How to Stop Getting Scam Calls that Share the Same First 6 Digits? Fix Today!

To stop receiving spam calls, visit donotcall.govOpens in a new tab. from your iPhone, register your iPhone, fill the registration form with the required information. Then verify your email to confirm registration and get relief from unwanted six-digit robocalls and spam calls on your iPhone.

According to the Federal Communication CommissionOpens in a new tab., Americans received about 8 billion robocalls and 12 billion spam text messages in March of 2022. It means the average American got more than 13 spam calls that month.

So, how do you stop getting scam calls that share the same first 6 digits? Some resolutions are within your device, and some are sourced from third-party applications. Get all the possible ways to fix the phone call scamming issues.

Let’s explore the answers to stop any more spamming calls from today.

What are the Same Six-digit Spam Calls?

Scammers simulate the very first digit of a number and call the targeted person for evil intentions. It lets the targeted man believe that the call is from a neighbor for important interaction.

What are the Same Six-digit Spam Calls

Tech security experts name this particular technique as a neighbor spoofing scam. For example, if your number is 404 732 (XXXX), the imposter will copy the first six digits and make a phone call like a neighbor.

Therefore, you have little chance of suspecting the fraudsters with neighbors spoofing phone calls. And you probably feel no doubt to share your confidential and personal information, even bank details.

Later, it leads to severe financial fraud beyond your imagination. Telemarketing and robocalls have worsened the differentiating between legal and illegal calls. So, it is a common scenario worldwide.

Types of Scam Phone Calls & How to Recognize Them?

If you haven’t previously dealt with spam calls, detecting sophisticated spam phone calls from miscreants seems complicated. You can recognize the evil calls by their common types.

1. Neighbor Spoofing

Most people face this phone call spamming in the USA. It comes with your area codes, meaning someone among your neighbors calls you. And you will be more eager to receive the call. So, don’t be so amicable to attend any call with personal info though it seems to be your local.

Neighbor Spoofing

2. Reflection Spoofing

Reflection spoofing reflects the incoming call from the same person’s number. It makes one curious to answer with the scrupulous caller of the reflected incoming number. So, don’t answer the caller with your confidential details if you see a number that matches your number.

3. Robocalls

You can get robocalls to your phone with recorded messages for telemarketing, telemedicine, service notifications, and others. Though all robocalls aren’t illegal, they are susceptible to student loan scams, personal information theft, and fraud. So, be aware of answering the robocalls.

You must follow some cautionary steps while recognizing spam calls on your phone. Otherwise, you might be very close to exposing your personal information and financial details to scammers.

How to Stop Getting Spam Calls from the Same First Six-digit Number?

Though the Federal Communication Commission-FCC combats spoofing or robocalls, thousands of consumers receive millions of scamming calls each month. So, public security is remarkably at stake. Here are some handful hacks to stop spam calls.

1. Silencing Unknown Callers on iPhone

  • Go to the settings of your device.
  • Scroll down and tap the phone icon.
Scroll down and tap the phone icon
  • Select ‘the silence unknown callers’ option.
silence unknown callers

Please turn on the icon and make it green.

Please turn on the icon and make it green.

Once you switch the ‘silence unknown callers’, you won’t get ringing from any spamming incoming calls unless it is in your contacts, outgoing calls, and recent Siri suggestions. However, you will find the number in your iPhone’s recent call history.

Cons of the Solution: Sometimes, you can miss emergency calls for medical advice and appointments. Besides, it can cause misunderstandings with your close friends with unknown numbers.

2. Switching on the Silence Junk Callers

  • Tap the settings of your iPhone.
  • Click on the phone menu.
Switching on the Silence Junk Callers
  • Choose the call block and identification icon.
  • Turn on the silence junk caller toggle.

Silence junk callers can identify potential scams or frauds on the phone call. And it sends such calls to voicemail and displays the numbers on your recent iPhone list. If the unknown silencing caller doesn’t work on your iPhone, you can turn on the silence junk caller to make spammed calls silent.  You can check the following link to extend your understanding of the process as well.

Cons of the solution:  Important phone calls from unknown numbers can get out of your sight with the silence junk callers’ activation. You can miss essential telemarketing or telemedicine services too.

3. Register for the Do Not Call Registry

  • Browse govOpens in a new tab. from your iPhone.
  • Tap register your phone number.
  • Click register here and fill the required fields on the registration form.
Register for the Do Not Call Registry
  • Verify your email and confirm the registration.

The Do Not Call Registry resists countless telemarketing calls from real companies. It says that the registered number isn’t for sending sales notifications (calls or texts).

Thus, you can create a potential barrier for scammers with the Do Not Call Registry registration.

Cons of the solution: Unfortunately, the Do Not Call Registry cannot stop getting scamming calls in all forms from unsolicited numbers that ignore the registry. Because it is easy for scammers to call anyone from anywhere in the world.

4. Using Authorized Spam Caller Apps

You can find many calls blocking and labeling third-party apps to detect and shut down potential scam calls on your device. Here are some verified and authorized apps for prioritizing security ever.

Moreover, you can search the scam stopping apps on the App Store on your iPhone, like TrueCaller or RoboKiller. You must care about the user reviews and ratings while choosing a scam-stopping app for your device.

Cons of the solution: You might pay for the paid version of the scam-blocking apps and tools. And no apps can completely shut the scammed calls down.

How To Block Any Phone Number In iPhone?

Usually, you can manually block some numbers specifically. If you are familiar with the number then you can block it specifically from the call log.

All you need to do is-

  • Choose the number from the call log.
  • Select the ‘i’ you see beside the number.
  • Once you scroll down you’ll find ‘Block This Caller’.
  • And you are done.
How To Block Any Phone Number In iPhone

What to Do with Spam Phone Calls?

If you get these calls on your phone, you can go with the following steps to avoid fraudulent harassment. You can find a way to avoid scam calls when prevention is better than cure.

Don’t Receive:

If you see any incoming call with the same first six-digit, don’t receive it initially. Ignore the call to demotivate the scammer. Therefore, the stupid caller can jump over the next target.

Here, the important thing is with the actual caller. If you get the call again with a voicemail or text message, you can consider it a legitimate call. Thus, you can deal with suspicious calls in your daily life.

Just Listen:

Don’t respond to any unknown caller with a yes or no answer to particular questions. The better way is to be silent while receiving questions from the incoming caller.

Sometimes, the caller can request you to press any particular number from your phone key to lead a trap. To avoid information hacking, you must deter yourself from pressing such a specific number.

Don’t Disclose Financial Details:

Scammers primarily target your financial information for their ill will. And they try to collect bank details and payment information in the name of insurance or financial institutions. Once you disclose your verified document, it can lead you to a tremendous financial loss.

Moreover, scammers can enchant you with attractive packages and prizes. And they approach with money in advance. Never mind avoiding these offers with any doubt. It is nothing but a scam.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Here is something more to learn about stopping scam calls, robocalls, and spoofing calls from the same first six-digit. Get relevant answers to some related questions.

How Do Spam Calls Threaten User Privacy?

Spam calls are major issues for most phone users worldwide. It is a growing concern among users for personal privacy and data security. Spammers try to get unsolicited access to their targeted people’s email accounts, bank information, business details, tax and insurance information to attain their ill will.

Sometimes, it can cause severe financial fraud for innocent people. Moreover, miscreants can mar personal security with sensitive data hacking through spam calls and messages.

Can I Entirely Stop Scammed Calls on My iPhone?

The Federal Communication Commission-FCC doesn’t promise to stop getting scam calls itself. Because it is so easy to manipulate consumers’ phone numbers by scammers from anywhere.

So, none will confirm you are countering scam calls or robocalls in the whole figure. However, you can adopt the above preventive measures to minimize the number of scammed calls on your iPhone.

Where Can I Report the Unwanted Scam Calls?

If you are a victim of spoofed, scammed, or fraudulent calls by the miscreants, you can report to the liable authorities like DoNotCall.govOpens in a new tab. or ReportFraud.ftc.govOpens in a new tab. for the required remedies.

For example, if you aren’t a victim of financial fraud from scammed calls, you can fill out a streamlined reporting form to DoNotCall.govOpens in a new tab.. On the other hand, if you lose money to any scammer, you can report it to ReportFraud.ftc.govOpens in a new tab.. I hope that you will get a logical response from the authorities.

Last but Not the Least!

Scam calls make life disturbing with potential personal and financial data threats. And it is tough to find a consumer with no such bitter experience with spoofed or robocalls. The Federal Communication Commission-FCC also records millions of scammed calls each year.

Fortunately, you can mitigate the misery with these steps to stop scam calls from the same first six-digit. The guide will empower you to prevent unnecessary robocalls from telemarketers and scam calls from imposters.

So, make your professional and personal life safe with us. Be safe and make safe!

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