Can AirPods Break If Dropped? See What Our Tests Have Found!

Many have questioned the durability and sturdiness of AirPods, but only a tech-savvy user can tell the real deal. But can AirPods break if dropped?

Our test shows that AirPods won’t break if dropped from a considerable height (around 10 ft). The robust plastic chassis protects the earbuds if they fall flat on the ground. And if you drop them on water, chances are they will survive the damage and work just as fine.

However, despite these facts, it’s still a big if. The water resistance only applies to 3rd Gen AirPods (and AirPods Pro). But if you drop the case or the earpieces on a flat surface, internal and external damage may be unlikely, depending on the height.

Apple has designed the whole thing keeping durability in mind. So, the AirPods can withstand the shock if you accidentally drop them.

Want to know in more detail? Follow this article, where I’ll explain what our tests have found and how much damage to expect if you drop your AirPods.

Can AirPods Break If Dropped On the Ground? Let’s Put It to the Test!

To test our speculations, we arranged a setting to see how much damage a fall could inflict on AirPods. Below are the test results.

Dropped FromInternal DamageExternal DamageAirPods Case Condition
3.5 feet (Pocket height)NoneNoneOkay
6 feet (Ear height)NoneNoneOkay
10 feet (balcony, window height)NoneAirPods joint seem a bit loseSmall Dent
15 feet (upper floor)Problems with Noise Cancellation & SensorsLoose joints & tiny scratchesMultiple dents & scratches

Note: We used a pair of AirPods Pro to conduct these tests. The results may vary on different AirPods models and within the same model.

Verdict: AirPods Pro won’t break if you drop them from a considerable height, generally 8-10 feet. The same goes for recent models of AirPods.

Can AirPods Break If Dropped

Nevertheless, the same doesn’t entirely apply to the older AirPod models. The 1st gen earpieces are not as robust as the later generations. Besides, you won’t enjoy the IPX4 rating with these, either.

All in all, we understand that all AirPods and Apple earbuds are somewhat damage-proof if dropped from your pocket or ears. 

What If You Drop the AirPods From Too High?

According to our tests, there’s no guarantee that the AirPods will work if the height exceeds 10 ft. They might not break, but the internal circuit may get issues. Moreover, if you force them down even from 10 feet, the chances of the AirPods case cracking open is very likely. 

What If You Drop the AirPods From Too High

The damage also depends on the type of surface it is falling over.

For example, if the AirPods fall on a soft surface like grass, they may survive from over 10 feet. But remember, frequent drops will increase the chance of internal damage. So, no matter how sturdy the earpieces are, you need to be careful to prevent frequent falls.

How Much Drop Resistant Are AirPod Earpieces?

AirPod earpieces have a sleek design and are quite lightweight. So the reverse force after a fall makes it bounce and typically does not inflict damage. Also, the audio quality will not be hampered either.

However, even if you do not see any visible changes like cracks, a hard fall can damage internal properties such as the antenna, speaker, mic, or any other invisible parts. Besides, no matter what the height is, if you throw it forcefully, no one can ensure the drop resistance. AirPods Pro, on the other hand, has one benefit over other AirPods models. The silicone tips can reduce impact far better than hard plastic.

How Much Drop Resistant Are AirPod Earpieces

Not only that, if the AirPods fall naturally with no force and aggression, then they may remain just fine even from a 10 ft. fall. You might see some scratches on the plastic, but otherwise, everything stays good.

What About The Airpods Case? Will They Survive the Drop?

Airpods fall most of the time when you try to pull them out of your pocket. So, this tiny, slippery cube that you are going to drop from waist height is something that almost everyone experiences. And when this occurs, nothing actually happens to the AirPods.

Will Airpods Survive the Drop

Because of their lightweight, Airpods don’t gain momentum when hitting the ground. So, if the case with earbuds falls from a certain height, the earbuds may split, but in most cases, they will work when you put them back in the case. And you won’t face any issues with the charging either. Even if the case is dead, the earpieces will work just fine.

The white plastic case is not only hard to break but doesn’t lose its color like other cases. The outer layer is well protected and doesn’t catch dirt as well.

However, we found that the case gets scratches and dents if dropped from over 10-12 feets. Regardless of the physical damage, the charging still worked.

“Airpods Are Shockproof”- Myth or Real?

There is no authenticated record of AirPods being shockproof, and Apple makes no such claim.

Despite being a non-shockproof device, AirPods’ shock absorption mechanism is unique. And the secret is concealed inside the product’s components.

Because of the silicone and vulcanized plastic, AirPods can transmit force without falling apart. Eventually, if you want to break it or crash it, you need to throw it on a hard surface with extreme force.

If you are still not convinced because the claim is not official, you can attach a case protector to the AirPods. There are several types of AirPods cases available, and they safeguard the device. And it won’t matter whether the case is closed or not when you listen to music or watch movies.

What If You Drop the Airpods to Water?

Whether the AirPods will work or not if you drop them on water entirely depends on the version of your AirPods. Only the AirPod Pro and 3rd Gen models are water-resistant and sweatproof. But this doesn’t work for the 1st gen AirPods, nor AirPod Max.

So, if the non-water-resistant versions come in contact with water, there can be some problems. Although the water-resistant ones perform better, you should keep them away from water as much as you can, as they are not waterproof.

That’s why, it is not worth the risk to take them underwater while swimming or just test if they work after drenching at home. Besides, if you accidentally drop them in the water, make sure you dry them off using a soft microfiber towel.

In most cases, the microfiber will absorb the water, and the earbuds will start working. For extra precaution, leave them for a while in a non-humid place to make them dry completely, and then use them.

Final Words

So, I attempted to clear up your uncertainty over the question, “can AirPods break if dropped?” Apple never fails to amaze its clients by satisfying them without even claiming or promising any features.

That’s why when you buy their expensive products, you won’t regret. And once you start using them, there is no turning back. The same thing happens with AirPods users as well. So, when you are using an expensive product, why not use it carefully and save it from falling?

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