Can You Return AirPods To Amazon? Explained in Details

If you just bought some AirPods from Amazon that you’re not satisfied with, you might feel the need to return them. But the question is, can you return AirPods to Amazon after a successful purchase?

Well, Airpods bought from Amazon can be returned if the device is still in the same condition as it was when received. This falls under Amazon’s general return policy of 30 days from delivery. Also, this policy applies to both prime and regular customers.

But if the Airpods were bought via an Amazon third-party seller, you’ll have to return the goods to the seller. Moreover, the return period is stated on your account order and product page. Continue reading to learn more about Amazon’s AirPods return policy.

Can Airpods be returned on Amazon?

Airpods bought directly from Amazon-listed sellers are returnable so long as they are still new or unopened. This is particularly true if the reversal is made within the policy’s return window of 30 days, otherwise, the Airpod will be listed as a non-returnable item.

Can You Return AirPods To Amazon

Moreover, the above is limited to scenarios when you buy directly from Amazon. In a case where you buy from a third-party Amazon Airpod seller, you might be given a return policy of 7 to 30 days. Watch this video to learn how you can return Airpods to Amazon:

How To Return Airpods Back To Amazon After Purchasing?

It’s true Amazon offers a 30-day window for the return of purchased products, but how about the reasons behind the return? The reasons for returning such products are another factor that could tell whether the products will be accepted.

A relevant reason could be dissatisfaction with the products (AirPods in this case). Other reasons are damaged goods due to poor packaging or the delivery took longer than negotiated.

The steps below give a clear description on how you can return AirPods to Amazon:

Step 1: Visit the “your orders” tab to show your recent orders.

Visit the your orders tab to show your recent orders

Step 2: Select the order and click on Return or Replace Airpod.

Step 3: Choose the item to be returned and pick an option from the menu of Reason to Return.

Choose the item to be returned

Step 4: Choose the return method you prefer.

Choose the return method you prefer

Step 5: Select how you intend to do your return processing.

Select how you intend to do your return processing

Step 6: Print a statement of the return authorization and the return label. A particular return label is allocated to a certain return. To ensure you get the refund correctly, do not add items from various shipments or orders in the same box.

Step 7: Include your return label and pack up your Airpod for return. During this stage, the returns center will send you an instruction. Pack the Airpods based on that instruction.

Include your return label and pack up your Airpod for return

Moreover, you can monitor the status of your refund or a return of your orders by clicking on view return/refund status close to the relevant order. However, you must initiate the return via your orders for a box-free and label-free return.

If you pick a box-free and label-free location, it voids your ability to package the Airpods in a shipping box. Upon completing these steps, a QR code will be sent to you. Take the Airpods you wish to return along with the QR code to the drop-off location for return. 

Watch the video below to see how you can refund items bought on Amazon:

Can You Return Used AirPods To Amazon?

It’s possible to return used AirPods, provided the state of the AirPods complies with Amazon’s conditions for returning used products. If the used AirPods must be returned, the first condition is they must remain unbroken.

Can A Customer Return Used AirPods to Amazon

Secondly, they must be packaged in the original pack. You can also refer to the product page and account order for more information about the return requirements for used Airpods.

The 30 days Amazon’s standard return policy covers different earbud brands, including Apple, Oraimo, Boat, Oppo, pTron, and Samsung Galaxy. This rule applies to Airpods, whether they are used or not. But if they are used, ensure that the packaging is still intact just as it was upon delivery.

Can You Return The AirPods Without Original Packaging?

Amazon’s consumer electronics need to be in their original packaging before you can return them. This is particularly so for new and used products, regardless of the 30 days return window offered by Amazon.

Can AirPod With No Packaging Be Returned

Amazon does not accept an electronic component without the original serial number or Universal Product Code (UPC). This code can be found on the packaging. This is why you must save the original packaging of any product (including AirPods) you wish to return.

If the packaging is damaged, you can explain it directly to Amazon. To make such complaints, you can reach Amazon through the customer care lines available on their official website. Alternatively, you can chat with them directly from the Amazon product website.

Does Amazon Accept Returns After 30 Days?

The standard return window period of Amazon is 30 days. However, Amazon may still accept Airpods returned after 30 days if the product is permitted an extended return period.

The above condition explains why it is essential to check the product page and account order to determine the return time of the product. Regardless of Amazon’s standard return policy, third-party items still have different return periods depending on the product brand.

Do I Need To Pay Shipping Charges While Returning The AirPods To Amazon?

No return fee or charge is required during the return of AirPods to Amazon. But this is not the case with third-party sellers on Amazon. This means that the return process with a third-party seller on Amazon will attract some shipment charges.

However, Amazon Prime members who make a considerable number of orders monthly stand a chance of not paying a return shipping fee. Also, you may be exempted if you disclosed your returning intentions by contacting Amazon customer care on a live chat early enough. 

Can Amazon AirPod Return Policy Be Abused?

It’s possible to abuse Amazon’s product return policy. This happens mostly when your Amazon account is known for recurrent returns of goods after delivery. Amazon can ban your account from making returns for a while. Moreover, Amazon has the right to take action against customers who request a return and don’t return the Airpods.

This will be tracked by a team of Amazon researchers that will check the concession limit of the buyer. However, Amazon sends a warning mail to the buyer before his/her account gets a permanent ban due to concession abuse.

How To Return Products Received As A Gift Back To Amazon?

You can return a gift AirPods bought from Amazon but under certain conditions. That is if you have the product’s 17-digit code and order number. Here is what you can do to return a gift AirPod.

Go to the page for gift return. Write your order number and the 17-digit code on the packing slip. Move on with the online prompt, and you will be offered a free shipping label that can be printed.

The steps to return an Amazon Airpod gift differ from those required to return purchased Airpods. If you can’t get the order number of the Airpod, then you have to contact the buyer to hand it to you.

For more information on Amazon’s gifts return policy, watch the video below:

International Airpods return channels

Amazon offers several mediums for the return of goods (including AirPods) due to its large customer base. These mediums are:

  • Fee charge return label: This depends on the location; $ 25 may be included as a refund fee. Usually, this service is for a swift refund.
  • Express pick-up by DHL: This pick-up service entails a time, location, and convenient place. However, this is allowed only in selected countries.
  • Express drop-off by DHL: After your refund has been made, this service initiates a drop-off at your convenient location. Again, this service is only available in selected countries.
  • UPS drop-off: This service returns customer shipments, usually from Amazon to Canada. Amazon uses a pre-paid UPS drop-off label to make payment for this service.

Amazon Items that Cannot be Returned

Due to the variety of items sold on Amazon, some have a non-return policy. Examples include:

Amazon Items that cannot be returned.
  • Grocery products/prime pantry products: Perishable products such as meat and dairy products are not eligible to be returned.
  • Live Insects: If the ant or ladybug you bought from Amazon turns out to be dead before you got them, you cannot send them back.
  • Gift Cards: These are like money, so no refund on this.
  • Downloadable Software: Amazon does not accept people downloading software and returning them.
  • Gas or hazardous products: For you to seek a return for this kind of product, the manufacturer has to be contacted directly.
  • Personal care items: Items like cosmetics cannot be returned to Amazon.
  • Some jewelry: Personalized jewelry cannot be returned because it cannot be resold.
  • Fresh flowers/Live plants: Be very sure you want to buy any live flower or plant because they can’t be returned to Amazon.
  • Food for pets: If this product turns out to be with problems, you are eligible for a return. But the truth is that the item is non-returnable.
  • Product without a serial number or UPC number: When unpacking your good, the UPC or serial number becomes inaccessible, and the product automatically becomes yours since Amazon doesn’t take back such products.

For any complaints involving any of these non-returnable items, contact Amazon customer care. Watch this video for more information on how to return a non-returnable item to Amazon-India:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need valid reasons to return an Airpod to Amazon?

You can only return your AirPods on the grounds of a complaint. Such a reason (or reasons) must be stated on the return page. It could be a change of plans on your part, or you are not satisfied with the AirPods.

Also, you may decide to return AirPods you bought from Amazon if they arrived broken or they arrived late.

However, if you’re having overheating issues or sound issues, or some type of connectivity issue with your newly purchased AirPods, we recommend checking out our detailed guide to fix the problem before considering a return.

Does Amazon Limit Airpod return?

Amazon doesn’t place limits on AirPods return. This is particularly so if the problem comes from the platform or occurred during the product shipment. However, you can only make returns no more than 5 to 10 times a month.

Bottom Line

It’s possible to buy AirPods on Amazon and not feel satisfied with them. This is a situation that could make you want to ask, ‘can you return AirPods to Amazon?

If you purchased Airpods from Amazon, you could return them as long as it does not exceed the return period of 30 days. But, make sure you have the order number of the AirPods.Even though the AirPods have been used, as long as they are still in their original packaging, they can be returned to Amazon. Moreover, you need to check the account order or product page of AirPods to find the return policy. Lastly, the product barcode, serial number, and UPC number of the Airpods have to be intact for a return to be possible. But note that Amazon places a limit on the number of times you can return products in a month.

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