How To Delete The AOL Account On Your iPhone?

There are various reasons why an individual may want to delete his AOL account. When you delete your AOL account, it is only a temporary step. Your account data and other information are still present on the AOL server. If you are not okay with this, you can completely terminate the account (more below).

The following are the steps it takes to delete your AOL account from your iPhone:

  • Launch your settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on accounts on accounts from your settings tab.
  • You would now  see  a list of the accounts that you are signed in to.
  • Then click on AOL and delete your account.

Although this is just a temporary fix, your account would not be permanently deleted from the main AOL servers. It only wipes off all traces of the AOL account from your iPhone. When you log in with another device or from the web, your data and other information history is still available to you.

With your iPhone, you cannot permanently delete your emails from the AOL servers. You would need to log in using the AOL website ( to successfully wipe off your data from the AOL servers. We will now consider how you can permanently delete your AOL account using the web address.

How to Permanently Delete Your AOL Account from the AOL Website?

To permanently delete your AOL account, you have to take the following steps:

How To Delete An AOL Account On Your iPhone
  • Open your web browser and input the URL Aol. comOpens in a new tab.
  • Click on the link, “sign in to the account termination page”
  • Input your login details.
Input your login details
  • Tap the blue button.
Tap the blue button
  • Confirm the delete process.
Confirm the delete process
  • You will receive a confirmation that the account has been deleted.
You will receive a confirmation that the account has been deleted

Vital Information About Closing Your AOL Account

There are certain things you need to take into account before you close your AOL account and they are : 

  • Every username linked to an account must be closed individually.
  • When you close the additional usernames linked to the main account, you will have to wait an additional 30 days before you can delete the main account.
  • You can successfully close your account only when you have no active subscriptions.
  • Also, you can only close your account if it has been over 90 days since you last made a subscription or paid for plans.
  • If two user IDs share a particular payment method, on the same account, you will need to close the user ID without a unique payment method first. Alternatively, you can add a new payment method for the user ID before you can close the main user ID.

What Happens When I Delete My AOL Account?

When you delete your AOL account, you lose all forms of data attached to that account. It will seem as if the account never existed originally. 

After you delete your AOL account permanently, you cannot access your previous data and other vital information. When you reinstall your AOL app, you will have to create a new AOL account. 


When certain users run out of use for their AOL account, they tend to want to delete their account. Most people do not have the slightest idea of how to delete their accounts. This is actually a straightforward process that should not take too much of your time. 

When you finally delete your account you lose access to your data and other information related to that account. Also, before you delete your account, you can download your important data for safekeeping.

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