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Who We Are?

Techiaid is a tech resource website where we publish blogs on different iPhone features, tips, tutorials, problems, and their solutions. Our range of resources cover all you need to know about the latest iPhone models. 

No matter what problem you face; from a simple copy-cut-paste to losing all your data, Techiaid has got you covered. With over 10 years of experience, our editorial team has solved hundreds of iPhone mysteries for thousands of users. And now, we have leveled up our game, crafting all the expert knowledge for your benefit. 

What We Do?

At Techiaid, we share valuable and practical resources on iPhones. Our “how-to” guides focus on providing you with tutorials, solutions to different iPhone issues, app reviews, and more! 

Every resource we publish, we manually check and verify whether the solution or process discussed is completely viable. So no worries with the info you’re getting from Techiaid!

If you still have any further queries or topics you would like us to cover, feel free to contact us. Our editorial team is here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Contributor Bio

Tarekul Islam

Lead Content Writer & Editor

Mohammad Tarekul Islam

Wordsmiths are often rare to find, and Techiaid is very fortunate to have Tarekul with us. Tarek uses his expert knowledge and 12-year long experience on blogging to generate content that matter to the audience. He also ensures the optimum quality for all the content published at Techiaid as the lead editor.

All the blog posts we publish on complex issues like iPhone lost data, recovery, bypass, and other highly valuable tips and tricks come directly from Tarek’s genius mind. Plus, He collaborates with Techiaid’s editorial to generate reader-friendly content and help you solve any iPhone issues in no time!

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Md Sahajahan

Lead Content Strategist

Md sahajahan at techiaid

Sahajahan has been working as a freelance social media analyst for nearly six years, and his expertise lies in brand awareness and connecting to the audience. His role in Techiaid editorial team is quite simple- answer the public.

Sahajahan exploits tons of online platforms, scour through thousands of questions asked by iPhone users, and diligently look for their solutions. He also writes troubleshooting guides on different issues smartphone users face with social media apps.

Every blog post under iPhone social media, calls, and messages you read in Techiaid comes from Sahajahan’s long-acquired expertise. The topic he covers commonly includes social media account creation/deletion guides, troubleshoots, and tips to enhance your online presence. He also shares his knowledge to use and review different iPhone apps as per the audience demand.

Put simply- Sahajahan is connecting lives, offering his strategic insights through Techiaid.

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Suhel Rana

iPhone Technical Specialist

Suhel Rana

As an iPhone user himself, Shuhel has seen the revolutionary breakthrough of Apple and iPhone since its inception. And only after using the iPhone for a couple of years Shuhel realized how vast the industry is and how often people face different issues with their devices.

For the last 10 years, he has been working as an iPhone technical specialist. So, his experience with fixing iPhones is gathered through fixing real-life problems of all the iPhone models. He specializes in fixing a vast range of iPhone problems, both software and hardware-based, and actively helps iPhone users in different online iPhone support communities.

All the troubleshoot guides, data recovery, solutions and repairs, tricks and tips you find in Techiaid comes from Shuhel’s tremendous expertise on Apple iPhones, and we are more than happy to have him with us.

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Md Mehedi Hasan

iPhone Accessories & Device Expert

Mehedi Hasan

If setting up the Apple Ecosystem is an art, Mehedi is nothing less than the Picasso of it! Mehedi brings his expert knowledge on different Apple products, apps, their uses, and the latest tech updates to aid our blog posts.

He specializes in AirPods connection and sound issues, Apple software configurations, and other hardware problems users face with their iPhones. Mehedi also contributes with different iPhone tricks and tips and often collaborates with Shuhel to deliver the best solutions for iPhone problems to our readers.

His energetic approach and evergreen interest on Apple phone and accessories are definitely a plus for Techiaid.  

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