Can Shower Steam Damage iPhone 11/12/13?

Shower steam can definitely damage your iPhone on 11/12/13. In fact, moisture can quickly enter your iPhone and damage several parts.

Vapor also forms condensate, which is basically water under boiling temperature. And iPhones are water resistant, not waterproof. So, water can enter your iPhone in the form of condensation. It will also void your Apple warranty.

Most iPhone users trust the iPhone’s IP ratings while going for a swim or underwater videography. We even take iPhones in the shower, thinking that steam won’t hurt much as it’s not water.

But is that all true? Can shower steam damage iPhone 11/12/13?

In all honesty, it’s best to avoid using iPhones in water, especially in the bathroom, swimming pool, river, etc. Despite the IP ratings, it won’t save your iPhone.

Is It Ok If Shower Steam Gets Into iPhone 11/12/13?

No, keeping your iPhone near the shower stem is not ok. It may damage your iPhone and void the warranty.

You might wonder why it matters, as steam is gas, not liquid! It matters because steam is hot, having a temperature above the boiling point. When such hot steam gets into your iPhone, it can damage various plastic parts.

On top of that, the steam turns into water when the temperature gets below the boiling point. As a result, your iPhone will have water inside. And there is a high possibility of water damage on your iPhone.

Can Shower Steam Damage iPhone?

But What About The IP Ratings?

Well, IP ratings don’t make your iPhone 11/12/13 waterproof. Instead, it refers to water resistance.

However, according to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), high-pressure water jets or steam will definitely damage your iPhoneOpens in a new tab..

The condensation will cause water intrusion inside your iPhone on 11/12/13. Unfortunately, water resistance IP ratings won’t protect from water damage.

On the other hand, it won’t cover your official warranty. So, you might need to fix it with your own money, which is a lot!

What Do IP Ratings Mean On iPhone 11/12/13?

You might notice that there are always IP ratings with every iPhone. And iPhone 11, 12, and 13 have IP68 ratings. So that means they have water resistance.

But most people take it wrong and think iPhones are waterproof. Well, water-resistant and waterproof aren’t the same things. So, if you use your iPhone in water or underwater, it can easily get damaged because of water intrusion.

iPhone 11 has an IP68 rating, which means it can survive under a 2-meter depth in water for 30 minutes. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have an IP68 rating, meaning they can resist water under 4 meters for 30 minutes.

iPhone 12 and 13 series have the same rating but can resist water under 6-meter depth for  30 minutes. All of the ratings follow IEC standards.

Here, 30 minutes is the limit. So, there’s no certification on waterproofing. Even Apple authorities warn you against using an iPhone underwater.

iPhone ModelsIP RatingResistance Up To
iPhone 11IP68

(IEC standard 60529)

Max Depth: 2 meter
Max Time: 30 mins
iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro Max


(IEC standard 60529)

Max Depth: 4 meter
Max Time: 30 mins
iPhone 12 (all variants)
iPhone 13 (all variants)
iPhone 14 (all variants)

(IEC standard 60529)

Max Depth: 6 meter
Max Time: 30 mins

Keep in mind that you won’t get warranty coverage if there’s water damage. How long the device will survive purely depends on luck. So, be careful the next time you take your iPhone to the shower or sauna.

What Can You Do If Your iPhone Caught Moisture Because Of The Steam?

What Can You Do If Your iPhone Caught Moisture Because Of The Steam

If your iPhone 11/12/13 gets wet, don’t wait thinking nothing will happen because of the IP ratings. Instead, take action without any delay.

Remove the excess water with a lint-free cloth. You can also use tissues to remove the water. Let it sit under a fan until it becomes dry. Then, clear the charging port with some dry rag.

Also, don’t ever put on the charger of your iPhone until you are entirely sure that all the water has been removed from the inside and outside.

Apart from these precautionary steps, do the following to remove water from inside your iPhone.

  • Leave the iPhone upside down for at least 24 hours until all the water is naturally sipped out of it.
  • Place the phone inside a box full of silica gel packs for at least 24 hours.
  • Clean the charging port and speaker using cotton swabs.
  • Rinse off any visual shower products with running water.
  • Use a third party water draining appOpens in a new tab. to force water out of the device.

If you take the iPhone in a steamy bathroom, check the condensate all over the phone, especially in the charging port and speaker.

And then, take your iPhone to the repair shop and check it for water damage. On top of that, don’t forget to use the water-resistant seal while fixing it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does IP67 protect from the water?

No, the IP67 rating on your iPhone won’t protect it from the water. That’s because IP67 refers to water resistance.

Therefore, hot or cold water from the shower can enter your iPhone and cause water damage. You might have to go to the repair shop to fix the water damage.

Does steam ruin other electronics?

Yes, steam can damage most electronics. And the condensation from the steam is the main culprit here.

Steam is an invisible gas. If hot steam doesn’t cause any damage to electronics, the condensate from the steam will form water, and intrusion will cause damage to your electronics gadgets or appliances.

How long does it take to dry moisture from an iPhone?

It takes about 5 hours to dry the moisture from the iPhone before you try to charge it. It may be dangerous to charge the device if there is moisture in the lightning connector.

Please keep it in a dry area when it gets enough airflow. Or you can also go to some professionals to get help for water damage.

Can you tell the iPhone’s water damage from the outside?

Yes, even if you don’t open the iPhone, you can quickly tell about the water damage by some indications.

First, the liquid detection indicator will be activated, and the color will be changed. If there is moisture inside, the charging speed will also get slower. You might also see liquid or vapor under the display.

Final Words

Steam has high temperatures that can damage the internal phone parts, and the condensate can infiltrate the iPhone and cause water damage. Despite the IP rating, the iPhone can take water damage. That’s because IP ratings don’t give waterproof certification.

So, can shower steam damage the iPhone 11/12/13? Hopefully, this discussion has covered all the answers you need. So, don’t take your iPhone in the steam shower. It can damage and void your Apple warranties. Instead, take necessary measures when it gets wet unintentionally!

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