How to Reset iPhones without Screen Time Passcodes or Computers?

You can forget your iPhone’s screen-time passcode anytime and find your device frozen. The way that you think first is resetting the device. But how is it possible without retrieving the screen-time passcode?

Yes, it is possible with proven methods, even with no computer. I have done the job for my iPhones several times.  Here, my Apple account lets me reset my iPhone without screen-time passcodes and computers.

Don’t worry! It is quite simple to go with your iCloud account to reset iPhones without screen-time passcodes or computers. So, don’t waste time fixing the issue within a few minutes.

How to Reset an iPhones or iPad without Screen Time Passcode If You Forgot It?

How to Reset an iPhones or iPad without screen time passcode

Requirements to Reset:

  1. Apple iCloud ID and Password
  2. Internet connection using Wi-Fi or Cellular Data
  3. Data backup on iCloud 

Resetting Guide: Let’s Get Started!

You will discover your device is disabled if you enter your screen-time passcodes incorrectly too many times. You’ll then have to reset the Screen-Time passcodes in the proper way. Let’s see the steps!

Erasing: The first job is to erase your iPhone wirelessly. If you have data backup on your iCloud account or computer, it is an easy and recommended remedy for device disability.

  • See an option to erase your iPhone at the bottom right corner of the screen (beside the emergency option). 
  • Now tap the ‘erase iPhone’ option to start erasing. It will erase all of your iPhone’s contents, including settings and passwords. You can restore all data if you have a backup on iCloud or a computer.
  • Please tap again on the ‘erase iPhone’ option to continue erasing.

Apple ID Login: An interface with apple ID and password will appear on your iPhone’s screen. You must enter your valid ID and password of your apple account when the process is prompted.

Apple ID Login

It may take a few moments to end the erasing process. So, wait till your iPhone home screen shows the erased interface as below.

Reset New Passcode: You can reset the new passcode for your iPhone after erasing the previous one. The ‘hello’ screen will appear once it is successfully erased. And your phone is ready to use.

Reset New Passcode for your iPhone

#Restore Data: Now, you can access your phone and restore data from your computer or iCloud account. However, you must have a backup of your data for restoring after erasing all contents and settings.

When Do You Need to Reset Your iPhone without Screen-Time Passcode or Computer?

Lastly, I reset my iPhone when I lost the security screen passwords. You might have different reasons to reset your iPhone without security passcodes or Macs. Let’s explore one more reason behind iPhone resetting!

  • Lost iPhone and not get back by my iPhone service
  • Error with iTunes 
  • Unavailability of Macs or Computers
  • Someone has changed your passcode.
  • Recovered your lost iPhone with a new password
  • You cannot remember your passwords by any means.
  • the owner is trying to resell the device to another person

If you are in such a situation for these particular reasons, you can follow the above guide to reset your iPhone with no passwords or computers. It seems simple, safe, and easy to do with data backup.

Things to Consider while Resetting Your iPhone without Screen-Time Passcodes or Computers!

You must care about some significant factors when you have finally decided to reset your iPhone. Because it involves restoring, data backup, security, and third-party applications issues. Let’s see what they are.

  • Sign up for an Apple Account.
  • Note user ID and Password.
  • Backup your phone first on an iCloud account or computer.
  • Unpair your Apple watch with your iPhone
  • Deregister your iMessage application.
  • Take note of serial numbers of third-party applications to avoid further fees.
  • Export your two-factor authentication settings before resetting.

Therefore, ensure the bullet points and tap your iPhone’s erase option for resetting. Have a great job!

Limitations of Resetting iPhone on this Way!

Of course, we cannot deny some drawbacks of resetting iPhones without passcodes or Macs. The major issues are as follows.

  • It requires signing up for an iCloud account.
  • Wi-Fi or cellular connection is compulsory. And
  • Back up of important settings and contents.

So, if you have these issues, I will recommend your other proven paths to reset your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to reset an iPhone without a password or computer?

I haven’t found any security threat to my iPhone when I last restored it through my Apple account. It wouldn’t be a safety issue for your iPhone unless you share your apple account login ID and password. 

Moreover, you must follow the terms and conditions of Apple my account to avoid any safety threat. Nevertheless, if you face any problems with your iPhone after resetting, inform Apple Service immediately.

How can I back up my iPhone to restore the required data?

You must ensure the backup of your iPhone to restore all important information (contacts, messages, files, settings, and contents) in case of damage, reset, or loss. The Apple support system offers multiple backup modes.

How can I back up my iPhone to restore the required data?

You can use any of the methods to protect and restore your data when needed.  The iCloud iPhone backup lets you manage your information anywhere and anytime. It requires a Wi-Fi connection to do the job.

Furthermore, you can connect your device to a Mac or personal computer to back up your iPhone. Use a USB cable to pair both devices for data transfer. You can back up your iPhone on your Windows PC too.

Bottom Line

Resetting an iPhone without screen-time passcodes or computers seems safe and simple. And it looks easier than ever with this step-by-step guide. The solution is in your hand now to get your device back to work. 

You need a wireless connection to switch on your Apple account to erase locked settings, contents, and passwords. Never share your Apple ID and password to protect your account from theft or hacking.

Finally, I strongly recommend to my readers and followers the proven guide to resetting their iPhones without passwords or computers. Nevertheless, let me know if you face any issues. Leave your comment here.

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