How To Charge An iPhone With An Android Charger? -Check The Best Way

Discover all about how to charge an iPhone with an android charger.

To charge an iPhone with an Android charger, you need a compatible adapter for the cable you are using. You must ensure that one end of the cable is compatible with the adapter while the other is compatible with the iPhone. Once you have a compatible cable, you can connect them. Connect one end of the cable to the adapter and the other end to the iPhone to charge it.

Since Android and iPhone have different charging configurations, it is best to stick to the designated adapters. Read through the article to know all that you need to do.

Can You Charge An iPhone With An Android Charger?

Yes, it is possible to charge your iPhone using an android adapter or charger in a few cases. You can use an android device’s charging adapter to charge your iPhone via a lightning cable.

iPhone supports lightning ports, unlike Android. This means that iPhone users cannot entirely rely on any Android cables to charge their devices.

How To Charge An iPhone With An Android Charger

However, you cannot use a micro USB or type C USB with your iPhone adapters. iPhone chargers come with a proprietary port that is not usable with other phone manufacturers’ adapters.

The iPhone’s charging speed and longevity depend on the ports they use to charge their different generations. To clarify, check the iPhone port and adapter types against their different ages in the table. 

Charger ConnectorPower AdapterGeneration(iPhone)
USB-A-LightningUSB-C (Included)iPhone 8
USB-A-LightningUSB-C (Included)iPhone x
USB-C-LightningUSB-C (Included)iPhone 11
USB-C-LightningUSB-C (Not Included)iPhone 12

From this table, it is clear that a compatible charging cable and adapter are essential to charge your iPhone. In recent years, Apple already started to manipulate the Lightning connector for their phones at the connecting end of the device. And Apple uses USB Type – C (Latest models)  or USB Type – A (Old models) with their adapter ends.

From the prior discussion, it is clear and understandable that you can not use the same charging cable connector to charge both an iPhone and an Android.

Charging Your iPhone Using An Android Charger’s Adapter And Cable

When You Have An Android Charging Cable With A USB Type A Connector

There are a few ways to use your android charger to charge your iPhone. The two most common and easy ways to charge your iPhone using an Android charger are as mentioned below – 

When You Only Have A Lightning Cable But No Adapter?

You can easily use your android adapter with a Lightning cable to charge your iPhone. But before doing this, be sure your power brick has a USB-C or USB-A type Port. It is worth mentioning that it may take longer to charge your iPhone than an original charger.

When You Have An Android Charging Cable With A USB Type? – A Connector

If you have a Type-Cable from your Android device, you can still use it to charge your iPhone. However, you need to ensure one end of the cable has a lightning port, as this is the only port supported to charge an iPhone. 

So, we found that you cannot interchange the charging cable between an android and an iPhone charger. However, the power adapter is interchangeable with USB-C or USB-A ports. 

What Are The Best Ways To Charge Your iPhone? 

The original charger and cable are the best ways to charge your iPhone. Apple always recommends its users use the designated charger and cable for each device. This ensures the safety and longevity of the device.

What Are The Best Ways To Charge Your iPhone?

Third-party chargers can cause damage to your device and affect the battery status and overall device value. These power adapters can also reduce the iPhone’s battery capacity drastically. 

Best Alternatives When Only A Cable Or Adapter Is Available 

For the latest model of the iPhone, you can purchase a lightning cable with a USB Type – C port if you only need the cable line. You can purchase a 20W USB-C adapter when you only need the power adapter, which will not cost much.

For the older models of iPhone, you can buy a 5W USB-A- Type power adapter and lightning to USB Type -A- Type cable. 

Note: As Apple smartphones were released with the lightning cable, you can pair a 20W USB Type – C power adapter with a lightning-to USB Type – C cable. Even if you are an older iPhone user, you can try it. This combination will ensure the fastest charging without any trouble.

If you attempt to buy a new charger, we suggest you buy a wireless charger. This will cost a little bit more, but it is the future of the chargers models.

Best Alternatives When Only A Cable Or Adapter Is Available 


Let’s go through the FAQs and answer a few common questions regarding Apple devices and their charging methods as well as cable compatibilities. 

Why are Apple iPhone chargers so expensive? 

Apple has consistently been known to use top-quality products for each of its devices. This includes charging cables and adapters too. This is why iPhone chargers are expensive due to the use of high technology to manufacture them. They give extra effort to make sure to provide this high-quality charger. Hence, the expense for the charger. 

How do I charge my iPhone without a charger?

You can charge your phone using several methods as long as one end of the cable has a lightning port. Some of the most common ways to charge your device without an adapter or cable are by using a computer, laptop USB port, automobile, portable battery, USB wall outlet, public charging stations, hand crank generator, solar power, and wireless option too. Regardless of your chosen method, you must have a lightning port on one end to charge your device. 

Can you charge your iPhone with a Samsung charger? 

Yes, you can charge your iPhone with a Samsung charger. Samsung and iPhone use the same connector in their chargers. So, there is no problem with charging your iPhone with the Samsung charger. The only issue you may face using this method is the longer duration to charge your battery to its full potential. 

Why does the charger burn hot?

Any smartphone charger can become hot when used for too long. It may happen when anyone tries to charge a device that takes more power than the power adapter. This may be because charging always converts the electricity into heat. The metal casing of the charger receives this heat and becomes hot. 

Can I charge my iPhone with any charger?  

Yes, charging your iPhone with any charger is possible. But you must ensure that lightning type( 30-pin or lightning) cable is available as iPhones and other Apple devices can only support lightning cables. No other ports can charge your Apple device unless you use a wireless option. 

How can I charge my iPhone without a cable? 

You can charge your iPhone without cable using the apple smàrt watch. The Apple  5W USB Power Adapter supplied with the apple watch can charge your iPhone. It will help if you have a Lightning Cable to connect with this watch adapter. iPhones can also be charged with a wireless charger, as it is a more common approach when a cable or an adapter is unavailable. 

Can you charge an iPhone wirelessly? 

You can use the wireless charging pad to charge your iPhone wirelessly. Connect the charging pad with power and place your iPhone on it. It will start charging automatically. However, you must ensure to have a good quality wireless charging pad as cheaper ones can cause fluctuations and inaccurate charging status. 

Bottom Line 

You must follow some techniques to charge your iPhone through the android charger. All of our efforts were to show you how to charge an iPhone with an android charger. We hope you enjoyed reading our article and got the solution you were looking for. 

But remember, using an unmatched charger to charge your iPhone may decrease its life or even damage your phone battery. For further assistance on iPhone-related issues, feel free to contact us by simply leaving a comment in the comment section.

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