Can You Put An Android SIM Card Into An iPhone?

Yes, you can put an android SIM card into an iPhone. It is compatible with the same carriers and runs smoothly on older iOS versions. Removing the SIM both from Android and iPhone is pretty straightforward.

Both Android and iOS come with a wide range of facilities. Android and iPhone devices are easy to operate. But the problem starts when you try to use them in a combination. SIM card size is a crucial factor while inserting it into the iPhone. The problems start after inserting the SIM into the iPhone.

Troubleshooting the symptoms after you’ve put the SIM card into your iPhone helps solve the issue quickly. Knowing how to insert an android SIM card carefully into an iPhone saves a lot of time and helps avoid mistakes.

Why Should You Use an Android SIM Card With an iPhone?

Can You Put An Android SIM Card Into An iPhone?

There are several reasons for using an android SIM with an iPhone. Android SIM cards are very flexible to use. These SIMs are a blessing if you’re in trouble.

Compatible With Same Carrier

If your friend has the same carrier as you but is not compatible with iOS, then using an android SIM card is the best solution. You won’t have to buy a new SIM for your iPhone.

Available On Both System

You want to make your phone number accessible on both Android and iPhone. This occurs when you want to use apps from the operating system you prefer (Apple App Store or Play). But an android SIM card helps a lot in solving this problem.

Works Smoothly On Older iOS

It’s easy to use an android SIM on an older iPhone. This way, you can use the older iOS system for a long time.

How To Remove a SIM Card From Android And iPhone?

You don’t have to be a specialist to remove a SIM card from an android and an iPhone. Android and iPhone manufacturers will provide the tools to remove a SIM card. You’ve to open the SIM card slot first before removing the SIM card.

Removing SIM card From An Android

Removing SIM card From An Android

Most Android devices follow the same method. Follow these to remove your SIM from your smartphone.

Step 01: Finding the Pinhole

The slot’s position varies on different devices. You’ll find a tiny pinhole on the outer part of the Android. Some smartphones come with a detachable back casing. You’ve to remove it before removing the SIM.

Step 02: Using the SIM ejector tool

Most Android manufacturers provide a SIM ejector tool for each device. Use a pin or a paper clip in case you don’t have lost the ejector tool. Carefully use the hook when you’re opening the tray.

Step 03: Pulling out the Tray

The slot will come out partially after using the ejector tool. Manually pull out the rest of the tray to remove your SIM card.

Removing SIM card From iPhone

Removing SIM card From iPhone

Every iPhone follows the same procedure to detach a SIM card. You can follow these tactics to remove the SIM card from your iPhone.

Step 01: Confirming Pinhole and Tray location

In every iPhone, the pinhole is located at the side of it. The tray is connected to the pinhole. It is on the right side of the device in the middle. Use the ejector tool once you’ve confirmed the location.

Step 02: Use the Ejector tool or a Pin

Now, use the ejector tool to open the SIM card slot. Use a paperclip or a pin carefully in case you’ve lost it. Then, slowly take out the SIM tray.

How To Insert A SIM Card Into An iPhone?

Inserting a SIM into an iPhone is child’s play. However, doing it carelessly may turn into a disaster.

Follow this step-by-step guideline to insert a SIM from your Android to your iPhone.

Step 01: Turn Off Your iPhone

Tap the power button on the right side to turn off your iPhone. You’ll find it on the top of the iPhone if you’re using an older version.

Step 02: Choose The Right SIM card Size

It depends on the iPhone version you’re using. Use nano SIM for iPhone 5 or the latest version. Micro SIM is perfect for iPhone 4 and 4s. Choose Standard SIM if you are an iPhone 3G and 3GS user.

Step 03: Finding The SIM card Slot

The slot is halfway down on the right side of the iPhone. The ejector tool/ paperclip will help you to open the tray partially.

Step 04: Pull Out The Tray

Use a little force to pull out the tray before replacing the android SIM card.

Step 05: Put Android’s SIM card

Put your Android SIM after you have the tray in your hand. Carefully insert it; otherwise, you may break the SIM card.

Step 06: Set Tray To Default Position

Now, use a little force to insert the tray into its initial position after putting the android SIM into it.

Step 07: Power On Your iPhone

Tap the power button to turn your iPhone on. It’ll automatically connect to the network. You’ve to solve the problem if it doesn’t connect to the network.

How To Troubleshoot SIM Activation Issues?

You may face some issues after inserting the SIM card into your iPhone. Don’t worry! These methods will solve most of your after-SIM inserting problems.

Method 01: Use Wi-Fi

Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network. You won’t notice any activation notification if the data plan has expired.

Method 02: Link With iTunes

Use a computer with internet access to link your iPhone to iTunes. A USB cable connects the iPhone to the PC easily. Then, open iTunes to activate the SIM.

Method 03: Restore Your iPhone

Restoring is the last option for your iPhone to acknowledge the SIM card. This procedure will activate the SIM.

Methods Of Transferring Contact From Android To iPhone

Contacts are an essential means of communicating with your friends and families. However, transferring contacts from your Android to your iPhone is pretty simple. You can move them by just following some easy methods.

Method 01: Use The Move to iOS app

This app is available in the Google play store. It’ll transfer all your emails, images, videos, messages, bookmarks, and contacts. Wi-Fi is mandatory if you want to use this app.

Use The Move to iOS app

Method 02: Use Your Android Device

This is the best option to transfer your contacts to your iPhone. These steps will help you to share your contacts from Android to iPhone.

Step 01: Open Settings On Android

First, find the contact apps, then click the menu button to open settings on your Android.

Open Settings On Android

Step 02: Find Import/Export

The import and export option is available in the settings. Export your contacts to a SIM card by tapping on export.

Find Import or Export

Step 03: Remove The SIM card From Your Android

Wait until all your contacts are moved to the SIM card. Remove the card after completing the export.

Step 04: Open iPhone Settings

Now, open the settings app on your iPhone. You’ll find it in the apps section.

Open iPhone Settings

Step 05: Click Contacts

Click on contacts to import the contact numbers from the SIM card. It is titled Mail, Contact, and Calendar in some older iOS versions.

Click Contacts

Step 06: Import To Contacts Apps From SIM card

All your contacts will be transferred to your iPhone’s contact app from a SIM card. You can confirm it by cross-checking the contact list.

Import To Contacts Apps From SIM card

Method 03: Google Backup

Using cloud storage to transfer contacts is another simple and safe method. A google account eases the contact moving job.

Step 01: Open Settings Of Your Android Device

Open google on your Android to back up contacts. If google doesn’t backup your contacts automatically, open the settings and go to contacts.

Next, click Sync On in your google account to back up your contacts.

Step 02: Add a Google account To iPhone

Now, add the account to your iPhone. Permit contact syncing once you’ve set up the account. If you’re facing difficulties, then go to settings. You’ll find Passwords & accounts in settings. Then connect the Gmail account.

Step 03: Move Contacts To Your iPhone

Put the contact slider ON to move the contacts to your iPhone from your Gmail account.

Bottom Line

Android SIMs are handy when you need them to insert into your iPhone. These SIM cards are easy to install and are compatible with iOS also. SIM size for an iPhone is crucial before you put it into your iPhone.

So, can you put an android SIM card into an iPhone? Hopefully, the analysis has provided you with the required answers. Follow the steps carefully before you place your Android SIM into your iPhone. Remember to troubleshoot after you’ve installed the SIM card from your Android.

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