Can You Text Someone You Blocked iPhone?

Blocking contacts allows you to take control and choose who can reach you. It is the fastest and most straightforward method of stopping undesired digital.

However, sometimes you may need to contact the persons you blocked via text or phone. But can you text someone you blocked on your iPhone?

Yes, sending an SMS to someone you have blocked on your iPhone is possible. Blocking just affects incoming calls and messages. It has no connection with outgoing activities.

But, you won’t be able to get a response when texting someone you’ve blocked. Unblocking is the only method to get a reply from them.

A far more relaxing alternative to ignoring someone is blocking. Let’s now explore the specifics of blocking contacts on an iPhone!

Can You Text Someone You Blocked On Your iPhone?

Sending texts is entirely up to you. Every text you send will reach them. That’s a remarkable feature of blocking someone. You are removing their ability to message you while retaining your own. So, if you want to express your closing thoughts, SMS them.

Blocked contacts only have an impact on incoming communications. You won’t get texts sent to you from blocked numbers. But you can still SMS the contact, and the recipient will still get the message.

You won’t receive a response if they choose to answer your SMS. As long as the contact is blocked, the response won’t be sent.

However, the Messaging application won’t receive a delivery or view receipt confirmation. As a result, it won’t say Received or Read if you send an iMessage.

But, the text will still be capable of being sent as an iMessage. If you’re texting from an iPhone, the text box will be blue rather than green.

Can You Text Someone You Blocked On Your iPhone

Can You iMessage A Blocked User?

You can contact a blocked person on iMessage. The issue is that the text won’t display as delivered or read. Additionally, the recipient won’t be able to respond to your iMessages.

Sending iMessages to anyone you’ve blocked just seems insane and stupid. Also, remember that the recipient will instantly block you if you plan to harass them without receiving a response.

Can You Text A Blocked User Using a Third-Party App?

The operation of a third-party program like WhatsApp is different. You have to unblock the number before sending a text. Therefore, it is not recommended to message a blacklisted contact using WhatsApp.

Instead of texting someone, many individuals prefer to WhatsApp them since WhatsApp allows you to see whether the text was received or read.

However, if the recipient is blocked, you will need to reach him at the number to send him a text. Otherwise, you have to unblock it for texting.

Can A Blocked Number Contact You?

It’s difficult for someone you’ve blocked to contact you with the same contact details. They would send you a text message, but it would never get to you.

On some phones, it’s possible that after unblocking a contact, you’ll receive every message they’ve ever sent.

iPhone has the feature to avoid calls or texts from blocked contact. The software blocks email addresses and contact information, making it impossible to get around a block on iMessage. As a result, the text is covertly deleted from the recipient’s iPhone.

Yet, there is a way to send a text via iMessage. All that the blacklisted contact needs to do is modify the caller ID.

The recipient must use a new email address to accomplish this. You will get the text because just the previous email address was banned, not the other one!

Can A Blocked Number Contact You

Does The iPhone Have A Blocked Messages File?

On the iPhone, there is no storage for prohibited texts. Blocking someone prevents calls, text messages, and iMessages from being delivered to that person. You can’t possibly save any banned calls or messages on your iPhone.

Once you’ve blocked someone, you’ve entirely cut off their access to your phone. This covers phone calls, texts, and iMessage. Your iPhone won’t receive texts from blocked contacts.

There aren’t any texts to be recovered since they weren’t sent to your iPhone. You can easily text a person you’ve blocked on your iPhone. But unless you unblock the recipient, you won’t get the person’s response or feedback.

Even though you might have blocked anyone on your iPhone, you still want to see their texts. Remember that you cannot see texts sent after banning a contact. If you opt to blocklist that number, you can view the texts sent to you initially.

How Can You Text A Person Who Has Blocked You On An iPhone?

Can You Text Someone You Blocked iPhone

Since it enables iPhone users to keep in contact without necessarily having to meet up in person, texting through iMessage is a well-liked method of communication.

However, someone can choose to block you on your iPhone following a miscommunication. When this occurs, you won’t be able to contact them again until they unblock you.

The user controls iMessage blocking. As a result, you cannot get around it. However, you can text who has blocked you by modifying your caller ID on your iPhone.

Listed below are the steps you should take to accomplish that:

  • Step 01: Tap the Settings button
  • Step 02: Now, access iMessages.
  • Step 03: After that, simply select “Send and Receive.”
  • Step 04: Then find and choose the “You may be reached by iMessage at” option.
  • Step 05: Click “Add another email” and put your new email address.
  • Step 06: Confirm the email as quickly as possible.
  • Step 07: After validating your new email address, hit “Start New Conversations.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Green Text Indicate a Blocked Message?

Your contact information was not blacklisted if a text on your iPhone appeared in green. Additionally, it doesn’t imply that the message was not sent. Instead, it indicates that a regular SMS message was used to send the message. iMessage will have a blue appearance.

How Can I Get My iPhone’s Blocked Messages Back?

Sadly you can’t get your blocked messages back. On your iPhone, blocked texts are not retrievable. You won’t be capable of getting calls or texts from blocked individuals. There is no blocked file for recovering data on iPhones.

If a Text Is Blocked, Does It Still Go Through?

Your iPhone doesn’t display any text messages from blacklisted contacts. Any text sent to you while the number was blocked is not visible after unblocking it. However, if you SMS a blocked contact, they will get it.

Why Is My iPhone Still Getting Texts from A Blocked Number?

If a blacklisted number still sends you an SMS, you might have blocked it from calling in the iPhone app options. Blocking the contact in your messaging app’s settings would be best. iMessage is also the same.


A quick approach to avoid difficulty is to block contact. But occasionally, you feel compelled to engage with these folks for unknown reasons. Or perhaps you want to continue a one-sided chat without their input. They will get all of your calls and texts for sure.

Hopefully, this article seeks to clear up any misconceptions about whether you can text someone you blocked on your iPhone. Sending text would still be possible even if you blocked a contact. It merely prevents them from contacting you via texts or calls.

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