Best Reminder App for iPhone: Top 10 Recommendations

Finding the Best Reminder App for iPhone to satisfy your needs is really a grim job. However I enjoy the pain to help people out when it comes to choose the right apps for iOS system. In this guide I include 10 best reminder apps for the iPhone.

There are tons of reminder apps and among these Things3, Due, Todolist, and Google Keep are some popular names. These apps enable you to easily store memories, including things like birthdays, events, and important dates. Besides, you can craft personalized reminders that are specific to your needs or preferences.

Some of them also allow you to share your reminders with friends and family members so that everyone stays on track. Let’s dig deep into these listed ten and find the reason why they should be on your iPhone.

What Is a Reminder App?

First, let’s clear it up. What does a reminder app mean? Also, what’s the difference between a reminder and a calendar app? It’s necessary because you will find both reminder and calendar apps for download in the Apple Store.

As the name suggests, the reminder app reminds you about your to-do list. It works like an alarm system but allows you to save the details. Also, with a reminder app, you can create to-do lists. These apps work in two different ways:

  1. Some apps will integrate with your default calendar apps. In fact, many calendar apps also work as reminder apps. Thus, they will support you with 2-in-1 benefits.
  2. Other reminder apps will send you a notification on the deadline date. As you save the work list, it will help you set alarms. The app will timely send you massage notifications through ringtones and vibrations.

As you see, both the reminder and calendar apps help you manage your daily work. Even if you forget the work, these apps will help you know about it timely. The fundamental difference between these two apps is in their usability. Calendar apps allow you to save more information than reminder ones.

However, a great benefit of using a reminder app is that it can help increase productivity. By having everything scheduled in advance, you will not waste time trying to remember what needs to be done later.

Besides, reminder apps are more straightforward. Even non-tech-savvy people can use these apps with ease. So, choosing the reminder apps for daily to-do lists and notifications will be perfect. But if you want to save dates for a special occasion or plan a full ahead of time, feel free to choose the best calendar app from one of our guides.

Top 10 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

Many reasons may drive you to set a reminder app on your iPhone. Perhaps the most important reason is that it can help to keep you organized and focused. You can set up multiple alarms with a reminder app to lock your scheduled times. This way, you will never miss an opportunity to complete your task- even if you’re busy with other things.

After intensive research, we have finalized a list of the best reminder apps perfect for iPhone users. Let’s check out all of them.

1. Due

Due: Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

Due is definitely one of the best reminder apps for iPhone. It has a variety of features that make it ideal for people who need to remember to do things like taking medications regularly or getting their child’s vaccinations. Additionally, it keeps track of important dates and events, so you do not have to waste time looking them up each time they come up.

It also offers customizable reminders that allow you to specify when your alarm should go off and what sound it should play. The features and functionality of the Due Reminder appOpens in a new tab. are designed to make your life easier by keeping you organized and on track. You can set a daily, weekly, or monthly reminder using this app. After that, it will send you notifications either via email or directly in the App Store notification center.

You can also add individual contacts so that they are always notified about your reminders instead of having them scattered throughout various apps. Furthermore, the Due reminder app offers flexible preferences regarding when or how notifications are delivered. This way, you can adjust what works best for you, depending on your schedule.

And if anything changes related to one of your reminders, the app will automatically update accordingly. Due is available on both iOS and Android devices and works with Desktop and Laptop as well as Mobile Devices. For those who want even more control over their workflow, there are customizable templates available in the Due admin area that make it easy to set up your To-Do List exactly how you want it.


  • Note adding facility along with each task
  • Customized templates available
  • Great app for tracking tasks and deadlines
  • Flexible preferences for notifications


  • Little bit intrusive and annoying

2. Things3

Things3: Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

Things 3 reminder appOpens in a new tab. helps you easily track your tasks and appointments. In fact, this app allows you to add notes, pictures, and links directly from Safari so that everything is easy to access when you need it. You can also set automatic reminders based on time or location. For this reason, every schedule will remain noted. It offers fast access to relevant information by displaying summaries of your current tasks and upcoming events right on the main screen.

However, if being organized is a key to keeping your life running smoothly, then Things 3 should definitely be at the top of your priority list. This app is the best reminder app for the iPhone because it is simple, efficient, and effective. This app includes a to-do list as well as a calendar that can be customized based on your personal preferences. Additionally, Things can automatically add tasks from your emails or other notifications so that you do not have to recall doing them yourself.

It is a versatile and feature-rich reminder app that can help you keep track of important events or tasks. Truly, it offers an easy-to-use interface that allows you to add multiple items, reminders, or tasks to one project. Additionally, it provides detailed information on each task, including the time remaining until it expires. In addition to its regular features, Things3 also has several unique capabilities that make it a great choice for productivity purposes.

These include managing projects with collaborators and tracking due dates by calendar date or category. For this reason, it can be a perfect reminder app for people who remain tight with a busy working schedule. Besides, the user interface is quite catchy. In total, we had to make good remarks regarding this amazing app.


  • Automatic synchronization based on date and location
  • Adding tasks automatically from email
  • Eye-catching user interface
  • Collaboration of multiple items on a single project


  • Constantly bombarded with notifications

3. Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

Any.doOpens in a new tab. is one of the most popular reminder apps for iPhone, and for good reasons. This app allows you to create personal or public tasks, set a time limit, add notes about why you need the task done, and more. Plus, it has a beautiful UI that makes organizing your life much easier. The beauty of this app is that you can manage your calendar as well as your to-dos at the same time.

The most important feature of this app is that you can also share tasks with friends or other family members. Consequently, everyone knows what needs to be done. And if something important slips your mind until later on in the day, just tap on the notification bell icon and have everything marked down instantly. It offers a range of features that make it easy to stay on top of your commitments.

Some of the highlights include automatic uploads of your completed projects, push notifications for upcoming deadlines and events, rich text formatting for customizing reminders, and seamless integration with iCloud and Push Notifications. In addition to this basic functionality, this app also offers dedicated modules for tasks such as shopping, finances, health & fitness, and more. This app allows users to create custom reminders for future events. reminder app also features the checking out option of due dates for tasks via online or SMS/text message, automatic social sharing, and integrating with Google Calendar. In addition to all these great features, this also boasts a 99% positive rating, indicating that people really love it. So if you are looking for an effective way to keep track of your To-Do List without overloading yourself with paperwork or emails, this app may be a good option for you.


  • The ability to create tasks, projects, or goals
  • A pleasant design that is easy to use
  • Cloud syncing, so your data is always up-to-date
  • Comprehensive task management capabilities


  • It can be distracting and time-consuming

4. Google Keep

Google Keep: Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

Google Keep is an amazing appOpens in a new tab. because of its user-friendly interface and mobile-friendly adaptation. Plus, its design makes it perfect for taking notes or recording ideas. What’s more, Google Keep syncs with other devices that you regularly use, including your computer and phone. It means that everything you keep in Google Keep is always accessible wherever you are. You can also share files with others easily by sending them a link or attaching them directly from within the app.

On the other hand, this app works lightly, averting long loading times and crashing issues. Plus, other features that make Google Keep stand out include unlimited storage and integration with other apps, including Google Drive and Gmail. You can easily add tasks, notes, or ideas to your lists without leaving your apps. Plus, the functional course of this app makes it easy to navigate and access information when you need it most.

All your reminders are stored in one place, so you do not have to search multiple applications for different reminders. And if something important crops up during a task but was not assigned as a reminder, simply tap on the overflow icon at the bottom of any list item, and Add Note will appear automatically. This app includes the incorporation of natural language processing (NLP) which makes it possible to create simple or complex reminders.

Google Keep also has great features like due dates and labels that make reminding easier than ever. Additionally, the app lets you share your memos on social media. Overall, if simplicity and efficiency are key factors in your decision-making process when it comes to task management, then the Google Keep reminder app is sure to meet those needs.


  • The incorporation of natural language processing
  • Cross-platform compatibility via iCloud sync
  • Accessible from anywhere because multiple devices sync
  • Integration with other apps like Gmail and Google Drive


  • Grim process of deleting undesirable or old messages

5. Todoist

Todoist: Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

Todoist Opens in a new tab.has a variety of features, including an easy-to-use task list, location-based reminders, due dates that are adaptive based on your time zone, and automatic progress tracking. In addition, this app syncs with both iCloud and Dropbox, so you can access your tasks from any device or computer. It also has a very intuitive interface which makes creating or editing tasks a breeze.

However, it syncs with all of your devices, even if you switch between iPhones and Android phones. Next, this app offers real-time task updates, which make sure that you always know what is happening with your current commitments. This reminder app helps users to keep track of their tasks and notes. It has a number of features and functionality.

Here, the task list can be sorted by due date and category. Above all, you will find the option to create Multiple To-do lists with different priorities and constraints on when items from one list should appear in another list. With a variety of features and functionality, it enables the user to keep track of their tasks. It also features customizable reminders and voice recognition for picking up where you left off.

Aside from its functionalities, this app also offers an interesting social platform that allows users to connect with others who are using the app and share ideas or updates on their progress. This makes it easy for friends or family members to stay updated on your commitments without intrusion into your personal life.                                   


  • The ability to add comments and attach files to tasks
  • Easy categorization based on priority level or search criterion
  • Voice recognition enabled
  • Interactive API to create custom extensions or widgets for the app


  • Complex user interface

6. Click Up

Click Up: Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

Click Up is among the most reliable reminder apps for iPhones. Thanks to its ability to sync with different devices simultaneously, you will see its uses largely in offices and industries. Also, its to-do list addition and management make it a great choice for all. No doubt, conglomerates like Samsung and IMB use it in their office as a reminder to their workers.

You may set recurring schedules using the Click Up reminder appOpens in a new tab.. Moreover, it allows you to add comments and attachments to every task. This way, you can save all the necessary information for the added task in the app.

Moreover, it can set reminders for all the members of your team. It makes delegate management easy for you. Also, you can reschedule the reminder whenever necessary. Its task management and editing are so easy that even kids can use it.

Another outstanding feature of the app is its ability to create reminders directly from your conversation and comment. You just need to click on the conversation or comment in the dashboard, which will automatically set the reminder. This is made possible due to the AI integration with the Click Up app.


  • Creates reminders directly from the dashboard conversation
  • Ideal for maintaining offices and team meetings
  • Highly flexible app with a quick task management facility


  • High-end features are available through in-app purchases only

7. Carrot

Carrot: Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

Carrot is a perfect appOpens in a new tab. to remove procrastination properties from you. It is a slightly unconventional app that does its job brilliantly. The app encourages you to complete all the tasks timely through a quick reminder of the deadline.

Moreover, Carrot offers mini gifts whenever you complete a task. It helps in removing procrastination problems. Also, the gifts are engaging, including digital kittens, higher features upgrades, and smartphone games.

Therefore, you can use the Carrot app with perfection. It will also help you in managing daily and official tasks quickly. You will also love its UI with a simple interface.


  • Offers gifts on task achievement
  • Easy and simple user-interface
  • Intuitive design and applications


  • Needs to purchase from Apple store

8. Capsicum

Capsicum: Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

Capsicum Opens in a new both a versatile and exciting reminder app for iPhone users. It allows you to manage tasks, take notes, and set reminders simultaneously. Plus, it has AI integration to track your tasks. Thus, it can automatically alert you depending on the importance of the tasks.

Moreover, you can set daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Also, you can arrange and edit these tasks separately. You may quickly import and migrate tasks from one day or week to another. It helps in editing and managing the to-do lists better.

In short, Capsicum will improve your productivity. Also, its versatility and engaging UI will indeed amaze you.


  • AI integration for quick task management
  • Supports easy and quick task import
  • Versatile application for reminding setter


  • Slightly slower app

9. Twobird

Twobird: Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

Although Twobird is an email appOpens in a new tab., it allows you to manage tasks and set reminders for them. Using it to send and receive emails connects with your iPhone’s reminders, notes, and calendars. Thus, it will allow you to manage the notes and reminders without switching to another app.

As you work with the emails, you may set reminders separately for them from the inbox. Also, the reminder will appear in your inbox timely. It saves you from missing the necessary emails. It comes with a built-in calendar too.

Therefore, you can easily keep track of your to-do lists. As you save the tasks, you can attach quick notes with them. So, it offers you complete reminder solutions and email management.


  • Works with emails and calendars
  • No need to switch on other apps
  • Reminders pop up in the email inbox


  • It might be cluttered at times

10. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do: Best Reminder Apps for iPhone

The app Opens in a new tab.comes directly from the Microsoft Suite team. Hence, you don’t need to worry about safety and reliability. Like all the best reminder apps for iPhones, it allows you to create to-do lists quickly. Plus, it uses intelligent AI to learn your daily habits. It works magically as the app integrates with your habit for better task management.

The AI will suggest what to do in the future through your habit-learning capacity. Among other features, it supports sub-task management and adding details to the notes. Lastly, you can use dates and colors to prioritize your tasks for better highlights.


  • Learns your habits quickly
  • Suggests future tasks to be completed
  • Sub-task management with a priority list


  • iOS users may find it unfamiliar

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Free Reminder App for iPhone?

Yes, you can get the Apple Reminder app for free, completely. It is a default app for iPhone and lets you use a few basic features. In fact, most reminder apps in this list come for free. You may need to buy their advanced features through the in-app purchasing options. Nonetheless, for regular use, the accessible features of all the free apps will work brilliantly.

How Do I Set Effective Reminders on My iPhone?

You need to access the reminder widget from your iPhone’s home screen. Then, you can add the to-do list and set due dates and times for the work. There’s also an option to add tags and attachments with every to-do list for details.

Finally, there’s an option to flag a reminder through the default app. It offers you essential functions and is relatively easy to operate too.

Which Is Better, Apple Notes or Reminders?

Note-taking apps and reminder apps may serve somewhat similar purpose, but they’re different. Apple Reminders app is straightforward and easier to use than Apple notes. If you don’t need high-end features, working with the Apple Reminder app will be helpful. It sends you a notification for the due date and time. So, you will only complete all work because of remembering it.


All through this article, we have strived to make it easy for you to get the best reminder app for iPhone. Hopefully, our extensive list and detailed information regarding the apps may guide you to find the suitable app for your device.

Each of these apps offers a variety of features that can help you to get organized and stay on top of your schedule. Additionally, the right app will allow you to avoid forgetting emergent appointments.

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