13 Best Free iPhone Wallpaper App (Unlock Your Inner Artis)

The best free iPhone wallpaper app with impressive features include Vellum Wallpapers, Everpix Cool Wallpapers, Kappboom, and Zedge.

iPhones have a cool collection of wallpapers, but after a while, you may not find these limited wallpapers attractive anymore. Luckily, the Apple app store offers a huge collection of free wallpaper apps where you can choose a cool wallpaper.

But remember, these apps also have premium versions with more features to improve your wallpaper appearance. Read further for more information.

Best Free iPhone Wallpaper App – Top 13

Best Free iPhone Wallpaper App

1. Vellum Wallpapers

Vellum Wallpapers tops our list of the best iPhone wallpaper apps. The app has over 100 free wallpapers for users. Viscosity is the app’s newest free pack that boasts a collection of 36 breathtaking wallpapers.

Vellum iPhone Free iPhone Wallpaper App

Furthermore, Vellum Wallpapers adds new wallpapers to the collection daily. The new wallpapers are only available for a single day, but premium subscribers can still access them for up to four weeks after they’ve expired.

Features of Vellum Wallpapers:

  • Vellum Wallpapers has a fresh collection of 36 wallpapers in a new pack known as Viscosity.
  • The app has a blur tool that allows users to blur unwanted parts of their wallpaper background. 
  • New wallpapers and wallpaper packs get added to the app daily. The new daily additions are only available for a day. 
  • Wallpapers are organized into themes to aid easy access for users.
  • You can preview the Lock Screen and Home wallpapers without exiting the Vellum app.

Vellum Wallpapers App Specifications:

App nameVellum Wallpapers
Size23.7 MB
SellerMerek Davis COM, LLC
Compatible devicesiOS and iPad OS 12.0 and later

2. Everpix Cool Wallpapers

Everpix Cool iPhone Wallpapers app

Everpix was originally designed for iPads, as the Apple app store indicated. However, its compatibility also extends to iPhones. The app offers a huge library of high-quality Retina and HD wallpapers.

Everpix also allows its users to access a huge collection of unique backgrounds. In addition, it offers a premium package that users can access freely for one week.

After one week, they must pay to continue using the premium version. Premium subscribers can access additional features.

Key Features of Everpix Cool Wallpaper:

  • A collection of thousands of high-quality wallpapers available for free download.
  • Wallpapers are available in HD, Retina, and 4K.
  • Users enjoy daily doses of new wallpapers.
  • Wallpapers are categorized into different themes.
  • Everpix developers carefully select and adjust wallpapers to be compatible with any screen size.
  • The app supports usage on the Apple Watch.
  • Holiday wallpapers are also available.

Everpix App Specifications:

App nameEverpix Cool Wallpapers 4K HD
Size 105.4 MB
SellerRobert Snopov
Compatible iOS 10.0 or later

3. Kappboom – Live Wallpapers

Kappboom app – Live Wallpapers: designed for iPad

Although designed for iPad, Kappboom is also compatible with iOS devices. This iPhone wallpaper app offers more than 200,000 beautiful wallpapers.

It also offers two different subscriptions for users who wish to upgrade to any of the premium versions. They are Diamond Monthly and Diamond Yearly.

Key Features of Kappboom:

  • Offers free wallpapers, message themes, and stickers supported by iMessage.
  • Daily addition of new stickers.
  • It provides a huge collection of amazing wallpapers you can share with friends.
  • A collage feature allows you to create custom wallpapers using your photos and wallpaper images. 
  • Kappboom provides cool effects that allow users to add frames, effects, and texts to images. Users can also draw and enhance images.
  • Offers beautiful skins that get new additions daily. The skins can add a glow effect to your custom wallpaper.
  • Wallpapers are categorized to make the search easier for users.

Kappboom App Specifications:

App name Kappboom – Live Wallpapers
Size145.7 MB
CategoryPhoto and Video
SellerKappboom Inc.
Compatible devicesiOS 9.1 or later

4. ZEDGE Wallpapers

ZEDGE Wallpapers: Free iPhone Wallpaper App

Zedge has a stunning collection of aesthetic static and live wallpapers. But it has more functionalities than your regular iPhone wallpaper app. The app also comes with ringtones, icons, and notification sounds.

In addition, its premium platform offers you additional features. Freely accessible on the app are different categories of content like neon, cats, anime, space, love, nature, sports, dogs, and lots more.

Visit to get this app. 

Key Features of Zedge:

  • Tons of live and static wallpapers give your screen a fantastic look without draining your battery quickly.
  • Swiping up/down and left/right allows you to switch between wallpapers effortlessly.
  • Offers NFTs that users can purchase without advanced knowledge or experience in crypto.
  • Cool icon packs to customize your phone’s app icons
  • Offers  a large collection of cool ringtones
  •  Allows you to follow your favorite content creators. 
  • You can also share wallpapers from the Zedge app with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Zedge app specifications:

App nameZEDGE™ Wallpapers
Size59 MB
SellerZedge Holdings Inc
Compatible devicesiOS 13.4 or later

5. Unsplash

Unsplash apps for iPhone  wallpaper

Unsplash is available on the Apple app store for free download on iPhones and iPads. Unsplash features an extensive collection of over 4 million high-resolution images as one of the best iPhone wallpaper apps.

However, you should note that Unsplash is not specifically a wallpaper app. It’s an online community where artists and photographers post images. More interestingly, these images are copyright-free. In addition, the app gets updated daily with new photos.

Download this app

Key Features of Unsplash:

  • After creating a free account on the app, you can access your photos on the app from any device – iPhones, iPads, or Macs.
  • You can drag and drop any image from Unsplash to any other app on your phone. However, such apps must support drag & drop.
  • You can join the Unsplash contributor community. Once you’re a community member, you can submit photos taken with your device on the platform.
  • Added to their use for wallpapers, Unsplash allows creators to download images and create artwork, presentations, and mockups.
  • There is a search box where you can search for any wallpaper for your iPhone.

Unsplash specifications:

App nameUnsplash
Size10.7 MB
CategoryPhoto and Video
SellerUnsplash Inc.
Compatible devicesiOS 15 or later

6. Live Wallpapers for Me

Live Wallpapers for Me for mac or iphone

For the best live wallpapers, Live Wallpapers for Me is just the app for you. It’s optimized for iOS 15 and you can animate your screen with different images like dynamic patterns and pets. Also, the app has live lock screen wallpapers, including a cosmic explosion. 

Furthermore, wallpapers on this app are suitable for the latest iPhone devices up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. While you may access basic Unsplash app features on the regular platform, I recommend that you subscribe to the premium for additional features.

Features of Live Wallpapers for Me:

  • Hundreds of live wallpapers to animate your screen.
  • Weekly addition of dynamic themes and animations.
  • The app offers a Live Wallpaper Maker tool that you can use to create custom wallpapers. 
  • With the Live Wallpaper Maker tool, you can also make live wallpapers from any video on your device.
  • A Favorite category allows users to save their favorite saved themes for easy access.

Specifications of Live Wallpapers for Me:

App nameLive Wallpapers for Me
Size196.1 MB
SellerCustomly LLC
Compatible devicesiOS 13.0 or later

7. Icon skins & themes

Icon skins & themes: Free iPhone App

This app offers creative backgrounds optimized for iPhones. Once you download the app, you’ll get a lifetime of new and trendy wallpapers & themes for your iPhone, as well as free weekly upgrades.

This app gives up to 5000 unique icon skins. General skins are free, but Premium subscribers can access the locked skins. Visit to download this app.

Features of Icon Skins & Themes:

  • High-quality skins and images are available.
  • Easy to navigate and configure.
  • All wallpapers are iPhone optimized.
  • Original and unique backgrounds
  • New backgrounds update every week

Specifications of Icon Skins & Themes:

App nameIcon skins & themes
Size95.5 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 14.0 or later
DevelopersLemondo Apps LLc
App Version7.0

8. Magic Live Wallpaper & Theme

Magic live wallpaper & theme for phone

This program has amazing animated wallpapers if you need to alter the wallpaper on your screen. You can create wallpaper and select wallpapers from the app’s library.

With this free program, customizing wallpaper is simple and enjoyable.

However, without camera access, which some people might not allow, the app can’t function. Premium subscribers can unlock great features like fonts, pack starting, and calendars!

Visit to download this app. 

Features of Magic Live Wallpaper & Theme:

  • Over 150 fonts & 20 gorgeous calendar templates exist
  • Set your photo as a GIF or Live Wallpaper on the screen.
  • Your wallpaper designs can be shared via WiFi. 

Specifications of Magic Live Wallpaper & Theme:

App nameMagic live wallpaper & theme
Size42.3 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 11.0 or later
DevelopersShasha yu
App Version3.3

9. Paper.co Wallpaper HD

Paper.co wallpaper HD: Free iPhone Wallpaper App

If you are looking for a unique wallpaper app, this app is a must-have! In this app, top wallpapers are collected, edited, recreated, and uploaded daily.

It consists of more than 10,000 plus hand-collected wallpapers. You can only access the locked unique wallpapers if you join the premium family.

Visit to download this app.

Features of Paper.co Wallpaper HD:

  • It is one of the top-rated apps
  • This app upgrade daily
  • Top designers choose wallpapers that are uploaded.
  • This app is fast and easy to utilize

 Specifications of Paper.co Wallpaper HD:

App namePaper.co wallpaper HD
Size11.9 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 8.0 or later
DevelopersJude H
App Version2.1.0

10. Walli – cool wallpapers HD

Walli – cool wallpapers HD: Free iPhone Wallpaper App

You can become one of the 8 million users of the outstanding iPhone app! When top artists share photos, you get awesome wallpapers.

Walli, a creative wallpapers app, helps you quickly locate motivational and lovely wallpapers to brighten your day.

Most artworks offered are for premium users only!

Visit to download this app.

Features of Walli – Cool Wallpapers HD:

  • Various fascinating wallpapers include free retro, hipster, charming, and even melancholy wallpapers.
  •  Backgrounds to suit every style and attitude!
  • Varieties of wallpaper sizes are available.
  • Each app’s cute wallpapers have a link to the artist’s biography page.

Specification of Walli – Cool Wallpapers HD:

App nameWalli – cool wallpapers HD
Size54.0 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 12.1 or later
DevelopersBig data technologies ltd
App Version1.0.14

11. Pixs: HD wallpapers & themes

Pixs: HD wallpapers & themes for iphone

This app consists of thousands of pictures. It offers users the most creative and beautiful sets of iPhone wallpapers ever!

With Pixs app’s high-quality and beautiful wallpapers, you can change your daily look. You unlock more eye catchy wallpapers with the premium version and also unlimited access to various designs of wallpapers. Visit to download this app.

Features of Pixs: HD Wallpapers & Themes:

  • Its wallpaper collection has natural, dark, and extremely colorful
  • You can find summer, winter, art, cities, cars, bikes, and animal collections too
  • It is easy to utilize once downloaded
  • You can never get bored with the Pixs wallpaper app!

Specifications of Pixs: HD Wallpapers & Themes:

App namePixs: HD wallpapers & themes
Size43.9 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 12.0 or later
DevelopersMax Medvedev
App Version3.16.4

12. Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes

Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes for iphone

This app is perfect for dark-mode lovers! There are 100+ HD wallpapers with dark mode. You can find your desired dark-mode wallpaper when you go through the collections. Purchase the premium version and enjoy the special limited-edition categories this holiday!

Features of Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes:

  • More than 100 free wallpapers are available
  • There are HD wallpapers for Dark Mode!
  • There are no annoying pop-ups.
  • More than 20 featured wallpapers are uploaded every day
  • It is very easy to access

Specification of Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes:

App nameDark Mode Wallpapers & Themes
Size32.9 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 12.0 or later
DevelopersLesya Verbina
App Version1.4.2

13. Art wallpapers on Art paper

Art wallpapers by Art paper:  Free iPhone Wallpaper app

This app turns iOS gadgets into an art exhibition. Your iPhone automatically freshens up with 1300 wallpapers of hand-packed artwork. Some eye-catchy paintings people created will pop up on your home screen. Its wallpapers have a crystal-clear quality that looks awesome on retina gadgets.

Visit to Download this App

Features of Art wallpapers by Art paper:

  • Crystal clear quality
  • Wallpapers are works from top-tier museums and galleries globally
  • The app reminds users to change the home screen background!
  • Offers nine customizable app icons to select from

Art wallpapers Specification:

App nameArt wallpapers by Art paper
Size53.1 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 10.3 or later
DevelopersGikken UG
App Version1.1.3

Factors to Consider when Choosing an iPhone Wallpaper App

Check for Compatibility

Most recent iPhone wallpaper apps are only compatible with iOS 12.0 or later. If you’re using an older iOS version, you’ll have to update your iPhone before you can download some of these apps.

However, you can’t use such apps if you’re using iPhone 6 Plus or lower. Apple discontinued iOS updates for them.

Premium Apps are Always the Best

Most of the best iPhone wallpaper apps are free, but premium apps will likely give you a better experience. One great feature of premium wallpaper apps is the removal of annoying ads. I recommend upgrading to a premium package of your favorite wallpaper app.

User Reviews 

User reviews serve as pointers to an app’s good and bad properties. Most times, reviews are the most reliable sources of feedback concerning an app since users write them out of their experiences.

Before downloading an app, spend some minutes on user reviews on the download page.


The best free iPhone wallpaper app you can choose must offer various sceneries to give you the best experience. Our top picks above include Zedge, Kappboom, Unsplash, Everpix, and Vellum. These free apps provide millions of free images for your iPhone wallpapers. 

For more exclusive content, I recommend you subscribe to any of the premium packages of the apps mentioned above. More importantly, ensure that the app you’re downloading is compatible with the iOS version of your device.

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