How To Mirror iPhone To Firestick For A Cinematic Experience?

To mirror iPhone to firestick, the first thing you will need is an app with the airplay compatibility and there are few different options available. After downloading the app, you will need to follow a few easy steps and you will be done.

iPhone screens are bright and come with high resolution but still it can be tiring to keep looking at that small screen to enjoy watching videos, movies. Luckily, if you got a TV and a firestick you can easily use that to mirror your favorite videos from your phone directly to the TV.

Mirroring used to be challenging for iOS users. All of that was altered by Amazon thanks to the simple Fire Stick design.

Can You Mirror An iPhone To Firestick?

Previously mirroring an iPhone was not an easy task and so you might wonder whether or not you can mirror an iPhone to Firestick. Most of the recent Iphones come with airplay, a function that enables wireless streaming in compatible devices.

However, the Firestick supports MiraCast whereas the iOS device utilizes AirPlay for screencasting. So, in order to mirror your iPhone to the Firestick you need to download an additional free app which supports AirPlay,

How To Mirror iPhone To Firestick?

The easiest and most effective way to mirror an iPhone to Firestick is via an App called “AirScreenOpens in a new tab.”. This app is free to download and will help you mirror your iPhone in the easiest possible way. Keep on reading to know more.

Step 1: Download the App

AirScreen app

The first step is to download the “AirScreen” app on your Firestick. Go to the Search tab on your Fire TV Stick and type in “AirScreen.” Once you’ve found the app, click the Install button.

Also make sure that your iPhone and TV are connected on the same WiFi network or else it won’t be able to mirror the screen.

Step 2: Open the APP

Once you have installed the app on your TV, open the app. A “Welcome” screen will appear on AirScreen. Next, choose “Confirm” as you can see from the image below.

After confirming a new screen will pop up where you need to click start now.

Step 3: Enable AirPlay on Firestick

After opening the App, many options will appear on the left panel of the screen.

You will need to select “Help” and select ‘iOS’ and then click the AirPlay option. You are done preparing your screen for receiving contents from your phone; now it is time to configure your iPhone.

Step 4: AirPlay from your iPhone

AirPlay from your iPhone

Pull down the control center menu on your iPhone, and press the Screen Mirroring icon from here.

 Screen Mirroring icon from here.

When you click on the Screen Mirroring option on your iPhone, the server’s name will pop out. Select the Firestick option and you are done mirroring your iPhone to your TV.

You are now ready to open any pictures, videos or anything you want on your TV from your iPhone.

Other Apps You Can Use To Mirror Your iPhone to Firestick

AirScreen is not the only available app you can use to mirror your iPhone to Firestick. There are a few other options for apps which you can use instead of AirScreen if you want to.

AirBeam TV

AirBeam TVOpens in a new tab. is another very popular app for iPhone screen mirroring and you can also download it for free. AirBeam does not only work in the iPhone but also in other iOS devices like iPad and Macbook. It offers a user-friendly interface and reliable performance for seamless wireless streaming and you can also get some premium features by paying extra.

AirBeam TV


You can also use ReflectoOpens in a new tab.r to mirror an iPhone to your Firestick and it also supports android, windows and iOS. So, by simply downloading one app you can mirror almost any devices on your TV.

With Reflector, you can change a number of parameters to suit your mirroring preferences. You can modify the name of your mirrored device for convenience of identification, as well as the resolution and frame rates.

Is Mirroring The Same As Casting Or Streaming?

While the ideas of projecting content from one device onto another via mirroring, casting, and streaming are related, they can differ highly from each other.


When it comes to mirroring and casting, they are kind of the same with little difference.

The concept of mirroring is pretty simple and as the name suggests, it duplicates or replicates the precise display of one device for instance your phone onto another like TV by mirroring it.


Casting also does the same as mirroring but in a different way. Casting often entails sending media files from one device to another, such as music, photos, or movies.

You are able to do this to transport particular media files or streams from an app on one device to another. Additionally, you can change how content is played back on the receiving device without mirroring the full display.


The streaming path is entirely different from casting or mirroring. HD material is built for streaming. To get greater outcomes, it needs devices that are stronger and more dynamic.

Since it focuses on sending certain content from a source to a receiving device for instant playing, it frequently involves using specialized streaming applications or services to access a variety of content. It doesn’t always include mirroring or casting.

Tips And Tricks For Easy Mirroring Of iPhone With Firestick

Being able to perfectly mirror your iPhone with Firestick can be a great relief but sometimes due to our little ignorance the process can become difficult. So, these tips below will help you to mirror your iPhone easily.

  • Always make sure your phone and Firestick are connected on the same WiFi network.
  • Try to keep your devices updated to the latest software versions to avoid lags and bugs.
  • If you notice any lagging, check your internet connection; you need a stable connection for mirroring.
  • Before starting the mirroring process, turn your iPhone into landscape orientation for the best viewing experience.
  • Keep your iPhone unlocked when it is connected to the Firestick to avoid disruptions during mirroring.

Frequently Asked Question

Knowing how to mirror a Firstick with your iPhone can come really handy as you will be able to enjoy your pictures and videos on a big screen. But, the connecting process can be confusing so read our FAQs below to have a better idea of this.

Do all Firesticks support screen mirroring from an iPhone?

The majority of current Firestick devices, such as the Firestick 4K and Fire TV Stick, enable screen mirroring from iPhones via AirPlay apps. However, it’s always a good idea to check the specifications and features of your specific Firestick model to ensure compatibility.

Do all models of iPhone allow screen mirroring?

Almost all models of iPhone allow screen mirroring through AirPlay function and the latest ios 16 made it even easier to mirror your iPhone more easily. However, some older iPhones may have limitations in terms of performance or screen resolution when mirrored to a larger display.

Can I mirror my iPhone to a Firestick without Wi-Fi?

No, in order to mirror the screen between an iPhone and a Firestick, both must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To establish connection and send and receive data between the devices, a strong Wi-Fi connection is required.

Does mirroring the iPhone to Firestick also transmit audio?

Yes, the audio is often carried along with the video when mirroring your iPhone to a Firestick. So, whenever you mirror your iPhone to a Firestick audio will transmit from your iPhone directly to the Firestick’s speakers or audio output of the TV.


Firestick is one of the popular TV streaming devices out there that offer many different functions and one such unique function is screen mirroring. If you got an iPhone and a Firestick, knowing how to mirror can help you enjoy your favorite content on the big screen.

While mirroring the screen make sure to follow the steps properly as it can be a bit complicated to mirror an iphone with a firestick. Additionally make sure your internet connection is stable or else the shared content can lag on your TV which can be quite annoying.

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