10 Best Free Phone Number Trackers Are Here for iPhone! [Websites + Apps]

Are you continuously getting prank calls on your iPhone and want to find out his/her location or maybe you just want to find the location of an old friend and surprise them. Whatever the reason maybe, a free phone number tracker can help you with all these by tracking the number.

There are over 100s of apps and websites that can be used to track phone numbers on your iPhone for free. But, not all are that effective and few of the most popular apps include TechWelkin Mobile Number Tracker Tool and more.

So, if you are trying to find the best apps and websites for your iPhone to track phone numbers we are here with the solution for you. Keep on reading to know more.

What Are Number Tracker Apps And Websites for iPhone?

In the simplest terms phone number tracker apps or websites are tools that you can use to track location of the person using that particular phone number and sometimes you can even find out the name.

These websites and applications are becoming important for many reasons such as locating lost contacts, tracing the origin of a missed call, and flagging possible spam or scam calls.

These websites and apps can also be used to track a mobile device’s location. You can use this to  find your lost or stolen tablet or phone and also monitor your kids.

Depending on the app and websites,  these tools can have several features. The most basic function is the ability to track the device’s position. You can also find advanced features like tracking phone logs, social media accounts, geo-fencing and more.

How Do Number Tracker Apps and Websites Work On iPhone?

iPhone phone number tracker applications and websites rely mostly on the GPS technology to track any phone number. GPS tracking works by sending signals from satellites orbiting the Earth to receivers that are on earth’s surface.

GPS’s navigation mechanism connects numerous networks of satellites, which in turn offer an accurate position of the targeting device. In general, the greater the number of satellites visible to the GPS receiver, the more precise the location computation.

Almost all smartphones come with an included GPS system, so when someone calls you using their number it becomes quite easy to track the location.

The phone tracker on an iPhone basically locates the phone number by tracking GPS information. As a result, whether online or offline, any number can be traced.

What Are The 10 Best Free Phone Number Trackers for iPhone?

Choosing the best apps and websites for phone number tracking on your iPhone can be confusing as there are a lot of different options available. However, not all are effective so we have decided to put on a list of top 10 apps and websites for you.

1. mSPY

mSPYOpens in a new tab. is one of the highly rated apps in the app store for tracking phone numbers. It comes with a rating of 4.5 stars.


It has over 20 appealing and useful features, as well as 24/7 multi-language customer assistance. It also includes advanced functions such as the web filtering, social media tracking, and more. 

This app offers many different paid packages so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. However, there is also a demo version available which you can use for free. 

Key Features

  • Instant access to GPS location and routes
  • Offer social media tracking
  • Can keep a record of your travel routes
  • Option for wifi monitoring


  • Demo version available for free
  • Can recover deleted messages
  • You do not need to jailbreak your iPhone


  • To use advanced features you will need to subscribe to paid plans

2. Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number

One of the most accurate and free phone number tracker apps out there is “Phone Tracker by numbers”. This is a very easy to use app that uses GPS location tracking and is mainly designed for parents who wish to find the location of their kids.

Phone Tracker By Number

Moreover, this app can easily identify the name of the true caller id you are getting the calls from. You can also find their location from anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  • You can add unlimited numbers for tracking
  • You can track your own location and share it with your friends and contacts.
  • This app can track down and find the caller ID, city, state, area code and more.


  • Very easy to use
  • Have an user friendly interface
  • Parents can quickly see all of the places their children have been by reviewing the app’s history on their phones.


  • Some premium features are paid



Intelius is another popular app among the iOS users for tracking phone numbers on your iPhone. This is a premium app but you will get a 5 days free trial. It is basically the opposite of a phone book or directory.


This app allows you to see and precisely trace the location of a particular device on Google Maps. Additionally, you can use this app to search for information by address, phone number, or email ID

Key Features

  • Offers overseeing enterprise security and ensuring confidentiality
  • Can be used in few different languages
  • You can use email ID and address to track someone
  • It allows you to wirelessly snap screenshots.


  • It comes with a 5 days trial 
  • Can be used to track public and criminal records
  • Maintains confidentiality so no one knows you have tracked them.


  • The main focus is for US based numbers

4. FamiSafe


FamiSafe is a parental control and monitoring tool aimed to assist parents in ensuring their children’s digital safety on iOS devices. It has a number of tools that can enable you to monitor someone’s online activity, set screen time limits, track location, and much more.


This app offers you a full report on the person’s whole journey through the places they have visited. It also allows you to create a location boundary for someone and receive notifications anytime that person reaches that region. 

Key Features

  • Lets you control the screen time for children
  • You can track what apps are being installed or uninstalled on your target device.
  • Enables risky keywords detection from social media or search history
  • Can be used to set location boundary


  • Helps web content filtering
  • Offers easy to use interface
  • Enables real time location tracking


  • Premium features requires you to subscribe to paid plans

5. Number Finder: True Caller ID

Number Finder: True Caller ID

Number finder is very popular in the apple store coming with a 4.7 stars rating and this is not just effective in tracking the location via number but also through text messages.

Number Finder: True Caller ID

It will help you with finding callers, blocking spam and unwanted calls along with proper management of the call history in your iPhone. The best part about this app is that it’s quite easy to use, you simply need to input the phone number and it will take care of the rest.

Key Features

  • Can manage and block telemarketing calls
  • Number Finder maintains a full call history, allowing you to analyze past calls, spot trends, and quickly recall crucial numbers that you may not have saved
  • The app can even block calls based on its previously saved data without the internet.
  • Free unlimited number of phone reverse and call ID lookup


  • The application provides easy access to advanced reverse phone lookup.
  • Contains a huge number of free resources.
  • Can be used even when you are offline


  • Locations are not exactly pinpointed, the app will show a somewhat very close location to the actual location.

6.TechWelkin Mobile Number Tracker Tool

TechWelkinOpens in a new tab. is a very popular number tracker website for iOS users; you can access this site from your android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and almost all devices.

TechWelkin Mobile Number Tracker Tool

This is one of the simplest websites to track phone numbers and find their location and it’s completely free to use. However, the features are quite limited and you can only find the registered city of that number and not anything else.

Key Features

  • Provides very quick results within few minutes
  • You do not need to pay a single penny to use it
  • Has a very easy to use interface


  • Will show you the area of the registered number
  • Can be accessed from almost any devices around the world
  • Doesn’t require any specialized knowledge to use.


  • Can track numbers from only few countries now

7. Phone Location

Phone Location

Phone locationOpens in a new tab. is a very versatile and professional tool to track phone numbers on your iPhone. This app has the ability to track any phone number used on any devices like android, iOS and more.

Phone Location

Furthermore, you can use this application to track your employee’s whereabouts, route optimization, shipments, and order monitoring. It can look for the phone number location of the intended device and display the geolocation on a map in actual time.

What makes this website even more effective is that it can detect locations in over 85 countries. 

Key Features

  • Can find location history of any targeted device
  • It can track all android and iOS devices
  • You just need to specify the number and country/region to track the location
  • Comes with advanced features on the paid plan


  • This app can work in the background without affecting your other activity 
  • It doesn’t need any permission from the other side while tracking them.
  • Can provide pretty fast results


  • Premium features are paid

8. Free Phone Tracer

Free Phone Tracer

If your main target is just to track the location of phone numbers on the iPhone and you want a completely 100% free plan, Free Phone TracerOpens in a new tab. is a great choice. 

Furthermore, McAfee is integrated with this website for increased security. So, without any security worries, this website allows you to trace and locate the position of mobile phones, as well as mobile and landline lines. 

As a result, you can be confident that your information will be safe and secure on this site.

Key Features

  • Simple and straightforward interface that focuses only on location tracking.
  • To secure user data the website uses McAfee security system


  • Free phone tracer is 100% free to use
  • Very easy to use


  • Only works with US based numbers

9. Spokeo

SpokeoOpens in a new tab. is another great website to track phone numbers on your iPhone or other iOS devices. It lets you track any phone number and real time location for free.


What makes this website more effective is that it doesn’t only find the exact location of the number but it can also track the registration name for the number. 

Moreover, you can use this website to detect various call types, including mobile numbers, Telemarketer calls and more.

Key features

  • Can detect location even by using email ID, address and name.
  • This tool can help to track the exact pinpoint location of the user.
  • It helps to find not just the location but also other information like, registration city and more.


  • Spokeo can distinguish between different types of calls
  • By detecting the source of incoming calls from strange numbers, Spokeo can assist users in reconnecting with lost connections.


  • Not all services are free and some require subscription to paid plans.

10. Localize


The main aim of Localize Opens in a new tab.was setting a platform for parents to track their kid’s location. But, soon it became a useful site to track the location of unknown callers.

This tool can effectively track the location of a phone number but one problem is it will send a link to the targeted customer. So, the tracking will only start when the user clicks on that link. 

So, this tool is more effective to track the location of your kids, employees and relatives.

Key Features

  • Takes only 2 minutes to find the location of a number
  • A complete solution to track the location of your kids
  • It is legal as it sends a tracking request message to the targeted person.


  • Easy to use and you only need to sign and provide the number
  • You do not need to stay in the website, it can work in the background


  • With Spokeo you cannot track everyone’s location

Are Free Number Trackers Effective Like Paid Ones for iPhone

How good are free number trackers for the iPhone depends mostly on your targeted usage and what features are you looking for. If you are looking to track one or two numbers then free Apps and websites can be helpful as most of them offer free trial accounts for a short period of time.

However, if you want to have the phone number tracking service continuously and are looking for some extra service like having real time location tracking, social media tracking and more. You may also want to have services like alerts on area boundaries, find location using email and more.

In all these cases free number tracker for iPhone won’t be much beneficial and you will have no option but to go for the paid ones. Also, do keep in mind paid apps and websites do provide better and accurate results than the free ones in general.

Why Should You Use A Phone Tracker in Iphone

Phone number tracker in iPhone can be misused in many ways and can violate personal space. But, these tracker apps and websites can come really handy for many reasons.

You can track your kids

Using tracking apps and websites on your iPhone you can track the location of your kids and make sure they are safe., You can also assure they are not visiting any illegal places where they are not supposed to be.

Can be helpful in emergency situations

Sometimes phone number trackers can be lifesaving as you can share your location with family members and law enforcements in case of emergencies and they find you quickly.

You can manage screen time for your kids

Some phone number trackers come with a screen time limit feature and you can use this feature to limit the screen time for your kids. This will help you ensure they are not overusing phones. 

If you’re interested in exploring further possibilities for your iPhone, don’t miss out on our guide to the Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps for even more exciting functionalities and customization options!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions wandering around your head about phone number tracker apps and websites for iPhone? Read our faqs below to know more about phone number trackers.

Is it legal to track someone’s phone number on an iPhone?

Tracking someone’s phone number without their consent is illegal and is against human rights in most countries. Moreover, your country might have a different law so you should check your country’s law before proceeding. However, if you are from a law enforcement agency and have a warrant you can legally track a phone number.

Can I track my Kid’s phone?

It is legal to track the phone number of your kid’s phone and is it perfectly right to do so. If your children are minors, you have the right to track their phone number and their location. It is important to make sure your children are safe and not going to any illegal places.

Are Free phone number tracker on iPhone accurate?

You can track phone numbers on an iPhone using both apps and websites and the accuracy highly depends on the apps and websites. Many free trackers can be effective but still the results won’t be as accurate as the paid ones. So, check the user ratings and reviews before using them.

Final Words

Finding the right free iphone phone number tracking app and websites can be confusing as there are a huge number of options available. To clear out your confusions we have talked about the best apps and sites above.

However, make sure to know about the laws in your country before using these trackers to track phone numbers as it can be illegal in some regions. Additionally, if you want to use more advanced features with phone number tracking you will need to go for paid premium subscription plans.

Never misuse any of these apps or websites and violate someone’s personal space by tracking their location. Tracking and misusing the information without consent can get you into serious legal complications.

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