How to Remove a Hacker From My iPhone? [Solved]

In the digital age we live in, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Our smartphones, particularly iPhones, hold a treasure trove of personal information and data, making them attractive targets for hackers. As a vigilant iPhone user, you may be wondering, “How can I remove a hacker from my device and regain control of my precious data?

To remove hackers from your iPhone, you have to first determine the probable source/medium of hacking. In most cases, hackers might gain access to your iPhone via malware if you install unauthorized apps, jailbreak your iPhone, click spurious links, and more.

But no worries! We will guide you through the essential steps to remove a hacker from your iPhone, secure your device, and prevent future breaches. Join us as we explore tips and tricks to regain control of your privacy and keep cybercriminals at bay.

How Do You Know That Your iPhone Is Hacked?

Before attempting to remove hackers (if any) from your iPhone, you should know the causes that can allow hackers to access your iPhone. If your iPhone is not hacked, there is no reason to remove hackers.

Apps You Never Installed

There might be apps you haven’t installed yet on your iPhone. This can indicate that your iPhone is hacked. If you don’t install any app, then who?

In most cases, the unwanted appsOpens in a new tab. installed on your iPhone might have malware or spyware that is the most powerful weapon of hackers when hacking your iPhone.

According to Apple, in 2016, Apple Store banned 1.6 milliOpens in a new tab.oOpens in a new tab.n spammy and untrustworthy appsOpens in a new tab.. And the number of fraud developers’ accounts terminated was 80,200!

Apps You Never Installed

Unwanted Messages Received by Your Contacts

Sometimes, your contacts might get messages you don’t send. This also indicates that someone else accessed your iPhone, which possibly means your iPhone is hacked.

A hacker can use different mediums to send you contacts messages and try to bully them, ask for money, or do any illegal task and let you be responsible. In addition, you can also get spam text messages from others.

Your iPhone Battery Is Supposed to Drain Too Fast

The iPhone’s battery is supposed to drain based on how long you use it. However, even if you avoid using your iPhone for an extended period of time, the battery can rapidly drain. This can also be battery issues, but how do you know your iPhone might become hacked reasoning this issue? 

You should know how much battery each app installed on your iPhone is grabbing. It can happen that an app or multiple that you can bet you haven’t used for a long time but drains too much battery. And this can also indicate someone might hack your iPhone.

The culprit here is the malware that can grab the battery of your iPhone 2x compared to normal conditions.

Drop in iPhone Performance

Due to malware on your iPhone; its performance can be dramatically dropped. Most of the time, you experience it takes a long time to open the apps. Besides, your iPhone can overheat due to the same reason.

In addition, you might often experience excessive data usage on your iPhone. So, keep track of the data you use most often, and look at whether the data usage is dramatically reduced in a certain period.

How to Remove a Hacker From My iPhone?

Don’t panic if your iPhone has already been hacked. Instead, you need to calm down and take adequate measures to remove a hacker from your iPhone who might want to steal your personal information. So what should you do?

Step 1: Turn off the Internet Connection

It makes no difference whether you’re using WiFi or mobile data; you should turn off the Internet connection if you think your iPhone is hacked. Turning off the internet connection creates a barrier for hackers to access your iPhone remotely.

Furthermore, we encourage you to refrain from using free WiFi networks unless it becomes too important!

Be careful about WiFi security Opens in a new remove hackers from your iPhone. Hackers can often use the public WiFi network to steal sensitive information.

Step 2: Remove Unwanted Apps

Since the unwanted app on your iPhone is supposed to bring malware or spyware, you should uninstall the apps after turning off the internet connection. This will disallow hackers to break into your iPhone, steal your personal information, or do other harm.

Step 3: Update Your iPhone

According to AppleOpens in a new tab., you can eliminate malware by updating your devices. There is no distinction in the context of the iPhone. If your iPhone is hacked and you update the iOS to the latest versionOpens in a new tab., it won’t allow the hackers to access your iPhone from backdoors.

Software Update

Step 4: Change Your Apple ID Password

Apple ID

Whenever you think your iPhone is hacked, you should immediately change the password of your Apple IDOpens in a new tab. to protect it. If you do so, hackers can’t easily access your iPhone anymore.

Step 6: Turn off the Camera and Microphone

Hackers can access the camera and microphone to spy on you if there is malware in your iPhone. So, turning off the camera and microphone is recommended until you are sure about removing the hackers from the iPhone.

What Should You Need to Know to Keep Your iPhone Safe From Hackers?

Following the suggestions below, you can keep your iPhone safe from hackers. Moreover, you must follow some basic guidelines to avoid hackers on your iPhone.

Avoid Installing Random Apps

When you tend to install an app, make sure the app is well-authorized, and there are many positive reviews on the ‘App Store.’ And try to avoid installing apps from sources beyond the ‘App Store.

In this way, you can avoid having a miraculous application on your iPhone, as the apps are supposed to be risky.

Use Strong Password

Apple recommendsOpens in a new tab. creating strong passwords containing letters, numbers, and unique characters. If you can do so, the hackers can’t break the security protocol to get access to your iPhone.

Don’t Click on Random Links

While browsing the internet; you will hardly find anyone who doesn’t experience getting suspicious links. And most of the links aren’t helpful; instead, the links are spammy, which can cause spyware on your iPhone.

Therefore, it will be wise to only click on links from authentic or reputed sources. However, according to Amnesty InternationalOpens in a new tab., your iPhone can also be hacked even if you can’t link on any links.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many iPhone owners have shown their concerns about hackers on the internet. We have picked some of their most asked questions and plan to answer them here.

Does Turning Off Your iPhone Stop Hackers?

Yes, if you think that your iPhone is hacked and you turn off your iPhone at this time, hackers can’t get access to your mobile. This is because they can’t operate any system once your iPhone is off.

Can You Track Down a Hacker?

You can track down a hacker on your iPhone, but this is not easy. Why? You often need cyber security professionals’ help to determine what hackers are doing on your iPhone. Otherwise, it can be challenging to track a hacker.

What Do Hackers Look For on Your iPhone?

The intention of a hacker might vary. By accessing your iPhone, they mostly look for personal information. In addition, they can also send your contacts messages asking for money or harm your reputation by posting random stuff on social media.

How Long Does It Take To Detect a Hacker?

Removing hackers from your iPhone depends on your awareness of your iPhone. If you can follow the correct methods, it is not supposed to take a long time to detect hackers.

Final Words

Now you know the possible solutions to remove a hacker from your iPhone. One thing is clear; the more careful you are about installing harmful apps on your iPhone, the more safe your iPhone can be from hackers.

In most cases, it is not a piece of cake for hackers to hack iPhones due to strong security measures. But you must ensure you can’t create any space for hackers to hack your iPhone via malware or spyware.  And also, avoid jailbreaking your iPhone as it can be too risky.

Besides, it is always recommended to contact the support center when dealing with hackers. So you should do that if required.

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