Does Find My iPhone Notify the Other Person? [Read to Know]

iPhone sets it apart from others in its standard for Its high-security features and closed operating system.Opens in a new tab. Among these features, Find My is one of the most convenient features of Apple devices.

However, users often want to know whether FIND MY notifies the person when yoou check his/her location in it.

No. It doesn’t notify the person when and where you check their location using Find My iPhone.

You may wonder what the feature can do if it doesn’t send any notification to the iPhone user. To find it out, stick with this article to the end. I am sure you will find all your answers, and all doubts will be cleared.

Do They Get Alerted If I Check Someone’s Location on the Find My iPhone App?

They don’t get any alerts or notifications when you check someone’s location on the Find My iPhone app.

But from iOS 13, there has been an upgrade in Find My. Apple added the notification option for the user. It’s for the person who is checking your location, not for the person who is being checked.

It means if you turn on the notifications option in Find My, it will let you know when a user has left his current location and reached a previously set location. Apple added this option to ensure users know whether their children, friends, or important family members leave home or reach school or other intended destinations safely.

When you enable Find My, the notifications may not be set automatically. In that case, you have to turn on the notifications option separately.

For that, go to Find My from the settings. Tap on the People tab and select the contact. Swipe up to expand. Click Add from Notifications and select Notify Me.

Find My
Add from Notifications

You will receive notifications from that point on. You can also set whether you want to receive location only once or every time the person leaves or reaches that specific location.

However, just to let you know and raise your curiosity, you do many other things in Find MyOpens in a new tab. besides tracking someone.

Do People Get Notified When You Stop Sharing Locations?

No, they won’t get notified when you don’t share your location with someone. But they can find out that you have stopped sharing your location from Find My sooner or later.

There are mainly two ways the other ones can know that you are sharing your location with them anymore. One is from the Find My feature’s People tab section, and another is from iMessage. On a side note, iMessage and SMS/MMS are differentOpens in a new tab..

The main reason is when you disable Find My, you will no longer be on the list with whom you shared your location. Once they try to track you on their Apple device and don’t see you on the list of the People tab, they will know that you are not sharing your location with them anymore.

However, on iMessage, no message is directly sent when you stop sharing your location. Instead, the options will change with the person you have made your conversation and shared your location earlier.

You will see a few options when you go to iMessage, enter into the conversation, tap on the name, and select the info (i) icon. If you stop sharing location with him, you will see You stopped sharing location with [name] message on that option.

How to Start or Turn Off the Find My iPhone Feature?

Turning on and off the Find My feature is pretty straightforward. It will take a few simple steps. Below, I have explained it in detail.

Enable Find My

Follow the steps below to start the find my feature and share your locations on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings and tap on your Apple ID.
Go to Settings and tap on your Apple ID
  • Press Find My.
Press Find My
  • Select Find My iPhone.
Find My iPhone.
  • Press the toggle button beside Find My iPhone.
Find my iphone 1

Your Find My iPhone service is enabled. If you also turn on the Send Last Location option, it means your last recorded location will be sent directly to the server. In case your battery dies, you can see when you last used your phone from another Apple device.

If you want to locate someone using Find My, you just need an Apple device, such as iPhone or iPad, or Mac, or you can go to in a new tab.. Once you log into your Apple ID and choose the device you want to locate, you will see the location on the screen.

To give access to someone of your location from Find My, you can press the plus icon, type the name of the person you want to share your location with, set a time limit, and then click Send.

The other person will get a notification for that. When he accepts it, he will be able to see your location from Find My.

Disable Find My

At some point, you may not want to share your location with others using Find My. In that case, you can easily stop this feature.

For that, you have to go to the same place where you turned on the Find My service. Then, move the toggle icon to off-position. A new screen will appear, asking for the Apple ID password. When you put in the password, the feature will be turned off.

You can stop sharing your location by keeping your phone on Airplane Mode or turning off your phone.

Airplane Mode or turning off your phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the Find My iPhone feature. It will help you eradicate some of your confusion.

When I was doing some research, I encountered some of the questions which were frequently asked regarding this topic. At some point, this question may come across in your head. That’s why below I have given a brief answer to those questions. Check those out.

Does someone get notified when I share my location with them?

Yes, they get notified immediately when you start to share your location. Even if you previously shared with the specific person, stopped a while later, and now want to reconnect, they will still get a notification.

Can someone use Find My iPhone without me knowing?

Yes, someone can use Find My iPhone without your knowledge if they are connected to you via Find My. Moreover, unless you disable the option, there is nothing else you can do. It’s because the purpose of the application is to find your location in case you lose your phone or it gets stolen. The application is specifically designed for that.

How do I stop sharing my location without them knowing?

You can stop sharing your location by keeping your phone on Airplane Mode or disabling any other location services you have on your phone.


Privacy considerations and user awareness remain paramount, and you should not track someone without their consent. It violates someone’s privacy you are monitoring without their knowledge.

As technology advances, striking a balance between user needs and privacy protection will undoubtedly remain a central challenge for companies like Apple and users. So, you must use the feature cautiously.

You can check the Apple website to learn more about privacy and location servicesOpens in a new tab..

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