Free iPhone When You Switch – Is It A Scam?

“Congrats! You’ve won a free iPhone 14 Pro Max.” Most of us have seen such ads on our mobile devices at least once. These offers come from unreliable sources. Even if it shatters your dream of getting a new iPhone, it’s true.

Free iPhone offers you see on the internet are a total scam. Some Mobile carriers do run an “exchange your old device” campaign. But it is not free and comes at the cost of your old device along with a subscription.

Clicking on such “free-iPhone” pop-ups is the easiest way for a hacker to get all your personal information. Now it’s more important than ever to learn how to identify and avoid a malicious “free iPhone” ad. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

How Do I Spot A Scam Related To Free iPhones?

It’s crucial to identify such phishing scams in order to protect your identity and data. But do not worry. We have some solid ways to tell a fake offer apart from a real one. Have a look.

Misspelled URL

How Do I Spot A Scam Related To Free iPhones

First of all, there would be a lot of misspellings, be it the URL domain or the offer itself. Sometimes, you might see the term “error” in the link itself. There’s a really good chance this is an unauthorized website supporting illegal activities.

No Official Home Page

If you look for a homepage through the pop-up’s URL, you will find nothing (in most cases). An authentic page should have a well-organized home page with access to all its content.

Another useful trick is to see whether the link redirects you as you look for a home page.

Always The Newest iPhone

Always The Newest iPhone

There‘s one common pattern among these fake free iPhone ads. It’s that they always promote the newest model. It will be either an iPhone 13 or 14 pro max.

These models have only been launched recently. It doesn’t make any sense for Apple to run a giveaway campaign for their exclusive products.

Since it is a bit difficult to access the newest edition from Apple physically, scammers take advantage of your desires. As soon as you see the “free iPhone 14 pro max” statement, it will trigger you to click on the ad.

Free Delivery To All Over The World

Any company that gives away products will at least ask for a shipping charge. However, such pop-ups claim to give you free shipping regardless of your location.

That means you could live in another country and still avoid the delivery charge. It is a clue to help you realize the real intent of these random offers.

Asks For Billing Information

Once you click on the free-iPhone offer, they will ask you to fill up a form. The form contains information like your name, account number, billing address, and so on. They try to collect your personal data and sell it to cybercriminals.

How To Avoid Getting Scammy Pop-Ups Like This?

How To Avoid Getting Scammy Pop-Ups Like This?

If you want to avoid getting scammed notifications like this, you must be more careful using the internet. It’s very easy for cybercriminals to manipulate you into giving away your financial data, like credit card numbers, passwords, etc.

Here are some easy ways to keep yourself away from these scammy and fake ads:

  • Always spell the URL correctly when you search for a website through the search bar.
  • Don’t trust websites that ask for your credit card number for a free iPhone or any other product.
  • Always use a two-factor authentication process for your passwords.
  • Don’t fall for the fake testimonies from people shown below the ad.
  • Install software that blocks rogue websites or spam from getting to you.
  • Only trust reputable websites.

Is There Any Legit Way To Get A Free iPhone?

If you ever believed in an online free iPhone and got scammed, don’t worry. Your dream of getting an iPhone is not completely shattered.

Switching carriers is the easiest and most reliable way to get a new iPhone without paying a hefty price in one go.

If you agree to switch your mobile phone carrier, get an unlimited plan, and add a new line, you are eligible for a free smartphone of your choice. And it’s legit.

Now, whether it would be free or not depends on the type of your trade-in device. By that, we mean you have to exchange your old device for a new one.

Luckily, the list of smartphone models includes both Android and Apple. This information is easily available on the carrier’s official website.

How To Select The Best Carriers?

The three big companies offering this trade-in deal are Verizon, T-Mobile, and At &T Networks. Declaring  one of them as the best carrier for the phone trade-in process will be very tough. But we will try to highlight some impressive features to help you decide.

Maximum Amount of Credit

Verizone should be your go-to carrier for the maximum amount of credit. While other carriers hardly provide $60 to $70 per month, Verizon offers you $90 (if you qualify). Of course, there are a lot of terms and conditions to follow.

For example, the device you are trading should have a workable state. You can find your phone’s worth easily from Verizone’s official pageOpens in a new tab..

Since the installment period is stretched up to 36 months, you will be able to nullify the entire cost of a premium iPhone (even if it’s $1000).

Shortest Installment Period

While some users prefer a lengthier installment period (like 36 months), t’s a curse for other users. You see, until you have paid the price of your new phone, you have to stay subscribed to the particular carrier.

T-Mobile is different in this case. It doesn’t keep you stuck with the same carrier for 3 years. The installment period is only up to 24 months. Once you have paid the full price of your new device, you can switch carriers again.

Easy To Qualify

Another category through which you can select the best carrier is: how easy it is to qualify for an iPhone. You see, At & T Network is considered the right carrier when it comes to providing the best value for your old device.

For example, your device shouldn’t be dead. If it has a value of $35 (at least) according to the value estimator, you are qualified for a new phone. The new model might not be an iPhone. For that, the device should be valued at or above $130 (it’s not hard).

How Do You Get An iPhone In Exchange Of An Old Device?

Many people assume giving an old phone away can cause several digital issues like hacking. But there’s nothing to fear. The carrier companies offer a thorough step-by-step guide on safely trading the devices. Here you go!

How Do You Get An iPhone In Exchange Of An Old Device

Find Your Phone’s Worth

First, you must settle on an old device you want to exchange. It can be an Android or an iPhone itself. Even watches and notebooks are allowed.

No matter what it is, take it to the nearest trade-in center. The agent will evaluate the device’s condition and give it some points.

The higher the score, the better your chances of getting an iPhone. For example, if you score below 130, you must let go of some of the top-notch models.

You can complete the evaluation process without going to a store as well. Just enter the “find my device’s worth” page.

Answer a few questions about your phone and its condition. You can get a “very good” or “good” status if the phone is in working condition with only a few scratches.

Ship The Old Phone Carefully

Once the evaluation is done, you will know what you can expect from the trade-in. If the company doesn’t find your device workable, you have fewer chances to win an iPhone.

Check the list of devices you are eligible to apply for. If you see an iPhone there, visit the customer center physically. Ask for a new device with an unlimited plan from the carrier.

You will be given a payment option of your choice. You can choose to pay in installments for as long as 36 months. And the big news is there’s no down payment for this.

Finally, you can ship the old phone and take your new phone home.

But you have to be super careful while shipping the old phone. You don’t want it to get damaged. Here are some tips:

  • Transfer all data from the old phone.
  • Erase all your personal data.
  • Do a factory reset on the device.
  • Make sure the battery is working.
  • Erase the password to unlock the device.
  • Pack it using a padded shipping box.

Receive Credits In Your Account

After shipping the device, send the information through email. The device should be shipped within 15 days of your using the new device. Don’t forget to send the old phone’s IMEI number as well. This information is usually inside the “about my phone” section.

Once the package is evaluated again, you will receive a certain amount as a bounty. It will be automatically directed to your billing address. We can’t say how much you are going to receive exactly.

But if you are lucky enough to get a cash credit of $800, the entire installment is discounted. That means you have literally purchased an iPhone for zero cost.

Final Words

Switching carriers to get a new iPhone is sometimes misinterpreted as a free offer. Now that you know the details, it’s not fully cost-free, is it?

You have to pay for the unlimited packs and exchange a decent old device to get the iPhone. And even after that, nobody can guarantee whether you will get the latest iPhone or not.

So, those ads claiming you have won a free iPhone are completely unreliable. Do yourself a favor and restart your device as soon as one of those notifications pops up.

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