13 Best Free App Locker for iPhones (Secure Your Phone)

The best 5 app lockers for iPhone are Folder lock, Password manager – Secure, LockID, CalculatorX, and Vault iPhone Lock.

There are not many free apps on the Apple Store with features good enough to replace their premium versions. For these apps, getting the best experience comes by upgrading to their paid versions.

The chances of getting free apps with great features on the Apple Store are few. This is why I’ve outlined some of the top options that can serve as alternatives to premium versions. But note that in time they could also become premium to improve the user experience.

This article explains these apps in detail, including their specifications and key features. Read further to learn more.

What is an iPhone App locker?

What is an iPhone App locker?

An iPhone app locker is an application installed on iOS devices to protect private files. Items such as photos, videos, audio, and browser history can be locked in your iPhone for privacy’s sake. You can also lock an app or a folder.

Besides using a passcode or a password to lock these private files, you can use a Face ID or Touch ID. These free app lockers offer storage space and cloud backup for saving important files.

When choosing an iPhone app lock, ensure it has a top rating and its source is trustworthy.

Top 13 Best Free App Locker for iPhones

There are hundreds of iPhone locker apps from third-party companies. Some are available on the App Store, others are not. Some come with a paid service, others can be used for free. Below are the 13 best free app lockers for iPhone you can opt for today:

1. Folder Lock

Folder Lock Apps

This app is for you if you are looking for a single lock for multiple items. It protects photos, videos, files, contacts, and many things related to your personal items.

You can use Folder Lock appOpens in a new tab. to transfer items to your computer with Wi-Fi easily. For music lovers, Folder Lock enables them to send audio files to their PC without iTunes.

The app has a free version, but for an improved user experience, it’s best to upgrade to its premium version. The pro version offers extra features such as protection of videos and photos with passwords, monitoring hack attempts, data recovery, etc.

Features of Folder Lock

  • Audio and music protection
  • Locks all phone folders in seconds
  • Secure private gallery
  • Protects essential files and documents
  • Enables a discreet voice recording and memos
  • Helps to send multiple messages to phone contacts
  • Enables importation of contacts and audio by using a PC
  • Protection of private items like ID cards, credit card details, and bank accounts

Specification of Folder Lock

App NameFolder Lock
Compatible devicesiOS 9.0 or later
DevelopersSalman Ashraf
App Version3.5.9

For more information about the Folder Lock application, watch this YouTube video.

2. Password Manager – Secure

Password Manager

It’s common for iPhone users to lose their passwords. But with Password Manager, they can easily generate a backed-up password.

Password ManagerOpens in a new tab. also features autofill for multiple devices. It does this through its cloud syncing function. So, you don’t need to worry about losing your passwords again.

There’s a free version that functions well for protecting your apps. However, its features are limited, which is where the premium versions come in. You may need to upgrade to a premium version if you wish to access some additional features like the Picture-in-Picture function.

Features of Password Manager Lock

  • Automatic generation of passwords and details saved in the lock
  • Unlimited storage of private information and password
  • Equipped with features like face ID recognition and Touch ID
  • Synchronizes backup in the cloud
  • Offers 235 icons for the sake of personalization
  • Search options are integrated
  • Commences immediate self-destruction for the situation of a hacker
  • Actively connects email addresses and phone numbers with a single touch
  • Security usage can be done offline

Specification of Password Manager Lock

App NamePassword Manager - Secure
Size115.9 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 10.0 or later
DevelopersRV AppStudios  LLC
App Version2.8.8

3. LockID


LockID Opens in a new tab.offers a higher level of privacy and locks with a free version. It features a passcode and face ID to lock anything in your iPhone. Lock ID’s user interface is easy to use and offers 100% protection.

This application is for those who love locking browser history. It also has one of the best user ratings for app lock.

LockID is free on the Apple store, but note that there’s a limit to what you can do with the free version. For a better user experience, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher version and use it without ads.

Features of LockID

  • Has a security configuration option
  • Its lock ID is very advanced
  • Locks third-party applications and browsers on iPhone
  • Enables the locking of audio and video contents that are of importance to you
  • Offers a private browsing feature without a browser history.
  • Accepts passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID
  • Upgrades app features all the time.
  • Gives free features as well as a paid version with a minimal amount


App NameLock ID
Compatible devices
iOS 14.1 or later
Application Yazilim
App Version1.7.3

If you’re experiencing issues with your iPhone’s Face ID functionality, learn how to troubleshoot it in our guide on iPhone Face ID Not Working After Update.

4. CalculatorX


Another free app locker for iPhones is CalculatorX. It displays like a calculator on its homepage but offers a hidden space. CalculatorX Opens in a new tab.was designed for your calculating requirements but gives a lock feature to protect your data.

Its free version is quite useful for locking private apps and files but you can do more with the premium versions. One notable premium feature of this app is its expanded storage and backup space.

Features of CalculatorX

  • Enables the hiding of any photo or video on the iPhone
  • Renders cloud storage and creates a backup for all your files 
  • Offers a private browser
  • Functions like a secrete calculator
  • With this app, files can be monitored and managed effectively
  • Was a free usage app then, but presently it offers premium features with minimal charges
  • Rated 3.4 for all best app ratings

Specification of CalculatorX

App NameCalculatorX
Compatible devicesiOS 12.0 or later
DevelopersArdorned Limited
App Version1.2.0

5. Vault iPhone Lock

Vault iPhone Lock

Vault iPhone LockOpens in a new tab. functions as a photo and video locking tool for iPhones. It also enables users to store files in the cloud to access them when needed. Also, you can differentiate your data in folders and change your passwords at any time.

You can install the Vault app for free on the Apple store. But if you wish to explore its additional features like Private Cloud Space, there’s a need to upgrade to a premium version.

Features of Vault iPhone Lock

  • Offers a cloud backup for photos and videos
  • The application can be entered via a touch ID or a digital password
  • Gives intelligent folder management for managing bulk photos and videos
  • Video and picture passwords can be changed easily
  • Use the Private Cloud Space for additional security.

Specification of Vault iPhone Lock

App NameVault Iphone Lock
Compatible devicesiOS 9.0 or later
DevelopersNQ Mobile Inc
App Version4.6.05

For more information on how to unlock a vault without a password, watch this YouTube video.

6. AppLocker – Password Lock Apps


AppLockerOpens in a new tab. protects apps on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac with a password. Being easy to access, the app does not need configuration. Once the download is complete, launch the app, input your preferred password, and choose which apps you’d like to lock.

Despite giving you superb features in its free version, the in-app purchases will unlock other security features like Bluetooth ID, Touch ID (to unlock apps using fingerprints), Network ID, and zero adds.

Features of AppLocker

  • Allows users to open apps using  fingerprint
  • Network ID. This feature unlocks apps once connected to a preferred Wi-Fi network.
  • The Bluetooth ID feature unlocks your apps whenever your device is close to your computer.
  • You can check the last time your locked apps were used/accessed
  • Users can restrict access to apps they wish to keep private
  • Ideal for Mac users that share their computer with colleagues, guests, friends, etc. 

Specifications of AppLocker

App NameAppLocker – Password Lock Apps
Size8.3 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 16.0 or later
DevelopersDenk Alexandru
App Version4.5.0

7. Secret Photo Vault – Hider +

Secret Photo Vault – Hider +

The Secret Photo VaultOpens in a new tab. is one of the best app lockers for iPhones, with a unique and attractive appearance. The Secret Photo Vault app allows you to add a limitless number of photos you wish to hide. While you can download it free, you’d love to unlock more sophisticated features like masking original icons, hiding galleries, etc., via in-app purchases.

Features of Secret Photo Vault – Hider +

  • Locks your Videos, Photos, Passwords, Contacts, and Notes with a Passcode, Biometric ID (Face ID or Touch ID)
  • Applies encryptions once you import items.
  • It gives you a full-screen view of videos and photos
  • Secret Photo Vault stores your locked photos, albums, and videos into the Secret vault.
  • It locks your device once it detects fake password trials.

Specifications of Secret Photo Vault – Hider +

App NameSecret Photo Vault – Hider +
Size16.2 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 14.0 or later
DevelopersMary Murray

8. Black SMS – Protected Texts

Black SMS - Protected Texts 4+

Another great app locker option on the Apple store is the Black SMSOpens in a new tab. app. Unlike many other app lockers, this app is useful for hiding messages while protecting your privacy.

You can make the most of this app on your iPhone with no hidden charges or installation costs. The app works with 256-bit Military grade encryption, which makes your conversations more secure.

Features of Black SMS – Protected Texts

  • Send and receive an encrypted message from your contacts.
  • It works with a Password or Touch ID to authenticate and access encrypted messages.
  • Black SMS allows you to customize message bubbles without leaving the iMessage app.
  • It allows you to send and receive encrypted images on your messaging app

Specifications of Black SMS – Protected Texts

App NameBlack SMS – Protected Texts
Size63.1 MB
CategorySocial Networking
Compatible devicesiOS 10.0 or later
DeveloperTyler Weitzman
App Version5.1.6

9. iProtect Free

iProtect Free

iProtect Opens in a new tab.is among the best app lockers for iPhones. Thanks to its standard template feature that supports data entry, you can personalize your folders and create categories, subfolders, etc.

The good thing about this app is that it supports password lock. You can download the app for free with no hidden charges and enjoy all its features.

Features of iProtect Free

  • The entire security mechanism does not need an internet to connect.
  • It supports integrated search, categories, and folder creation for file arrangements.
  • You can use standard templates to create and edit data entries with limitless fields
  • iProtect has no hidden charges or subscriptions
  • you can personalize records using the specific icons

Specifications of iProtect Free

App NameiProtect Free
Size14.8 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 6.0 or later
DevelopersTu Anh Do
App Version1.1

10. Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

Calculator# has a unique and unguessable icon that hides its main functions. Nobody can tell if you’re protecting your files or not. The app looks like a calculator, but its features are more than that. The app comes in handy when securing your photo or video apps.

It is free to use, but with the in-app purchases, you can get your hands on more advanced security features like locking audio and voice notes, a built-in browser, backing up with Cloud services, etc.

To download Calculator#, visit this linkOpens in a new tab..

Features of Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

  • Hides videos and photos from Gallery
  • Locks files and documents on your iPhone
  • Allows you to capture or record with a device Camera
  • Hack Monitor. This feature notifies you when someone is attempting incorrect passwords
  • Works with Cloud Service for backup purposes
  • You can unlock and access files with a Biometric ID, Pattern, Password, or Passcode.


App NameCalculator# Hide Photos Videos
Size52.8 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 9.0 or later
App Version3.3.2

11. AppLock – Lock Screen Patterns

AppLock - Lock Screen Patterns

This AppLock secures the appsOpens in a new tab. on your iPhone and allows you to customize the icon and make your home screen look amazing. You can even change the lock style to pin, ID, or password.

You can download AppLock for free on the Apple store. However, to access extra features like zero-ads experience during usage, you may need to upgrade to a premium version.

Features of AppLock – Lock Screen Patterns

  • You can customize your icons to make your iPhone appear stunning
  • It allows you to change password style
  • AppLock provides optimum security and privacy for apps on your device
  • It’s ad-free and bug-free
  • Prompts users to answer some security questions for additional protection

Specifications of AppLock – Lock Screen Patterns

App NameAppLock – Lock Screen Patterns
Size42.6 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 14.1 or later
DevelopersBrillic Media LLC
App Version1.1.1

12. Password Manager: Passible

Password Manager: Passible

Passible is the best option for you when it comes to protecting your apps. Not only does it protect your apps, but it also hides your media content. The app gives you a high level of security, theft protection, and more.

However, some of its extra features, like Theft protection, Premium Support, Automatic Folders, etc., are accessible on the Premium Upgrade. Visit to download this app for free on the Apple store.Opens in a new tab.

Features of Password Manager: Passible

  • It allows you to lock all your apps, folders, and device data
  • You can unlock and access the locked apps/contents using Touch ID.
  • Password Manager allows you to access any website with a single tap.
  • You can automatically input your card details with a tap during shopping.
  • Allows you to peek at a passcode or password with a slide.

Specifications of Password Manager: Passible

App NamePassword Manager: Passible
Size60.8 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 10.0 or later
DevelopersFITNESS22 LTD
App Version4.020

13. Password Manager

Password Manager

This app is for you if you are searching for an app lock with numerous features. It protects your apps, hides, reveals, and auto-locks app for privacy. Password ManagerOpens in a new tab. can back up and restore your information using Wi-Fi, iTunes, Dropbox, or iCloud.

There’s the free version on the Apple app store. However, more functionalities like integrated search, ads-free experience, personalizing your record, etc., are only available on the premium version.

Featureof Password Manager

  • Supports integrated search
  • It allows you to cut, copy, paste, or remove more than one folder/file at a go.
  • Password Manager gives you break-in or login reports
  • AutoFill. This feature automatically fills your data into previously visited sites for easy access.
  • You can lock apps and folders with Touch ID, Dot Lock, and Password

Specifications of Password Manager

App NamePassword Manager’
Size20.2 MB
Compatible devicesiOS 12.0 or later
Developers广栋 莫
App Version7.3.8

Why Do I Need An App Locker For iPhone?

Depending on the kind of activities, documents, apps, and contents on your iPhone, you need an app locker to ensure privacy. Some other reasons for getting an app locker for your iPhone include:


If your iPhone contains confidential documents like your Certificates, Birth Documents, Property Documents, etc., you need to secure your File Manager app using an app locker.

Also, some content creators store a lot of materials on their iPhone including rare music tracks, videos, pictures, and sound effects. Locking your Gallery app will prevent unauthorized use of your raw materials.


If you’re more of a secretive person, you can use an app locker to prevent others from accessing your apps and monitoring your activities. You can lock your social media apps, so your friends can’t see who you’re following, or chat with.

Data protection

In most cases, you may lose your iPhone to thieves To prevent them from accessing your important data like Bank details, contacts, etc., you need an app locker to secure such apps.

How To Pick The Best Free iPhone App Locker?

The best free iPhone app locker should be able to provide security layers to prevent hackers from spying on our emails, messages, notes, etc. Such app locker should have the following features: 

  • The ability to offer unauthorized access to the items in your iPhone using a password or pin restriction.
  • Provide a video vault and a photo vault for file storage. The vault must be encrypted. 
  • Prevent the external body from uninstalling a locked app.
  • The ability to create various profiles for easy change of lock.
  • A secure app locker should be able to resist phone rooting to break the lock.

How to Use Password Manager Lock in Your iPhone

Step 1: Download and launch the Password manager app from iTunes

Step 2: Create a master password to log in

Step 3: Go to settings and synchronize all your phone content with the password manager app.

synchronize all your phone

tep 4: Authenticate the Password manager app with Face ID and Touch ID.

Authenticate the Password manager app

Step 5: Export all phone items you want to lock to the app

Looking for more ways to enhance your iPhone’s privacy and productivity? Check out our guide on the best Note Apps for iPhone to keep your personal notes secure and organized!


Every privacy-savvy iPhone user should install an app locker to protect sensitive information from intruders. The 5 best free app lockers for iPhone include Folder lock, Password manager lock, Lock ID, CalculatorX, and Vault iPhone Lock.

The high safety and privacy features of these apps make them pretty useful for their specific purpose. Check out the information on how to pick any of these apps. This will guide you on which one is best for you.

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