How To Emulate Android On iPhone? [4 Emulators to Try]

Let’s be honest here, iPhones may have plenty of features and apps, but we still get the urge to use Android apps or games from time to time. Fortunately, with advancing technology, we have a way to emulate android on iPhone to use those exclusive android applications.

To do that, you must download an android emulator on your iPhone. Then, use the emulator to run any android app you want. It’s one of the easiest ways almost anyone can start using Android apps on their iPhones.

Obviously, there is plenty of confusion regarding their use. That’s why we have decided to give you all the details on how you can use the emulators. We also leave some emulator suggestions for you.

What Does An iOS-Android Emulator Do?

Typically, the function of an iOS android emulator is to run android applications on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

If you already didn’t know, there are plenty of applications out there that are only exclusive to Androids. You can’t use those apps on any device with the iOS operating system. In that case, the emulator turns out to be your best friend.

An emulator uses the specifications of your hardware and emulates an environment on your iPhone similar to Android OS. That’s pretty much how the android emulators work for iOS devices.

Why Get an Android Emulator for iOS?

Here’s the thing, you can use android apps on iOS in two ways. One is to use emulators and the other is using remote access like Teamviewer or Remote Desktop. But setting that up may take a lot of effort and be troublesome.

On the other hand, emulators make the process very simple for almost anyone out there. Let’s check out the benefits of an android emulator and why you should use them.

Easy to setup and use

Straight up, you don’t need to use an emulator to be a geek or tech-savvy. All you do is get the perfect emulator, run it on your device, and enjoy your favorite android apps. We bet any beginner without knowledge of emulators can get on with this method.

No Need to Buy a Separate Android Device

Many iPhone users feel the need to switch to an android device just so they can use android apps. Having an emulator resolves that trouble completely. Since you can use android apps just with an emulator, why bother buying a new device?

Play Exciting Android Games on iOS

Almost everyone out there knows that Android games are much more fun to play compared to iOS games. But iPhones come with some solid hardware and software capabilities. Emulators let you capitalize on that while letting you enjoy the fun android games.

Get Access to Free Applications

We can all agree that countless android applications are a great alternative to paid iOS apps. When you use an emulator, you can easily access all those apps and use their features to get your work done. Sounds convincing, no?

Doesn’t Require Jailbreak

Guess what? Using emulators doesn’t require you to jailbreak. Now, that’s a great relief to the users who don’t want to void the warranty of their iPhone while using android apps.

4 Best Android Emulators You Can Try on iPhone [with Instructions]

We won’t stretch too much and get right to the emulators you can use for your iPhone. And the best part is we don’t just leave you with the options; we will also try to show you how to install each. Let’s get going with the emulators without wasting a second –

1. iAndroid

Right off the bat, this is probably the most well-rounded android emulator we found for iPhones. You can run it on almost any iOS device without any issues. And it’s also pretty reliable to use as well.


What makes the app great is its smoothness in the UI. It makes the users engage more with the app and make navigating through the different settings easy.

You get to enjoy a lot of different features on the app. None of them have any complex functionalities that may confuse you or anything. It’s a very easy-to-use app for just about anyone out there.

As for the limitations, there aren’t many to count on this one. You can expect pretty much all the functions and features of Android OS.

However, a few drawbacks here and there are also part of the app. A major one is battery consumption. Also, it can cause overheating issues and end up slowing the device.

How to install the app:

  1. To use the emulator, you will need the CydiaOpens in a new tab. app. So, make sure to install that first.
  2. Then, open the app and look for the manage option on the bottom part of the screen.
  3. From the manage option, go to sources. Then, you will find the sources of the app that you need to download to run the app.
  4. On the sources screen, you must search for http://apt.modmyi.comOpens in a new tab. and download the source.
  5. Once you download it, you can click on it, and there will be a set of applications.
  6. You will find the iAndroid emulator there. Simply click the app and download it.
  7. Right when you install the app on your iPhone, you can start using it.
  8. To download Android apps using the emulator, you get instructions along with it. Follow them and install the apps you want.

2. ApowerMirror

The ApowerMirror app works a bit differently than the iAndroid app. It uses the mirror or casting functionality to create a pseudo–operating system. Using the app requires you to get an Android device and an iPhone.


A good thing about the ApowerMirror app is that you can find it directly on your app store. There is no need to struggle with all the hectic installation processes like the iAndroid app.

You may also enjoy the screen orientation feature of the app. The app has a vertical screen feature and a full-screen option. So, the app’s vision isn’t limited, and you can move your phone any way you want.

Compatibility of the app is another commendable factor. As long as you have the latest android and iOS versions, you can easily use the app for your phone. Also, who wouldn’t love the fact that it’s free, right?

Coming to some of the issues with this app is that you will need an android device to mirror it. The performance can be a bit laggy at times. Moreover, the connection isn’t that stable. And lastly, the premium version of the app is quite expensive.

How to install and use the app:

  1. Look for the ApowerMirror in your app store, download it, and install it.
  2. After installing it, open the app.
  3. Before doing anything else, you must connect the two devices in the same network.
  4. Next, you can mirror the android device on your iPhone.
  5. That’s pretty much it for installing and using the app.

3. Dalvik Emulator

Here’s another emulator that is quite handy for using android apps on an iPhone. It’s super smooth in functionality and use. And you don’t have to worry about paying any charges to use it.

Another great thing about this app is that you can use android apps without any modification. The app is capable of repacking the APK files directly. So you can start up the applications very quickly and easily.

Transparency is what makes this emulator app more reliable. There is no hidden disruption in the installation process. Everything is pretty clear and right in front of you. Consequently, you don’t have to be worried all the time.

One issue of this app is the requirement for high processing power. Your processor takes a lot of toll to work properly.

How to install and use the app –

  1. Follow the same steps for installing the iAndroid app.
  2. Just in place of iAndroid, search for the Dalvik emulator now.
  3. As soon as you find the Dalvik emulator, install it. Usually, it’s the first choice to popup.
  4. Open the app, and you can start the emulation.

Another method to install the app is as follows –

  1. First, you download the Dalvik emulator on your computer.
  2. Then, use the USB cable to transfer that to your iOS device.
  3. Finally, double-tap on the app file on your storage and install it. Then run it to start emulation.

4. GBA4iOS

For all mobile gamers, this is the emulator you should pick to play android games on iOS. With its features, the emulator is perfect for all mobile gamers.


The feature that makes it unique from other emulators is its graphical prowess. It comes with some high-quality graphics settings. You can use the emulator to play Android games and some Nintendo and Game Boy games.

Using the emulator isn’t like the previous applications. It heavily relies on using ROM files to emulate the games. Because of that, there are no worries about whether a game will run. The games will run automatically, if the emulator works on your device.

Also, you can customize the emulator based on your gaming needs. In fact, among all the other emulators we have discussed, it’s the most customizable emulator.

Of course, a drawback is that you can only play games with the emulator. And since it’s a gaming emulator, it naturally draws out a lot of processing power. Finally, there are some glitches and compatibility issues with iOS devices.

How to install the app –

  1. To install GBA4iOS, you will need to have AppValleyOpens in a new tab. on your phone. So, download and install that first.
  2. Then, open the app and find GBA4iOS.
  3. As you select the app from the list, you can find instructions.
  4. Follow those download instructions and install the app.
  5. Finally, open the app, and you can start playing games on your iOS.

What Are the Issues with Using an Emulator on An iPhone?

After going through all that, you should wonder if it’s so easy to use android apps. Why doesn’t everyone use them? Well, that’s because of the issues you may encounter with using an emulator. Here’s what we think can be problematic with emulators –

  • Not all apps will work properly on iOS, even with an emulator.
  • Using an emulator doesn’t give you the best experience of using the app.
  • Applications can turn out to be laggy or glitchy.
  • Emulators may not be the most reliable apps to install on your iOS device.
  • It leaves you with an incomplete experience of the real application.

Frequently Asked Questions

We pretty much tried to answer most of the questions your might have had with emulation on iPhone. Still, we feel like we owe you answers to some popular questions. Let’s take a look at those as well.

Are emulators legal for iOS devices?

Yes, every emulator you can find out there is legal. You shouldn’t have any issues with downloading and using emulators. However, downloading ROMs isn’t completely legal as it falls under software piracy.

Does Bluestacks work on iOS?

No, you can’t use Bluestacks on iOS devices like iPhones, iPad, or iPods. Even though it’s the best emulator for Android apps, it’s not usable on iOS devices. It works only on computers. Whether it’s a Windows OS or MAC OS, that doesn’t matter.

Is there any alternative to emulators for iOS devices?

Yes, there are several alternatives to using emulators for iOS devices. You can use cloud services like BrowserStack. Also, there are remote access apps like TeamViewer and Remote Desktop. You can also jailbreak your iOS to install android applications.

Do you need a jailbreak on iOS to install emulators?

No, there are plenty of emulators out there that don’t require you to jailbreak your iOS devices. Before the iOS 9.3 update, you would need to jailbreak your iOS device to use emulators on your phone and use android applications.

Final Words

It’s time we part ways with each other. Throughout the discussion, we gave you all the details on how to emulate android on iPhone. So, now you have the knowledge and resources to do all that.

One key takeaway from all this is to only use an emulator if you really want to use android apps. The installation can take a bit of effort, and we don’t think it will be worth it unless you use the apps frequently.

No matter what you do, don’t use any random emulators. They can negatively impact your device hardware and degrade performance significantly.

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