Does GameStop Buy Locked iPhones? [Trade-in Policy & Price]

Ever wondered if GameStop buys locked iPhones? Maybe you’ve upgraded and want to sell your old device, but it’s carrier or iCloud locked. Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon a second-hand device that’s still locked, and you’re not sure if you can sell it.

Well, GameStop purchases locked iPhones that are in good condition and can be unlocked. However, if it is impossible to remove the lock, GameStop may not be interested in buying the phone. Do keep in mind, the policy occasionally differs between stores.

So, without wasting further time, let us dive into our main discussion today, and our guide will help you have a complete idea about selling your locked iPhones.

Why Choose GameStop to Sell Your Locked iPhone?

GameStop is one of the largest video game merchandise retailer. They mainly sell video games and gaming consoles and accessories, both online and in-store. However, they also provide trade-in services which you can use to re-sell games, consoles, as well as other electronics.

Furthermore, they have a buy-back program that accommodates older or locked iPhones. GameStop expanded their range of business with over 5000 stores worldwide.

GameStop offers competitive pricing, easy-to-sell experience, and is available for both online and offline trade-in service. Since other platforms barely offers what is does, you don’t have to look further to sell your locked iPhone.

Why Choose GameStop to Sell Your Locked iPhone

What Are The Policies And Requirements Of Gamestop For Buying Locked iPhones?

You might wonder who buys locked iPhones; good news is you can sell your locked iPhones to Gamestop. However, the process is not easy, and you must follow their policies.

These policies will help you understand whether your iPhone is suitable for selling to them. You can refer to their official site for more details about their trade-inOpens in a new tab. program.

#1- Type of locked iPhone

There can be different locks in your iPhone, which is the most crucial factor for Gamestop to buy your iPhone. So it is essential to understand your iPhone’s two main types of locks.

iCloud Locked

iCloud Locked

The iCloud lockOpens in a new tab. is used to safeguard the iPhone and its data if it is lost or stolen. So, when a device becomes iCloud locked, only the original owner can unlock it by entering the correct Apple ID and password or providing proof of ownership to Apple.

This feature is designed so that when your phone is stolen, no one can remove the apple id and password from your phone. It also prevents the thief from accessing any of your data.

Carrier Locked

Carrier Locked

A carrier lock is a form of lock that a cell phone company imposes to limit the phone’s use to its network. The implication of this is that if you buy an iPhone from a carrier using a subsidy or monthly plan, it can be network-locked to that carrier.

Carrier locks can be removed at any time by carriers, and they can also impose them.

So, Gamestop will only buy carrier-locked and activation-locked iPhones on the condition that they can be unlocked.

#2- You are the original owner.

Do keep in mind Gamestop will never buy a stolen or found iPhone; even if your phone is locked, you must be the original owner. Ex-Gamestop employee on RedditOpens in a new tab. stated that they won’t purchase any iPhones, locked or unlocked, unless you’re the original owner.

When you ask yourself a common question, what do thieves do with stolen iPhones? The answer is simple: they sell it. So, proof of ownership is a must if you are trying to sell a locked iPhone at any Gamestop location near you.

#3- Do not attempt to sell a stolen or found iPhone

When you sell your phone at any Gamestop store, they will also store all of your information and have you sign the contract. Hence, if you attempt to sell an iPhone that has been stolen or found with a iCloud lock, you run the danger of being charged with theft.

#4 – Bring all the accessories

Another thing to keep in mind when taking your iPhones for trade-in programs in Gamestop is to take all the accessories that came with it originally.

You will thus need to bring cables, power adapters, and other necessary equipment for the iPhone you are trading. If you have all the original accessories of the locked iPhone you will get a better value.

#5- Remove any sim cards

Before taking your iPhone to a Gamestop outlet for selling or trade-in you will need to make sure that you have taken out the sim card. Removing any additional items from your iPhone like the sim can help protect your personal information and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

It can also make the trade-in process smoother and faster, as the retailer will not need to go through the extra step of removing these items themselves.

What Is the Pricing Policy of Game Stop for Buying Locked iPhones?

The pricing policy on GameStop depends on many factors, like the type of lock and the phone’s condition. Generally, they offer money and trade-in options for your locked iPhones.

Locked or Unlocked

Do keep in mind the pricing for locked iPhones will be much lower than the unlocked ones due to the added risk and difficulty of unlocking the device.

The offered price will be less as locked phones will be listed as “used iPhones for sale,” and there is a possibility that the customer will not pay such a high price.

This is because unlocking or using the locked phone with a compliant network can cost the customer more money. Thus they will never pay a high price for a locked iphone.

Condition of the Device

Based on Gamestop’s Policy, Your iPhone will be examined by a GameStop employee who will evaluate its condition. Remember that your phone might be in one of three categories: Dead, Damaged, or Functioning.

Only functional phones will be valued at full price; damaged and dead phones will be valued at a lower rate depending on their state of degradation.

Additionally, GameStop also buys broken or malfunctioning phones, but the trade-in value is lower depending on the condition of your phone. GameStop could pay less for a good-condition carrier-locked iPhone than for an unlocked iPhone of the same model and year.

Trade-in Value

If you want to have a rough estimate about the trade in value, as of March 28, 2023, the trade n value for a locked iPhone 7 plus 128gb in good condition is around $7.00.

This trade in value can keep changing and will also vary based on your model and condition. So, to have an exact estimation refer to their official siteOpens in a new tab..

How To Sell Your Locked iPhone in Gamestop?

Even though we recommend you to visit your nearest Gamestop outlet to get the best value for your locked iPhone, you can still easily determine the value you can get for it. Follow the steps below to know more.

Step 1: Go to their official site

The first step is to visit their official site and select your iPhone model.

Step 1: Go to their official site

Step 2: Select the storage and carrier

After selecting your iPhone model. Select the carrier and the storage size of your iPhone. Even if your phone is locked you can get a price estimation from here; simply select unlocked.

Select the storage and carrier

Step 3: Choose the condition of the device

This step is very important as the value of your iPhone will highly depend on the condition of it. So, be very careful to choose the condition of your phone.

Choose the condition of the device

Step 4: Get the Value

After setting all the info for your iPhone, wait a few seconds and you will get an estimation of trade-in value for your locked iPhone in Gamestop.

If you are happy with the value, put your email id and they will send you a detailed breakdown of everything you need to follow for selling your iphone to them.

Get the Value

5 Tips for selling locked iPhones

Selling a locked iPhone is definitely not an easy task, as it becomes challenging to find the right customers. Our experts have gathered some tips, which we will discuss below. These tips will help you sell your locked phones more quickly.

Check the value online

The first thing you can do is visit the online website of Gamestop or similar sites and check the trade in value for your device. This will give you an estimate of the price you can get for your locked iPhone.

Enquire about different shops

Some shops can offer you more prices for your locked device than others; the price can also vary depending on the location. So, to get the best value, you should visit a few different shops in a few different places and enquire about the value you can get.

This will help you choose the shop that offers the best value for your locked iPhone and you can sell it to them.

Know about the type of lock.

Before you take your locked iPhone to Gamestop, make sure you know about the lock type. If your phone is iCloud locked, then Gamestop will not buy it. However, there can be other shops that will still buy an iCloud locked device.

Thus, it is essential to know about the type of lock and decide accordingly where you should sell your phone for the best price.

Try to unlock the device

If you have the means to unlock the device yourself or through a third-party service, you can increase the device’s value and appeal to a broader range of buyers.

However, unlocking a device can be a complicated and costly process, so make sure to weigh the costs and benefits before making a decision.

Make sure to have the proper documents

Whether your iPhone is carrier locked or iCloud locked, shops or buy back programs will only buy your phone if you have proper documents.

You should have sufficient proof that this phone belongs to you, and while selling, you will need to provide identity documents like your National ID or more.

Frequently Asked Question

One question that often arises among customers is whether Gamestop buys locked iPhones. This FAQ section will provide more information on this topic and help answer any related questions.

Can I sell a locked iPhone to Gamestop if I don’t have the device’s passcode?

Gamestop may still purchase the device even if you don’t have the passcode. But in this case, the value will be less as they need to open the lock, which can cost them money and time.

However, different Gamestop retailers may have different policies. So it’s best to check with your local store for their policies and procedures.

Can I trade in a locked iPhone in Gamestop if I still owe money on it?

Gamestop doesn’t buy a phone if you still owe money for it. They typically require that the device be free of any remaining payments and free of any outstanding financial obligations.

Moreover, if the previous owner does not clear off the payments, the new owner won’t be able to use the phone and can get blacklisted.

Will Gamestop purchase a locked iPhone in poor condition or with a cracked screen?

Gamestop will purchase a locked iPhone in poor condition, but the value of the device will likely be reduced. They usually price the value of the iPhone based on its condition, so if your phone is in bad condition, the price will be very low. 

Can I sell my locked iPhone to GameStop if it’s still under warranty?

You can still sell your iPhone to Gamestop if it’s under warranty. But if it’s iCloud locked and you are the original owner then you may be able to get it unlocked through Apple before selling it. Do, keep in mind Gamestop will offer more money for an unlocked iPhone that is still under warranty


Selling a locked iPhone can be painstaking, and finding the right buyer can be very hard. Well, Gamestop is an easy solution where you can sell your locked iPhones. However, your iPhone must fulfill its policies and requirements.

If you have a locked iPhone, you should try to unlock it, as unlocked iPhones will fetch you a much higher value than locked ones. Moreover, try to take quotes from different places before selling your locked phone to find the best value for your device

Also, avoid selling iCloud locked iPhones that you may have found, as when trying to sell these phones, you run the chance of being accused of theft.

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