13 Best Free Hidden Texting Apps for iPhone in 2023

The best free hidden texting apps for iPhone are Snapchat, Telegram Messenger, Threema, and Signal. These apps are helpful for multiple reasons, including security issues, privacy concerns, and contact & engagement with new friends.

Although these apps are widely available on the Apple Store, picking the best requires some knowledge. In this post, you’ll find some factors to consider when selecting any of these texting apps. I’ve also provided some helpful information, such as their features and specifications.

But note, while the apps I mentioned above still have free versions, you can get the best with the premium offers. Moreover, iPhones function better with enhanced features. So, consider upgrading after using the free features for some time.

Find more details below.

13 Best Free Hidden Texting Apps for iPhone

Below are my top picks for free hidden texting apps for iPhones. They are available for free download on the Apple app store.

1. Snapchat


You can curb and modify the security level of your messages with Snapchat. The app has improved its encryption method for text messages, voice, and video calls.

As a result, Snapchat Opens in a new tab.is currently one of the top hidden texting apps obtainable on the Apple Store.

Key Features of Snapchat:

  • It’s impossible to steal data on the Snapchat app.
  • Users can benefit from the free cloud service from the company.
  • Snapchat allows you to change your privacy settings.
  • With Snapchat, users cannot access servers from third parties.
  • Snapchat has the Ghost mode that allows users to stay hidden from friends on the app.


App NameSnapchat
Size264.5 MB
CategoryPhoto & Video
Compatible DeviceiOS 12.0 and Higher
DeveloperSnap, Inc.

2. Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger Opens in a new tab.is another popular app that is pretty helpful in protecting your conversations. The app is a plus in letting you connect with friends and family on other social media platforms.

Also, Telegram allows you to send various file types, including PDFs, docs, videos, audio, etc.

The end-to-end encryption of this app is quite good at hiding your messages from hackers and intruders. This applies to individual, channel, and group conversations.

Key Features of Telegram Messenger:

  • You can hide your phone number from other users on the Telegram Messenger app. You can activate this feature from the main Telegram setting.
  • The Secret Chat feature on the app facilitates end-to-end encryption. But contacts must accept the secret chat request to receive your secret message.
  • Telegram Messenger also allows you to hide your profile pictures. But it’s available to users who have upgraded their privacy.
  • You can replace your conventional phone call app with the Telegram call function and also block unwanted calls.
  • Users have access to multiple photo and video editing tools on the platform.
  • There are no restrictions on sharing files on the Telegram Messenger app.


App NameTelegram Messenger
Size219.9 MB
CategorySocial Networking
Compatible DeviceiOS 9.0 and Higher
DeveloperTelegram FZ-LLC

3. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

One of the top free hidden texting apps for iPhones you can trust for tight security is Signal Private Messenger. This app unites a user-friendly experience with a high level of security for its users.

 The end-to-end encryption features on Signal are pretty advanced, which is why millions of users trust it for the best protection. Download this app from


  • Signal Private MessengerOpens in a new tab. comes with secure enclaves which no other user can access. It allows you to anonymously identify who uses the app among your contacts.
  • The default end-to-end encryption setting on this app gives it an edge over the others.
  • All your text messages, voice and video conversations, and individual & group chats are all secured and private.
  • If you’ve lost your profile, Signal helps to recover it with the Signal PIN feature.
  • You can activate the lock screen feature to protect your messages from others from the app settings.


App NameSignal Private Messenger
Size145.7 MB
CategorySocial Networking
Compatible DeviceiOS 12.2 and Higher
DeveloperSignal Messenger, LLC

4. Private Message Box

Private message box

The Private Message BoxOpens in a new tab. helps you to keep your conversations private by saving your messages behind a PIN pad. Such messages are messages from friends you’ve marked as secret contacts. Moreover, the app is easy to use.

All you need is to sign in on the app with your phone number. Also, users are allowed to buy virtual numbers for countries like Canada, USA, etc. You can also subscribe to the Pro version of the app to get rid of ads.

Private Message Box features:

  • Privacy Guard helps you to secure your messages from third parties.
  • Users of the app can access multimedia messaging for free.
  • With over 300 emoji characters, Private Message Box users can quickly express their emotions.
  • Password protection.
  • On the app, users can share images and their location.

App Specifications:

App namePrivate Message Box
Size37.2 MB
CategorySocial networking
Compatible deviceiOS 12.0
DeveloperSatish Patel

5. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger

Viber is another popular social networking app that allows users to enjoy private messaging with friends. It also offers video and audio calls among further Viber users.

More interestingly, users can make group calls with up to 50 participants. Visit hereOpens in a new tab. to download this app.


  • Calls and messages are secured with end-to-end encryption between participants.
  • With your mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection, you can make free voice or video calls with your contacts who are also using Viber Messenger.
  • The app has a feature that allows users to react to messages.
  • Disappearing Messages is a feature of the app that makes messages to self-destruct.
  • Users can create group chats containing up to 250 participants.
  • Viber Messenger users get to interact better using Viber channels and communities of their preference.


App nameViber Messenger: Chats & Calls
App size228.3 MB
CategorySocial Networking
Compatible devicesiOS and IPadOS 13.4 or later
DeveloperViber Media SARL

6. Session – Private Messenger

Session – Private Messenger

The Session private messenger appOpens in a new tab. is designed as a user-based server app. So, no one else has access to your messages but you. Moreover, it follows a secure routine protocol to ensure your messages remain anonymous.

The app has no premium version, which means users are eligible for all the features of this app.


  • Uses a decentralized network, which guarantees secure data and a central point
  • No chances for metadata logging
  • Complete IP address security
  • The session is an open-source and free app
  • Leverage to share photos, files, voice snippets, and more through the app’s secure privacy and encryption protection


App NameSession – Private Messenger
Size70.2 MB
CategorySocial Networking
Compatible DeviceiOS 13.0 and Higher
DeveloperThe Loki Project
App Version2.2.1

7. Wire – Secure Messenger

Wire – Secure Messenger

If you seek a collaboration app that keeps your messages private while helping you increase productivity. It’s an app designed for teamwork and sharing of files, messages, conference calls, private discussions, etc.

Wire secure messenger is a free application with no premium version. All its features are accessible to users. Follow this link to download Wire for freeOpens in a new tab..


  • Easy and private communication between team members
  • Create special guest rooms where customers, suppliers, and partners can come together to collaborate
  • Forward secrecy, public audits, and encryption security
  • Use files, links with reactions, and documents for collaboration and information sharing
  • Leverage to incorporate the app with corporate services and applications


App NameWire – Secure Messenger
Size63.9 MB
Compatible DeviceiOS 13.0 and Higher
DeveloperWire Swiss GmbH
App Version3.106

8. Wickr Me – Private Messenger

Wickr Me – Private Messenger

Wickr Me is another secure messaging app that lets you connect with groups and friends through encrypted voice calls. It also has end-to-end security to keep your shared videos, files, and images private.

There are no premium versions for this app. so feel free to download it using the link belowOpens in a new tab..


  • The app doesn’t keep records of the metadata connected to your conversations.
  • You can keep your conversation private in private group chats having 10 users.
  • The codes, securities, and policies of the app are recognized and verified
  • Leverage to overwrite deleted content of the app
  • You can change the expiration time of your content on your device


App NameWickr Me – Private Messenger
Size126.1 MB
CategorySocial Networking
Compatible DeviceiOS 13.0 and higher
DeveloperWickr, LLC
App Version5.114.3

9. Mattermost


Mattermost is considered an open-source hidden texting app that keeps all your collaborations private. It performs this action throughout the development cycle of the whole software.

Good thing you can get the app for free on the Apple Store with no premium versions available.


  • Mattermost complies with the toughest privacy and security requirements
  • The app makes it easy for users to plan and achieve new milestones for their projects
  • Easily place all your team’s conversations in one safe spot
  • With just one point of collaboration, you can integrate the whole technology stack
  • Leverage to orchestrate work throughout your teams and tools


App NameMattermost
Size66.2 MB
Compatible DeviceiOS 12.1 and higher
DeveloperMattermost, Inc.
App Version1.55.1

10. Dust


Need an app that’ll give you the full management of your social and digital status? Here’s another option for you. Dust is designed to make sure your privacy is kept away from sketchy hackers, data mining, and prying eyes.

Dust comes in both free and premium versions. Even though you can do so much with the free version, there’s still a limit placed on it. You need to upgrade for extra features such as freedom from annoying ads and notification for every taken screenshot.


  • Users can un-send messages at anytime
  • Removes data from your device after 24 hours
  • Notification for each screenshot taken
  • Highly encrypted messages and other content
  • Leverage to include any number of individuals in groups


App NameDust
Size58.5 MB
Compatible DeviceiOS 14.0 and higher
DeveloperRadical App LLC
App Version7.2.0

11. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

The globally recognized app allows you to make video and voice call for free. Additionally, it comes with an end-to-end encryption function, so all your conversations and files are accessible to just you. One of the advantages users get from this app is that it functions even with a weak network.

WhatsApp is a free appOpens in a new tab. and requires no subscription fees for an upgrade.


  • The advantage of staying connected to local and international friends in real-time
  • Connect with different people at once with the group chat function
  • End-to-end encryption to guarantee users’ privacy and security
  • WhatsApp voice and video calls are high quality
  • Show off your daily experiences through the Status section of the app


App NameWhatsApp Messenger
Size150.8 MB
CategorySocial Networking
Compatible DeviceiOS 12.0 and higher
DeveloperWhatsApp Inc.
App Version22.21.77

12. LINE


Connect with friends and share your expressions with several stickers and smileys on the LINE appOpens in a new tab.. Make video and voice calls, and send voice and text messages without fear of data disclosure.

Its premium versions, however, come with the accessibility of more features like LINE Voom and removed ads.


  • Easily find accounts you’re interested in and follow them to know what’s trending.
  • Send voice and text messages.
  • Make voice and video calls using mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection
  • Keep all your conversations safe from hackers and intruders with the LINE app
  • Get quick access to your list of friends to get some information about them, like their birthdays


App NameLINE
Size279.8 MB
CategorySocial Networking
Compatible DeviceiOS 14.0 and higher
DeveloperLINE Corporation
App Version12.17.1

13. Pryvate Messenger

Pryvate Messenger

One of the apps you can rely on for message protection is Pryvate Messenger. This is because the app uses an encryption system known as RSA 4096-bit, SHA-256. With this technology, you can be sure that messages are protected from sudden hack cases.

Private MessengerOpens in a new tab. has no premium version on the Apple Store.


  • A high level of security for users
  • Simple app settings and user-interface
  • No compromise in quality
  • Make and send unlimited calls, emails, and chats to your contacts
  • Supports automatic deleting of data after a specific period


App NamePryvate Messenger
Size103.8 MB
Compatible DeviceiOS 12.1 and higher
App Version13.2.15

Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Free Hidden Texting Apps for iPhone

A key factor to consider is cloud encryption. Free hidden texting apps for iPhones function differently in the way they protect users’ identities. The WhatsApp texting app refers to this as Security Code. Conversely, the Signal app captions this as a Safety Number. Generally, it’s known as Key Verification.

When picking a texting app for iPhone, you should consider the following factors.

Cloud Encryption

It’s risky to save your encrypted messages in the cloud. How? The reason is that the government can easily trace encrypted messages backed up in the cloud. All it needs to do is demand the retrieval from your cloud provider – Apple.

So, when choosing a free hidden texting app for iPhone, ensure it doesn’t store your messages in the cloud. Better still, don’t back up your messages in the cloud if you wish to keep them private.

Expired Message Setting

Encrypting your messages is not enough to protect them. This is particularly true if your device is stolen or compromised. In that case, you might want to set up an expiration time on your messages. This setting will automatically delete older messages and content.

The drawback is that you may have some pieces of information you won’t need to erase in future. This is where extra security comes in.

Don’t Use Desktop Apps

One good thing about free hidden texting apps is their availability on different devices, operating systems, and platforms. While this is beneficial, it could also threaten your privacy, especially the desktop apps.

Although desktop apps respond fast, the software makes your messages vulnerable to intruders. But if you must use a desktop app, ensure you’re using the latest version. Quickly restart your computer or the app whenever the prompt appears.

App Updates

It takes more than hidden texting apps to protect your messages. One more thing to consider is the app updates. Some security bugs you may not be aware of can infest your app. These bugs can alter your app’s security, leaving it open to unnecessary access.

Whether or not you’re using a mobile app, always make sure your hidden texting app is updated for additional security.

Should I Use a Free One or Premium One?

Premium hidden messaging apps provide better security and privacy for your messages than free ones. Moreover, many free privacy messaging apps come with so many ads. This is an experience many users find pretty annoying.

Other reasons that make free hidden texting apps a lesser option are;


The idea of using a hidden texting app is to keep your conversations private. While so many messaging apps promise to offer this feature, your messages may not be 100% secure. This can leave your conversations open to sudden compromise or hack situations.

Profit Sake

Developers and companies that create these apps make profits each time users purchase a subscription plan. The more users see the need to upgrade to a premium version, the more revenue they get. As a result, many companies limit the benefits you can get from the free versions, and your privacy is no exception.

Threats to Cybersecurity

Free hidden texting apps don’t provide your device with adequate protection. For businesses, this can lead to cybersecurity threats. For individuals using iOS devices, their conversations can be easily compromised and hacked.

Lack of Data Ownership

One thing many users of these texting apps fail to understand is that they lack ownership of their data. Lack of data ownership results in unnecessary data loss to these B2B texting apps.


Free hidden texting apps for iPhones are pretty functional in protecting your messages and conversations. While that is true, not all these apps offer the best experience to users. This is why I’ve addressed some of the best picks on the Apple app store from which you can choose. A few notable ones are Telegram Messenger, Snapchat, Threema, and Signal Private Messenger. Each of these top picks offers advanced features to improve your experience. Moreover, these apps are free but come with premium versions.

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