How To See If Someone Checked Your Location On iPhone?

In today’s digital age, privacy is a growing concern for most iPhone users. With location services becoming a common feature, it’s natural to wonder if someone has been checking your whereabouts without your knowledge.

But how do you know who checked your location? To check if someone checked your location, go to Settings and then Location Services on your iPhone and check for any unusual apps that may be using your location. Also, check in “Find My iPhone” to see if there is an unfamiliar name or credentials on your friend list.

We will explore how to determine if someone has checked your location on an iPhone. So, Let’s dive in and take control of your location information!

What Is Location Services On iPhone?

Your iOS device’s location service is a feature that continuously tracks your position throughout the day, whether in the forefront or the background, to provide you with a variety of functions. With location services enabled, installed mobile apps can feed you with specific and relevant content according to your preference.

What Is Location Services On iPhone

This feature detects your exact location via a variety of sources, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, and GPS networks. Additionally, using location services on your iPhone you can access features like “Find My iPhone”, Maps, and more.

Almost all iOS devices like iPhones, Macbooks, and iPads like to configure location services individually for different apps. So when you install any apps that need access to the location services, a user normally has three options of location service access to select from: never, always, and only when using the app.

Can Someone See My Location On iPhone?

Apple has built their operating system with layers of extra security inputs. So, technically, it is impossible to hack into their system. However, if someone gets access to your iPhone they can get access to your location via different methods.

There are a few common ways by which someone can track your location without you knowing.

Find My iPhone

Your iCloud credentials are very private and should never be discussed with anyone. Therefore, if someone has your iCloud login information and you haven’t changed your Find My iPhone settings or turned off the option, they could be able to use the Find My app or to track the location of your iPhone.

Using Find my iPhone

Your iPhone has Tracking Apps Installed

There is a high chance someone has installed any location tracking app in your iPhone in your absence and they can easily use these apps to track your location.

You Shared Your Location

As long as the sharing session is open, anybody you have actively shared your location with either the Find My app or iMessage may see where you are.

You shared your location on iphone

How To See If Someone Checked Your Location On iPhone?

If someone is actively tracking your location on your iPhone, it is quite difficult to tell as there are no direct notifications for it. However, there are a few methods that you can try that can help you understand if someone is actually tracking your location.

Unusual Battery Drain

When your iPhone is being tracked, it will drain more battery than usual so it can indicate something is wrong with your phone. The frequent use of GPS and other services by tracking applications to determine your precise position might put additional strain on your battery.

Unusual battery drain of iphone

Therefore, if your iPhone’s battery continues running out despite the fact that you haven’t used it much that day, you most likely have tracking applications running.

Check for Any Weird Apps

There are many tracking software available for your iPhone and are mostly intended for good uses like parents tracking their children’s location. However, these can be misused also which can get you in trouble.

So, you will need to check for any unwanted apps on your iPhone that you might have installed unknowingly. Moreover, someone else could have also installed it who had access to your iPhone.

Also, look for any unknown icons at the top of the home screen as these icons can mean your location is being tracked by an unknown app. Delete any app that feels fishy to protect your privacy.

Check Find my iPhone

Another way to detect if someone has checked your location on your iPhone is through “Find my iPhone”. This feature allows you to share your location with your friends and you can also check their locations.

Check find my iPhone

But if you enter this app and notice an unknown name or credentials on your friend list, then there is a high percentage that this person is tracking you. So, remove them completely from the list and change your iCloud credentials at that very instance.

Cell Site Location Tracking

You might not be used to this process of tracking but it is possible that your employer or the Government and law enforcement agencies are trying to track your location.

Cell Site Location Tracking

It is a method for estimating a mobile device’s position based on its connection to surrounding cell towers. Instead of a precise pinpoint position, this method delivers an estimated location.

Technically, it won’t be possible to detect directly through your iPhone whether or not you are also part of this Cell site location tracking. However, you can check your phone bill and if you notice any charges for “Cell Site Location Tracking”, you can be sure the location is being tracked.

Expert Tips To Prevent Someone From Checking My Location On iPhone

Privacy breaches can be a concerning issue for any iPhone user, as even with strong security measures in place, there is a possibility of someone tracking your location due to various factors, including inadvertent mistakes or lack of awareness.

  • Do not allow location access to the apps which do not need it to work and also avoid allowing access to the apps that look fishy.
  • Only share location with trusted contacts and do not forget to stop sharing once you are done.
  • Never share your iCloud username and password with anyone; also change the password on a regular basis for extra security.
  • You can try using paid VPNs to add an extra security layer when browsing the internet.
  • Avoid installing any apps on your iPhone from third-party sources.

Frequently Asked Question

It is important to prevent location access on your iPhone to any strangers so to do that you need to make sure that no one is checking your location. Now this can be a bit confusing to find out so our faqs below will help you understand this more easily.

Can I see a log of people who have access to my location?

If someone is accessing your location through different tracking apps or software it’s quite hard to find it out. However, if someone is accessing your location through the “Find My iPhone” app then you can check the list of people who have access to your location inside the log.

Can someone track my iPhone if my location is off?

It is possible to track your location on your iPhone even if the location is turned off. However, turning off the location services can help you hide your exact location and this will prevent any third-party apps from tracking and detecting your location. Despite all these your smartphone can still be tracked through different techniques.

Is it possible to check if someone accessed my iCloud account to check my location?

You can check all the devices which have access to your iCloud account. To check this go to Apple ID and sign in and go to the devices, here you will see a list of all the devices that have signed in using your iCloud. Additionally, you can turn on two-factor authentication to give instant alerts when someone tries to access your iCloud from a different device.


When it comes to protecting your privacy, the iPhone provides the best possible security measurements. But, still, due to our ignorance, we can end up giving people access to our location. So, it is important to keep a check on privacy and location settings on your iPhone.

Always make sure to set a strong password on your iPhone so no one can access it but you. Also, never share your iCloud credentials with anyone in any case, and make sure to update it regularly.

Additionally, if you are sharing your location with anyone make sure to turn it off as soon as you are done.

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