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Did the back of your iPhone get cracked? Do you want to know the cost and the best place to fix your broken iPhone back? Well, I think you should just budget $150 to $500 for the repair as the cost vary by several factors. But, if you have AppleCare+, simply visit any Apple store near you and fix your iPhone’s back glass for only $29.

Cracked iPhone backs make your device look shabby and old. Worst case scenario, the shattered glass back could give you a cut while handling the phone. It happens to almost everyone.

In my case, the iPhone slipped from my hand and fell, leaving a web-like crack pattern. If that’s the case with your iPhone, don’t worry, you can fix it at a cost.

Keep reading as I walk you through all you need to know about a cracked iPhone and how much a fix can cost.

Can a cracked iPhone back be Fixed?

Can a cracked iPhone back be Fixed

The ease of fixing a cracked iPhone back depends on the model. Some iPhone models, like 14 and 14 Plus, have removable back glass, making it easier to repair than others.

Higher models like iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max come with glued-on back glass, posing a challenge when you want to fix a crack.

Repairing or replacing broken back glasses on some iPhone models requires a trained technician to open the device before fixing it. The reason is that some components have to give way for you to remove the back glass and replace it with a new one.

For example, iPhone 8, X, XR, and 11 series have their back glass attached to some internal components. That complicates replacing a broken one. Hence you will need an expert service to fix such.

Once, I tried to remove a cracked back glass of my iPhone 8 Plus and escalated an initially non-existent issue. My advice is don’t try the manual back glass removal. Instead, do a complete case change or cover the crack with a pouch.

Where can I Fix My Cracked iPhone Back?

The best places to receive optimum care for your iPhone include Apple stores and authorized repair shops. You must note that taking your iPhone to roadside repair shops or unauthorized service providers may be risky.

The reason is that they may not have the expertise or appropriate tools to fix your iPhone. Finally, you may leave the repair shop with more issues or a severely damaged device.

You can contact Apple Support Advisor to get a list of authorized third-party repair or Apple stores near you. That would remove the hassle of looking for a trained expert or repair shop.

Where can I fix my cracked iPhone Back

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Cracked iPhone Back?

The cost of fixing cracked back glass on an iPhone depends on the model, your location, and the repair shop you choose. The prices also vary by year, increasing or decreasing in the long run.

For instance, in India, the cost of repairing the back glass of an iPhone XR as at 3 years ago ranged between Opens in a new tab.2K to 5K indian rupees, including workmanship. The back glass alone at this time was around 500 to 600 rupees.

However, considering the wide range of information collated from different discussion forums like Quora, Reddit, etc, here’s an estimate of the cost you could expect to spend on fixing the back glass of your iPhone in 2024.

  • For iPhone 12 to 12 Pro Max, you could spend approximately $349 to $499
spend on fixing the back glass of your iPhone

Source: Apple Repair Estimate

  • For iPhone 13, expect to spend approximately $349
  • For iPhone 13 Pro, expect the cost to be around $449
  • For iPhone 13 Pro Max, the cost is estimated around $499

While these may be cheaper or higher based on your device model, region, and the various factors mentioned earlier, one way to get your iPhone back glass fixed affordably is by getting coverage via AppleCare+ plan (warranty) for your iPhone.

Just like insurance policies, AppleCare+ warranty provides device services and protection for all Apple products. If any issue arises during the coverage duration, the user pays a small fee for the repair while Apple pays for the rest.

In the AppleCare+ page, incidents of accidental damages like back glass damage, cracked front screen, and other damages can attract a small charge as low as $29.

While AppleCare+ plan can reduce the cost of fixing your cracked iPhone back, this warranty is applicable in a few countries and regions like the United States and Canada, Acia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, and India.

So, make sure you visit the AppleCare Country ListOpens in a new tab. to find out if your region or country is eligible for the warranty.

If your country is not in the list, simply check with the nearby Apple stores or any authorized third-party repair shops for the most recent pricing and compare them to know the most affordable.

How To Repair Cracked iPhone Back?

Here are a few things you can do to fix the cracked back of your iPhone.

1. Buy a Case or Pouch for your iPhone.

The most common thing most of us do after our iPhone back cracks is getting a pouch to cover the damaged areas. It can do four things for you.

  • Prevent you from succumbing to the temptation of manual removal
  • It helps You avoid a potential cut
  • It covers the damaged areas and makes the device look presentable.
  • Protects your iPhone from further damage

● Cons of Covering Your iPhone with a Case

The insulating property of glass makes it a suitable material for iPhone back covering. It supports wireless charging partly due to this property and its sleek nature that allows easy charger or battery pack attachment.

These capabilities may not function well when you cover your iPhone’s back with a case or pouch. These materials might hinder the electromagnetic induction process that enables wireless charging.

2. Buy A New iPhone

The best way to fix a broken back of an iPhone is to get a new one. Yes, you heard me right! However, that option is more rational if your iPhone is three years old or more.

Besides, buying a new iPhone could be your best choice considering the amount you could spend changing the cracked back.

3. Go to a Professional iPhone repairer

One of the best ways to fix the cracked back of your iPhone is to seek professional assistance. An iPhone repair expert would have the appropriate tools and expertise to remove and replace your broken phone with a new one.

You can try the nearest Asurion Tech Repair and Solutions stores, beatific by Asurion, Apple stores, or other authorized service providers.

Can do-it-yourself hacks Work for repairing a cracked iPhone back?

That spider web-like cracked glass at the back of your iPhone could cause discomfort and even cut your fingers. It could lead you to seek at-home solutions. But I tell you, do-it-yourself or at-home solutions could cause more damage to your iPhone.

 Here’s why! The glass plate stuck to your iPhone, courtesy of a strong epoxy and tiny welds, making it hard to remove without appropriate skill and tool.

To be candid, the only way to remove that shattered glass is to patiently and painstakingly pluck off all the tiny pieces.

But doing so could strain your iPhone and create additional faults that might only manifest later. Therefore, you must think twice before trying any do-it-yourself or at-home technique.


Repairing the cracked back of your iPhone might be costly. But I advise against working it yourself. You should check with an authorized service provider or Apple store to get the best quotes for a repair.

While fixing a broken glass case is possible, prevention is always cheaper. You can purchase a protective case for your iPhone and take it off when you want to charge wirelessly.

Moreover, consider getting an AppleCare+ plan for your iPhone. AppleCare+ warranty plans are helpful to cover repair costs if you encounter an accident that may damage your iPhone.

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