prepaid Plans

Straight Talk Wireless, as of December 2022, has ten different prepaid wireless phone plans available. All of these plans are fully prepaid, so you’ll never have to be concerned about overage fees.

Using Straight Talk gives you the opportunity for high-speed data because of its connection with top network companies.

Look at the table below to select your desired plan.

PlanPrice($)Auto RenewCallMessagingData
Basic$30/30 Days50% Added DataUnlimited1,500 Minutes100 MB
Bronze Unlimited$35/30 Days$34/MonthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited 5GB Hotspot Data With 2G Speed  
Silver Plan$45/30 Days$43/Month X3 MonthsUnlimitedUnlimited to Mexico, Canada & U.S.10GB Data Unlimited 5GB Hotspot Data With 2G Speed
Unlimited Gold$55/30 Days$50/Month X3 MonthsUnlimitedIndefinite to Mexico, Canada & U.S.10GB Data   Unlimited 15GB Hotspot Data With 2G Speed  
Unlimited Worldwide$60/30 Days$59/MonthUnlimitedUnlimited10GB Data   Unlimited 5GB Hotspot Data With 2G Speed  
Platinum$65/30 Days$60/Month X3 MonthsUnlimitedUnlimited20GB Data   Unlimited 20GB Hotspot Data With 2G Speed  
Extended Unlimited$130/90 DaysNoneUnlimitedUnlimited10GB Data   Unlimited 5GB Hotspot Data With 2G Speed
Boundless Plan$255/180 DaysNoneUnlimitedUnlimited10GB Data   Unlimited 5GB Hotspot Data With 2G Speed  
Prolonged Infinity$495/YearNoneUnlimitedUnlimited10GB Data   Unlimited 5GB Hotspot Data With 2G Speed

There are various places where you can buy any of these plans. However, I will recommend going to the Straight Talk websiteOpens in a new tab..

Steps to Unlock A Straight iPhone

Unlocking your Straight Talk iPhone has Different methods and depends on your iPhone’s model. I’ll discuss them.

You should meet up the requirement.

Customer ServiceOpens in a new tab. Method

Straight Talk iPhone

unlock your straight-talk iPhone

This is the simplest method to unlock your straight-talk iPhone. But you should meet up with the requirements before trying;

  • Your device must be activated for 12 months on the Straight Talk plan.
  • You must not be associated with fraudulent activities. And should be in perfect condition.
  • You must not have any unpaid debt.

Step One: Call Straight Talk customer support through their agent (877.430.2355). The number is usually available from 8 AM – 11:45 PM.

Step Two: Request your unlock code from the customer service rep. The customer agent will verify your details to know if you meet the criteria.

Step Three: The customer service rep will send you a 10-digits unlock code. That’s if you meet the requirements. Keep the code safe.

Step Four: Turn off your iPhone and slot in your SIM card. Then Restart the device again.

Step Five: A message will pop out for you to insert the unlock code you received from the customer rep. Type the code and press the “Unlock” button. A confirmation will appear if the device is approved.

Tech Majesty Method:

Step One: Click the “Call Dial” button and type *#06# to get your iPhone’s IMEI number.

Step Two: Now open your Chrome browser and search for: www.techmajecty.comOpens in a new tab.

Step Three: Click on the first menu, “Choose Unlock Service”, and select “iPhone Unlocking Service”

iPhone Unlocking Service

Step Four: Click the second drop box, select your iPhone model, and click on the “Unlock” button.

Step Five: You will be redirected to an iPhone product page where you will select the carrier of your device.

Step Six: scroll down and enter your IMEI number in the text box.

Step Seven: Click on the “Add To Cart” button. Immediately after the verification process, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes.

Direct Unlock Site

This is one of the fastest Straight Talk iPhone unlocking services. It has a straightforward approach when you want to unlock your iPhone

Follow these simple steps to unlock your device:

Direct Unlock Site

Step One: Open your browser and search for the DirectUnlock websiteOpens in a new tab..

Step Two: Scroll down and enter your 15 digits IMEI Number.

Step Three: Click on the “Unlock” button to move on to the next page.

Step Four: Make the necessary payment, and your device will be unlocked within 48 hours.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Straight Talk

If you intend to subscribe, the service plan has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider. Below, we touch on quite a few of the advantages and disadvantages of Straight Talk. Let’s get going.

Advantages of Straight Talk

  • It provides a great deal: Straight Talk provides its customers with a solid package that has appealing elements. You can use hotspot data as a subscriber. A 100GB cloud storage account, is also included with the Platinum Unlimited Data Plan.
  • Straight Talk provides free and inexpensive phones for sale: If a user needs a phone that supports 4G or 5G network access, it gives them the option to buy one at a discounted price.
  • You get access to a 5G wireless network connection: an enhanced and dependable network connection and you get to use a dependable wireless network. You may stream games, videos, movies, and music here. You can count on receiving excellent audio and visual quality with minimal stuttering or buffering. You may use the 5G data plans if you own a compatible phone.
  • There are no contractual agreements: you can be sure that your Straight Talk service plan will provide you with a no-contract, prepaid cell phone plan. Without incurring any fees, you can change plans or even end your service plan at any time.
  • Integration of mobile hotspots: Typically, any hotspot usage will incur an extra fee, or the cost may have rolled into your monthly data cap. With Straight Talk bundles, your data plans, which begin at a 10GB/month package, include a mobile hotspot. Also, you will receive a 15GB unlimited data plan as well as hotspot limits starting at 5 GB.
  • You have the choice of an international plan: those who have family and friends spread out throughout the globe can benefit from several packages with international bonuses. A Platinum Unlimited Data Plan is available, with access to more than 1000 nations. Moreover, you may purchase the Unlimited International Plan, which offers calls to more than 1000 places and 25GB of high-speed data.
  • Access to 5G: nowadays, 5G is a well-known technology that will revolutionize wireless communication. Everything from your home internet to driverless cars and drones needs the connection. Anyone with a 5G phone and suitable service can access the internet quickly on the go, potentially 100 times quicker than a 4G connection.

Disadvantages of Straight Talk

  • Family and multi-plan discounts are absent: the exclusion of family and multi-plan discounts is one of Straight Talk’s main drawbacks. Purchasing a multi-line package entitles you to a little discount. Remember that you cannot enrol your entire family in the plan to increase your savings.
  • The cell phones it provides with the financing can be pricey: those looking for smartphones with supported network plans can get them through Straight Talk. They can also purchase Androids. There is a plan for purchasing numerous phones. If you are unable to pay the entire price for a device, you may be able to arrange a 24-month financing plan. It might not be 0% financing, which over time can be expensive.
  • It doesn’t provide any rides and attractions: you cannot take advantage of a variety of benefits when using Straight Talk, like HBO Max or Netflix memberships. You must join up with well-known carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon if you want to use these services.
  • Some clients lament the lack of good customer service: straight talk is infamous for its slow customer response times. Finding a live person to help is difficult. In the purchase experience and customer care categories. This paints a weak picture of its customer service.

If you need help while waiting for a live representative, automated assistance can be your best bet.


Unlocking a straight talk iPhone requires three basic steps: the Customer Service Method, TechMajesty, and the Direct Unlock method. Although there are some disadvantages to using a straight-talk iPhone, the benefits are unavoidable.

With your straight talk iPhone, you’ll have access to a free 5G wireless network connection, integration of mobile hotspots, and lots more. Notwithstanding, you must be careful to avoid locking your straight talk iPhone.

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