How Do I Activate The iPhone 5s: Easy Solution

The iPhone 5s is one of the classiest devices in the iPhone fleet. However, it comes with a tricky activation process which becomes a bit confusing for a beginner to deal with. If everything is on track, you can activate the iPhone 5s just using an active sim card or WIFI. Alternatively, you can use iTunes to activate your iPhone 5s.

However, things might not always be so smooth. There are a few alternatives to activate the iPhone 5s if your day is not going accordingly. Let’s find them out below.

Why Can’t You Activate The iPhone 5s?

If you dig deep, you may find several reasons why you can’t activate your iPhone 5s. Generally, activation failure falls within two categories; hardware and software.

Here, we are discussing and looking for a probable solution for your iPhone 5s having software issues with activation.

Dropping a phone from your hand, wet motherboard, or damaged internal parts are some of the hardware failures that we are not arguing with.

Why Can't You Activate The iPhone 5s

Activate the iPhone 5s Using Active Sim Card or WiFi

In this method, you will be activating your iPhone 5s using a traditional sim card.

Step – 1: Insert an Active Sim Card

  • First, put the Nano sim into the tray and place it on your device. Make sure your sim card has a cellular network active on it.
  • Press and hold the power button and your phone should start.
Activate the iPhone 5s Using Active Sim Card or WiFi

Step – 2: Initial Setup

  • Now, pick the language and country which is pretty straightforward.
  • You have two options available to choose from; WiFI and Cellular. No matter which one you take, it is about an internet connection. As long as you have a good internet connection, you are good to go with any of it.
  • Depending on the speed of the internet and iPhones internal assessment, your activation process should take from five seconds to a few minutes.

Once you are connected to the internet your phone will buffer and take you to location settings. You have the liberty to enable or disable it. But I will recommend you to give access to location service as it sometimes eliminates activation issues automatically.

Activate the iPhone 5s Using Active Sim Card

Step – 3: Restore Backup from Apple ID

  • Now, you are in the final stage of your iPhone 5s activation process. If you want to bring data from your previously used iPhone then feel free to restore the backup from iCloud or iTunes. You also have the option to skip and set up as new!
  • Now, you will need an apple ID. This is the same ID you have for your iPod, iTunes, or iCloud. Put your ID and proceed. Make a new one if required.
  • Moving forward, you have the option to use iCloud which will allow you to store photos and documents online.
  • Lastly, you have a diagnostic screen popped up to send data to apple authorities to make things easier for your iPhone’s journey. You can skip this and get started with your iPhone 5s!

There you have it! iPhone 5s activated!

 Restore Backup from Apple ID

Activate the iPhone 5s Using iTunes

Well, you have a good alternative to activate your iPhone 5s using iTunes.

  • To begin with, you need a computer having an updated iTunes, an apple supplied cable, and an internet connection.
  • So, open the iTunes app on your computer. Connect your phone with the computer using the apple cable.
  • Be patient, it takes a little time to arrange things up.

You’re all done when welcomed with the ‘Set up as New’ or ‘Restore from Backup’ screen. This means your iPhone is about to activate. Tap on set up as new if you are a new user. The other option allows you to store everything from the previous devices you were using.

Follow the easy procedure; it should take about 2 minutes to get things done!

Apple Customer Service Helps Good

If nothing is working, it’s time to contact Apple supportOpens in a new tab.. They are good with their customers and respond quickly. You should keep in mind that the iPhone 5s was launched back in 2013 and Apple doesn’t provide updates anymore.

So, there’s a high chance your phone is having activation issues for software glitches. If that’s the cause, don’t feel hesitant to contact customer service.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Jailbreak iPhone 5s?

Yes. You can jailbreak iPhone 5s. Jailbreaking lets you overcome the limitations imposed by the apple authority. It will allow you to customize your device and install unofficial apps. You can use the EvasiOn tool to jailbreak iPhone 5s.

Is It Safe to Activate iPhone 5s Using iTunes?

Yes, it’s 100% to activate your iPhone 5s using iTunes or iCloud. Perhaps, you should avoid using unauthorized third-party software as they bring catastrophe at times.

What Should I Do if Nothing Works?

Restart. It might seem silly. But sometimes a restart can fix a lot of things for any multimedia device.

The iPhone 5s is undoubtedly a handy device. It might seem tricky to activate your phone, but once you follow the steps carefully it will become very easy. With the phone activated, you have a world in your hand to explore.

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