Can You Turn Off 5G on iPhone 13? [Explained Here]

The 5G network has been newly introduced, but still, it isn’t available widely all around the world. Many major cities don’t have this network or are still in the process of approval. Apple may have launched iPhone 13 and other respective models supporting 5G, but you simply have to switch to different modes if the network isn’t available.

Is it possible to turn off 5G on iPhone 13? Yes! You can turn off the 5G network on your iPhone 13 and switch to 4G or your preferred network. For this, the first step is to navigate to your settings and then on the Phone option, and you can make changes and shift the network mode.

This article will cover all the aspects of 5G on iPhone 13 and the appropriate steps to turn it off. Therefore, stay with us right until the end of this blog to know more about the process.

What is the 5G feature on iPhone 13?

The 5G network is the 5th Generation network standard, which aims to revolutionize mobile technology. It is meant for higher data speeds that come with ultra-low latency.

In addition, the network capacity of the 5G network would be massive compared to its predecessors. It would focus on a much more efficient output in the case of ensuring the user experience.

The best part is that iPhone 13 supports the highest number of 5G bandsOpens in a new tab. compared to any other device. Here the 5G modes like- 5G+, 5GUW, and 5GUC enable a higher frequency version of 5G. Moreover, using a 5G network will optimize the device and affect its battery life.

How Do I Know If 5G is Working on iPhone 13?

Since 5G isn’t still available in most cities, you can be clueless about whether your iPhone 13 is using this network mode. 5G is much faster and provides a super-fast connection to any device.

To know whether 5G is working on your iPhone 13, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

The first step would be to go to Settings of your iPhone 13 from the menu or homepage.

Navigate to Settings

Step 2: Tap on Cellular

After going to the Settings menu, you’ll see several options. From there, tap on Cellular.

Tap on Cellular

Step 3: Click on Cellular Data Options

The next step would be to click on the Cellular data options, and after that tap on Voice & Data. Here you can view whether your Phone supports 5G or not.

Click on Cellular Data Options

Since you’re using iPhone 13, you’ll see 5G, 4G, or LTE options. Other than this, when your plan doesn’t have 5G, you won’t get to use it even if your phone supports it.

How to Turn Off 5G on Your iPhone 13?

Turning off 5G in your iPhone 13 is easygoing and is a matter of a few simple steps. The steps in this process are discussed below:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Click on the Settings icon on your menu.

Go to Settings

Tap on the Cellular.

Tap on the Cellular

Step 2: Choose Cellular Data Options

In this step, you’ll need to tap on Cellular Data Options.

Choose Cellular Data Options

Then, select Voice & Data.

select Voice & Data

Step 3: Choose the preferred network mode.

After tapping Voice & Data, you’ll see 5G, 5G Auto, and LTEOpens in a new tab. options. To turn off the 5G, choose LTE as it’s the slower mode of 4G. Thus, you’ll be successfully able to turn off 5G and switch to another network.

Choose the preferred network mode

How Turning Off 5G Will Impact Your iPhone 13 Functionality?

Turning off 5G and switching to a different network mode significantly changes the phone’s functionality. Some of the aspects are discussed below:

Battery Life

The battery life is highly impacted when using the 5G network on iPhone 13. When using the 4G network, the iPhone 13 lasts around 1.5-2 hours more than when using 5G.

That means disabling the 5G network significantly increases the battery life of the iPhone 13 to some extent.

Download and Streaming

Disabling 5G will result in a drop in the download speeds and streaming quality of your iPhone 13. 5G enables superior download or upload speeds and ensures high streaming and online gaming quality.

It also enables FaceTime in HD. But shifting to 4G will eventually lead to a drop in the outputs for all these cases.

Location Tracking

When it comes to location tracking, 5G enables better output as well as accuracy. Compared to 4G networks, the accuracy precision range for 5G is way lower. The 5G network ensures precision within 1 m compared to the 400-500 m in the case of the 4G network.

Pros and Cons of keeping or disabling 5G on your iPhone 13

Using 5G on your iPhone 13 is altogether a new thing. It has a share of its pros and cons that are discussed below:


  • Lighting fast network
  • Ultra-low latency, which is around five milliseconds
  • The network will work smoothly with applications that are high demand and consumes more data
  • Devices in the network can connect efficiently due to powerful hotspot


  • Not a wider coverage
  • It plays a part in draining battery life


Since 5G is relatively new, there are a few questions that most users ponder. Some of the most asked queries are answered below:

Is 5G better than LTE?

5G is way quicker than LTE. It has much lower latency, around 4-5 milliseconds, whereas, for LTE, the downloading is approximately 50-60 milliseconds.

Does 5G make iPhone 13 hot?

Yes, 5G occasionally plays a significant part in getting your iPhone 13 hot. The reason is that 5G consumes more energy compared to LTE. As a result, there can be issues with heating when you are multitasking on your iPhone 13 for an extended period.

What are the health risks of 5G?

There are no specific health risks associated with the 5G network. Instead, all radio frequencies under which all other network spectrum falls may or may not be carcinogenic.


iPhone 13 is one of the few models that support most of the bands of the 5G network. But it won’t be helpful if that iPhone isn’t in a location under 5G coverage.

The limited availability is one of the core drawbacks of 5G to date. But the super-fast network and low latency speeds alleviate such deficiency to some extent. Turning off the 5G network may be necessary when you are out of coverage.

But for things like low battery life, you can always opt for power-saving mode or turn off the background of a few applications when you are outside. Moreover, the benefits of the 5G network are many, but it would take time to mitigate and adapt to deficiencies.

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