Difference Between Outgoing and Canceled Calls iPhone

Every call you place on your iPhone counts as an outgoing call. Contrary, a canceled call is also an outgoing call, but it’s canceled before the recipient can answer the call. If you use your iPhone to initiate a call, it is regarded as an outgoing call.

However, a canceled call doesn’t give you a chance to talk to the individual you are contacting. An outgoing call may cost a charge, while a canceled call is free of cost.

It isn’t obvious to differentiate between these two call statuses. So, let’s learn the facts and differences between outgoing call and canceled calls to have a hassle-free iPhone experience.

What Is An Outgoing Call?

On an iPhone, an outgoing call is one that the user places and for which the mobile service carrier will charge them. 

This includes all of the calls you place from your mobile device. It applies to all instant messaging programs, not just those for the iPhone and Android.

Outgoing calls are simply calls that a user places on his smartphone. When a user of an iPhone calls a number, that counts as an outbound call on the iPhone. 

Canceled and incoming calls are significantly different because the caller will be responsible for paying all fees levied by the mobile network.

The fact that making an outgoing call does not imply that they picked up or responded to the ring. Instead, it indicates that the recipient of the call transferred the call directly. The caller’s recipient can either pick up or reject the call.

What Is A Canceled Call?

On mobile devices, a canceled call is one that was not answered. The call was terminated if you hung up before receiving a response. 

Calls frequently get dropped when you accidentally contact someone or decide not to speak with them.

The critical significance of “Canceled Call” on your iPhone call records is that the caller disconnected mid-conversation. In other terms, they hung up before you answered the phone.

When you end a connection on an iPhone, it simply signifies that you haven’t waited for another person to answer. Before the other party answers the phone, you can end an iPhone call early by canceling the call.

The people you are phoning won’t be able to tell that the call was canceled. Instead, it will appear on their call history as a missed call. It might not appear if you end before the first ring, but this is not sure.

Outgoing Call Vs. Canceled Call : A Comprehensive Guide

Outgoing Call Vs. Canceled Call : A Comprehensive Guide

There are two call statuses: outgoing and canceled whenever you place a call. 

A call placed on an iPhone and answered by the people on the receiving end is referred to as an outgoing call. 

A canceled call is when the sender suddenly stops before the recipient picks it up. The cell phone will beep for a brief time until being disconnected by the caller. 

There are quite a few subtle differences between the two. What separates them is shown below.


It signifies the phone is attempting to link to another user’s phone if the state is displayed as outgoing. If the indicator reads “canceled,” it suggests that the call was terminated before it was connected, whether by you or another party.


The majority of the time canceled calls are free of charge. However, successful outgoing calls might result in subtracting minutes from your monthly contract or being charged to the postpaid bill.


The calls that have been interrupted before reaching voicemail are referred to as canceled calls. When a call is placed accidentally, most individuals usually end the call. A call would also be canceled due to a network issue. 

On the contrary, if you don’t disconnect the call, the outgoing call will get through to another network.

canceled due to a network issue iphone


A successful call will ring the recipient’s phone to let them know. A successful outgoing call will also leave a beep, which the caller can identify.

On the flip side, the phone won’t typically ring once the call is canceled. Only a “canceled call” entry will appear on the iPhone of the recipient.

But the receiver won’t be informed that the call has been terminated if you hang up before the initial dial tone. But it’s a precarious scenario.

Why Are Some Calls Marked As Canceled On iPhone?

Apple has added a feature called “canceled call” to the iPhone. Your iPhone’s call log allows you to mark incoming and outgoing calls as “canceled calls”. A “canceled call” might be the outcome of a network problem.

Why Are Some Calls Marked As Canceled On iPhone?

Your call record will show that the call was discontinued if you placed it but ended up before anyone picked up the phone. If the call proceeded to voicemail, it would also be listed. Calls may fail and be terminated when there was a connection or service problem when you placed them.

It will be recorded as a missed call if you received a call and did not answer. If you manually send the call to voicemail, the result will be the same. 

But, if the person cut you off before you could respond, it might be recorded as a canceled call. 

Do Canceled And Outgoing Calls Cause Missed Calls?

A missed call is a call the sender intentionally ends just before the target receiver answers. A canceled call typically means an error was made while calling the destination. It means you either hung up before their response, or it dropped to voicemail.

iPhone calls get through right away. Therefore, they will appear on the receiver’s missed calls list. You terminated the call by hanging up before they could respond. 

The recipient will consequently see it as a missed call. You need to be extra careful if you don’t want the receiver to hear about a missed call. 

To avoid your Caller ID being communicated to the receiver after the initial dial tone, you must end the call before it happens.

If the intended recipient doesn’t respond or pick up the call, the call will be recorded as a missed call. It could also result in a missed call if the person disconnects the call after it reaches the recipient.


Popular iPhone functions include outgoing calls and canceled calls. An outgoing call is any call you place, whereas a canceled call is one that the caller cancels in a few seconds. This is the main distinction between these statuses. 

We hope this post clarifies the differences between outgoing and canceled calls on iPhones. You can correctly use terms if you are aware of the particulars. So, don’t be perplexed by these call statuses!

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