Can You Watch Netflix On Facetime? Explained

Apps like FaceTime, developed by Apple, are popular for video calling. It allows users to have audio and video conversations with other Apple users. But is it possible to use FaceTime to watch Netflix together?

The short answer is no. Netflix does not currently support SharePlay, which is the feature that allows you to share streaming content with others on FaceTime. However, it is possible to watch Netflix with friends via a few apps.

These apps/platforms let you synchronize playback among friends, and you can also chat while you watch. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss these in detail. So continue reading to learn more.

Why Can’t You Screen Share Netflix On Facetime?

In FaceTime, users can connect face-to-face with their friends and family. But in 2020, Apple introduced SharePlay.

It allows users to share their iPhone screen with other users while they are on a video call. This means you can enjoy movies, and multiple TV shows, listen to music, or play games together in real-time.

But, Netflix does not support SharePlay. This means you can’t screen-share Netflix on FaceTime.

Why Netflix Doesn’t Support SharePlay?

Basically, there are a few possible reasons why Netflix doesn’t support SharePlay. The three most possible ones are listed below:

Reason #1: Piracy

Basically, people could easily share Netflix accounts with others using SharePlay and watch Netflix without paying for it. 

Here Netflix is a subscription service, and it relies on people paying for their memberships in order to make money. 

But piracy would cut into Netflix’s profits. So the company won’t support a feature that could make it easier for people to pirate its content.

Reason #2: Business Reasons

It is possible that Netflix does not see the need to support SharePlay. The company already has its own way for people to watch TV series and movies together, through its TelepartyOpens in a new tab. feature. 

Reason #3: Technical Limitations

According to an article on Sorta TechyOpens in a new tab., Netflix is not compatible with SharePlay.

**These aren’t all, there are also several reasons why a user can’t share a Netflix screen on Facetime. The most common one is described below.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology

According to an article on VdoCipherOpens in a new tab. Blog, Netflix has its own proprietary DRM (digital rights management) technologyOpens in a new tab.. Basically, Netflix uses a proprietary DRM technology called Widevine L1Opens in a new tab. to protect its content.

But, FaceTime uses a different DRM technology called FairPlayOpens in a new tab.. FairPlay is designed to protect Apple’s content, such as music and movies. And it is not compatible with Netflix’s DRM technology.

How To Watch Netflix Together On An iPhone? 

Basically, Watching Netflix Together On An iPhone is quite a difficult task as Netflix doesn’t officially support this. But there are some apps and platforms available which are quite useful to do it.

Here, we tried most of them and found them useful. But among them here we described the 5 most well-known apps that are easy to use. Using them, you’ll be able to share Netflix content with your friends without any issues.

Here are their details and procedures to use.

1. Rave


Rave is a video stream-syncing app that lets users chat through text and voice while watching.

With Rave, you can create or join watch parties with Disney+, YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Prime Video, and Google Drive content.

In contrast to some competitors, Rave allows you to watch public channels with strangers as well as friends.

Step-by-step procedures to use the Rave app to watch Netflix together on an iPhone:

  • Step 1: Install the Rave app from the App StoreOpens in a new tab.. Then open the app and create an account. 
  • Step 2: You can Sign In /create an account with Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, and VKontakte.
  • Step 3: Once you create an account, you’ll be taken to the homepage of the app. Now from the app’s homepage, click on the plus sign (+) icon at the bottom-right corner.

**This will lead you to a list of video streaming platforms that Rave supports.

  • Step 4: From this page, select Netflix and log into your Netflix account.

**In order to watch Netflix, all users will be required to select it from the list of streaming platforms and Sign in to their accounts.

  • Step 5: Now choose the movie/content and play it, you want to watch with friends.
  • Step 6: Finally share the viewing party link with your friends. 

When they’ll tap the link, they will be taken to your watch party and can enjoy the movie.

2. Hearo


Hearo basically is an app-based platform. Using this platform subscribers can stream Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, Paramount+, and other services simultaneously.

Besides, through HearoOpens in a new tab. you can host super watch parties over 35 of the world’s top premium and free streaming services with just one click.

Here are the procedures to use the Hearo app to watch Netflix together on an iPhone:

  • Step 1: From the App StoreOpens in a new tab. install the Hearo app. Then open the app and create an account.
  • Step 2: Here you’ll be redirected to the app’s home page. After that, tap on the “Green Call ” button. Here a share link will create.
  • Step 3: Then, you have to copy the link to your clipboard and send it to your friends via Email, text message, or any other way you choose.
  • Step 4: Now from this home page, select the “N” icon (Netflix) and log in to your Netflix account. 

**Here also ask your friends to sign in to their Netflix account in the Hearo app (like how you do it)

  • Step 4: Now select a movie or video from Netflix and once your friends join the watch party, you can start streaming Netflix together.

N.B.: To watch Netflix together, each member will need their own Hearo account and need to be signed in to Netflix.

3. Scener


With Scener you can stream shows and movies socially from any major streaming platform.

Another advantage of Scener is that it has a mobile app for iPhones. As a result, in addition to Netflix, users may utilize it to join parties that sync YouTube, Tubi, Max, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Showtime.

N.B.: Here remember that, through an iPhone, you can’t host Netflix streaming but using an iPhone you/anyone can join the party and enjoy the show. 

For this reason, anyone in your group must have a computer/laptop to host the streaming.

So check out these step-by-step procedures to use the Scener app to watch Netflix together on an iPhone:

  • Step 1: At first, install the Scener app from the App StoreOpens in a new tab. (only available for USA). Once the app is installed, follow the instructions on the screen to sign up.
  • Step 2: Now ask your friend (who has a PC) to add Scener Extension in Chrome Browser and sign up. Then click on “Host a watch party” and click the “Start now” option.
  • Step 3: After that, ask him/her to select Netflix and Sign in to it. Next, select a movie or show and share the party link with you and others.
  • Step 4: Now on your iPhone, you have to tap on the link. This will automatically join you at the party. 

4. Zoom


Zoom is a cloud-based platform for video conferencing. The platform allows people to collaborate in real-time and connect from anywhere in the world. 

Even though Zoom was primarily designed for business meetings, it is amongst the best choice for watching Netflix together on an iPhone.

Procedures to use Zoom to watch Netflix with friends on an iPhone:

  • Step 1: From the App StoreOpens in a new tab. install the Zoom app. Next, open the app and create an account or log in to your existing account.
  • Step 2: Now from the app’s home page tap on “New Meeting” and tap on the “Start a Meeting” option.
  • Step 3: After that, from the bottom menu tap on the “Participants” option and click on “Invite” in the bottom left corner.
  • Step 4: Then tap on “Copy Invite Link” and share it with your friends.
  • Step 5: Now again return to the meeting homepage and from the bottom menu tap on “Share” and select “Screen“. After that, tap on “Start Broadcast
  • Step 6: Next, when all of your friends join the party, minimize the Zoom app and open the “Netflix” app.
  • Step 7: Then sign in to the app and select/play the movie you want to watch with your friends.

Now everyone in the party can watch a movie or TV show.

5. Google Meet

Google meet

The Google Meet platform allows users to video conference and communicate online. In addition to virtual meetings and webinars, it is ideal for teamwork and collaboration.

But you can use Google Meet’s screen-sharing feature to watch Netflix together on an iPhone. However, remember that the audio quality might be bad.

Here is the process to use Google Meet to watch Netflix together on an iPhone:

  • Step 1: Install Google Meet from the App StoreOpens in a new tab. and open it. Then sign in with your Google account or continue without an account.
  • Step 2: Now from the home page tap on the “New” button and select the “Create a new meeting” option.
  • Step 3: After that, copy the meeting link from the popup message and send it to your friends. Then from the same popup message, select the “Join Meeting” option.
  • Step 4: Next, tap on “Join” from the bottom menu. Now in the meeting homepage’s bottom section, tap on “3 dots” and select the “Share Screen” option.
  • Step 5: Then mark the “Also share your device’s audio” option and tap on “Continue“.
  • Step 6: Now tap on the “Start Broadcast” option. This will share your iPhone’s entire screen.
  • Step 7: Next, when all of your friends join, minimize the Google Meet app and open the “Netflix” app.
  • Step 8: Then sign in to the app and select/play the movie you want to watch with your friends.

In addition to these, other apps, software, and browser extensions are also available to watch Netflix with other people.

This includes: Teleparty, MetaStream, Kast, Vemos, Syncplay, TwoSeven, Watch With Friends, etc.

But most of them require a PC or Laptop to utilize properly. So along with the iPhone, if you have a PC, you should also try out those platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

While most of this topic has been covered in this article, there might still be a few questions in your mind. Some of these questions are answered in this FAQ section.

What Streaming Apps That Support Shareplay On Facetime?

Usually, without Netflix, Shareplay supports several popular streaming apps. This includes Apple TV+, Apple Music, Disney+, UFC, STARZ, Paramount+, Hulu, ESPN+, Max, MUBI, Digital Concert Hall, Spotify, Shudder, Pluto TV, etc.

What Issues May I Face While Streaming Netflix?

While streaming Netflix, you may experience issues such as buffering, black screens, audio or video problems, and error codes. A slow internet connection, issues with your device or Netflix app, and issues with your account can all cause these problems.

Is It Legal Or Illegal To Share Netflix Content By Streaming With Others?

No, it is not legal to share Netflix content by streaming with others outside of your household. According to Netflix’s terms of service, accounts are for “Non-commercial And Personal Use Only” and can not be shared.

Final Words

Usually, FaceTime is widely popular among iPhone users, but they often complain that they can’t stream or enjoy Netflix content together with their friends. But here we tried to give a solution to this.

Here remember that the services we have discussed throughout the article aren’t officially supported by Netflix. So they can stop it at any time.

Finally, as it’s quite illegal to share Netflix content with others, so you should be also careful about it. Otherwise, your account could be banned by Netflix.

That’s all for now. Do you have any questions or suggestions, below is a comment section where you can share them.

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